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Health Report - 05/06/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) In the reach in pass through cooler in the bakery observed three flats of raw shell eggs stored on a wire shelf above plated ready to eat desserts. Pic corrected during inspection by relocating the eggs to an approved location. Item corrected

In the kitchen observed the floor under the main cook line with a heavy accumulation of grease and food debris. More thorough cleaning needs to be completed at the floor wall juncture and around the equipment casters. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis

Reestablish air gaps in the kitchen at the floor sink behind the ice maker observed several drain lines plastic cable tied together. These drain lines have slipped down eliminating the required air gap. Correct by reestablishing an approved air gap

Health Report - 10/09/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

In the kitchen observed beverage air two reach in coolers with broken or open door seals. Correct by replacing these door seals

Observed a pan of frozen blue gill out on a counter for thawing. Corrected by relocating the pan to running water in a culinary sink

Observed the non food contact areas inside under the two deep fryers and inside the burner compartment of the pizza oven with a heavy accumulation of grease. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of grease

Health Report - 03/17/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No chlorine test papers were found at the upper level glass washing machine. Provide a supply of test papers to leave near this machine so staff can perform daily checks of this unit

(Critical) Observed phfs in the low-boy server salad cooler to be at 48 to 52f. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Upper level server area: observed several containers of open dairy products without last date of use labels. Prior to me arriving to this part of the restaurant an employee had placed these containers into a nearby trash can. Please implement a procedure to ensure any required foods are date marked on a daily basis. Corrected by discarding

Your current food service license is still not posted. Corrected by posting

Observed some bare wood pieces on a cart/rack used to store cloth napkins. Please seal these raw wood surfaces so they are easily cleanable

An aluminum ice scoop in the active ice machine had slipped off the scoop rest and was lying in the ice. Corrected by storing the ice scoop on a clean surface outside of the ice bin

One of the two fans in the server area salad cooler was non-functional that caused the coil to freeze. A replacement fan was being installed during the inspection by maintenance staff. After the defrosting and the repair are complete ensure this unit is capable of maintaining 41f or below prior to re-stocking

Observed excessive dust accumulation on the kitchen ceiling where the air ducts are located. Please clean these surfaces after foods and equipment are put away

Two recently used floor mops were found stored behind the back pantry room area ice machine. Find a way to hang these mops over a mop sink or in a location where a tub can be placed on the floor to catch any dripping water

Health Report - 09/11/2013 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No soap was provided at the back prep area hand washing station. Corrected by refilling the dispenser with soap

(Critical) Observed the following hot foods in the walk in cooler that did not properly cool from the day before: covered plastic container of hard boiled eggs (45-46f), a hotel pan of left-over baked potatoes (50f), left-over french onion soup (44f), left-over marinara sauce 45f, and two other left-over sauces (52 to 54f). Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Observed pork products (pork chops, bacon, hot sausage, etc. ) in the walk in freezer from a fair hog that was processed at the jerome meat market. These products are labeled "not for sale". This facility is not listed on the usda's website as a usda approved and inspected slaughter and meat processing facility. These meat products are for personal use only and may not be stored in this facility. Corrected by removing them from the establishment

(Critical) Observed small fruit/vinegar flies present at the main bar area, and many common house flies in the back areas of the kitchen. Provide approved fly traps in acceptable locations to minimize the presence of these flies in the facility

(Critical) Newer hand wash and food prep station: the drain line for the food prep sink is directly connected to the waste water drain line for the hand washing sink. Either provide a separate drain line to an air gapped discharge or air gap the food prep sink drain prior (upstream) to the connection to the hand sink waste drain pipe

(Critical) 1) ensure staff are keeping the tags with the shell-stock until they are all sold. 2) the last date of sale must also be documented by staff on the tags prior to placing them in your storage location

(Critical) Observed the following liquor bottles with spouts to have small fruit/vinegar flies in them: vermouth, crown royal and chivas regal. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed the following items in the walk in cooler to be expired as of the following dates: nacho meat 9-6; chicken stock 8-25. These foods were discarded. Ensure staff are performing daily checks for expired foods to purge

Locate and post your current food service license (yellow) in a location where it is visible to your guests

1) staff are storing ice cream scoops in a container of "hot" water that is replaced regularly. Provide a running water dipper well, a hot holding unit to maintain water above 135f or purchase enough additional scoops to use a clean one each time. 2) three ice scoops at the bar were observed with the handles in the ice. Provide a container/scoop holder to store the scoops between uses so the handles don't fall into the ice

Bar: the floor under the beverage station and the two floor sinks are in need of nightly cleaning to eliminate food and debris build-up to eliminate fly breeding areas

Health Report - 03/29/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following foods in the walk in cooler and the upper level prep cooler without use-by dates: two partial pieces of deli meat, left over cooked chicken, and two open quarts of 1/2 & 1/2. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed a sheet tray full of prime rib (two intact pieces, one 1/2 piece and multiple small ends/pieces) from the previous day that did not cool properly. This beef was still at 42 to 47f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff are cutting the prime rib into smaller pieces and using multiple trays for cooling so the air can circulate better.

(Critical) Chlorine sanitizer was not being provided to the glass washer. The small dispensing tube was cracked causing all/most of the chlorine to leak on the floor. Corrected by ecolab providing a replacement dispensing tube so the proper amount of chlorine residual was provide in the rinse cycle

(Critical) Observed the following ready to eat foods to be expired in the walk in cooler: cooked noodles (3-26), baked potatoes (3-21 and 3-28), dijon dressing (3-5), meat loaf topping (3-20), tomato paste (3-24), provolone cheese (2-12). Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure staff are discarding expired foods daily.

This incident (16184) does not have any more information on it

This incident (54006) does not have any more information on it

Observed a few food containers in the walk in cooler that were not covered to prevent misc. Contamination. Ensure your foods are properly covered for protection (except for actively cooling foods)

Provide a trash can at your back kitchen hand washing sink for the disposal of paper towel

Health Report - 09/10/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: the blender from the upper level bar, two 6 qt. Plastic food containers, a pair of tongs, a french onion soup bowl, three stainless steel deep pans, five soup tureens, and six large lexan tubs. These items were sent to the dish washing station for cleaning. Ensure these items are inspected for cleanliness after drying and prior to storage

Observed bare wood paneling and a bare wood shelf located at the upper level bar. Remove this wood and seal all surfaces to provide smooth, moisture-proof surfaces that are easily cleanable

Observed a wooden muddler for use at the main bar. Discontinue the use of this wooden tool and provide a plastic replacement (nsf approved or equal)

Observed no air gap to be provided anymore for the drain hose (clear, flexible hose) from the drain port on the everpure water filtration system located to the left of the ice machine by the back door. Re-establish the air gap (1" minimum for this small diameter water line)

Observed the soap reservoir for the new food prep hand washing sink location to be empty. Provide a replacement container of soap asap

Locate and post your current food service license that expires on 4-30-2013

Health Report - 08/02/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The concentrated chlorine solution for the glass washer (for the upper level) is too weak. A five gallon bucket is provided for this unit that doesn't get used a lot. Corrected by providing a fresh pail of chlorine concentrate and priming the system to provide +/-100 ppm chlorine. Consider only using a one gallon container of sanitizer for this application

(Critical) Main bar: four opened bottles of liquor with pour spouts in them contained small flies. Upper level bar: two bottles of opened liquor with pour spouts in them contained small flies. Corrected by dumping out the liquor

The two door low-boy cooler in the main kitchen

Observed the potential for the contamination of food when staff drains and rinses off cooked potatoes at the dirty dish area overhead spray station. This task must be performed at a food preparation sink only

Seal the gap around the electrical conduit into the main walk in cooler to eliminate the condensation

Observed the potential for food contamination in the main walk in cooler: a tall-boy cart of food was stored under an electrical box that had condensation dripping from it. Corrected by relocating the cart of food away from the dripping water

Ensure staff are verifying the chlorine sanitizer strength in the rinse water at the upper level glass washer

The following areas are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor in the main walk in cooler under the tall-boy speed rack/below the cooling system; the floor drain and floor sink at the upper level bar

The interior surface of the ice making machine compartment (the one in the back dry storage room) the ceiling in the walk in beer/bakery cooler, and the outside of the upper level bar blender (ensure staff disassemble this blender prior to cleaning)

Health Report - 01/04/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed three moderately large chunks of cooked beef from the previous day in the walk in cooler to still be at 45 to 47f. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) The daily special menus are not being provided with the required consumer advisory (several options available). Ensure your in-house printed specials menus are provided with the required advisory

(Critical) Observed numerous expired foods (11-1 honey dijon dressing, 12-7 turkey gravy, 12-14 honey salmon sauce, 12-16 proscuitto) and a few undated rte, phfs (sausage, brussels sprouts, dark gravy, etc. ) in the walk in cooler. Corrected by discarding. On a daily basis, ensure staff are looking through the walk in cooler to purge any expired foods

(Critical) Observed a hanging insect repellant device (hot shot) in the bakery area. Upon reading the usage directions on an unopened package this product may not be used in a restaurant (for home/farm use primarily). Corrected by discarding

Observed the salad prep cooler in the upper level back room to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. The temperature control dial was adjusted to a colder setting. Monitor the food temperatures in this unit to ensure they stay below 41f

Observed the door gaskets to be in need of cleaning on the multi door salad prep cooler near the bakery area

Observed several foods in the walk in cooler that were not in the process of cooling to be uncovered. Please provide a lid or plastic wrap/aluminum foil covering to prevent misc. Contamination of the food.

The soap dispenser was empty at the hand sink located at the dish washing/salad/dessert area. Corrected by providing a replacement soap packet in the dispenser

Wic: observed a covered full hotel pan of marinating beef stored on the floor. Beer wic: observed a bag of potatoes and a box of dough balls stored on the floor. These items were relocated to a shelf to prevent contamination

Observed the potential for contamination of boiled potatoes. An employee brought a pot of cooked potatoes to the dirty dish pre-wash station (where the overhead spray rinse hose is located) to drain into a colander before making mashed potatoes. Only utilize a dedicated culinary sink for food related tasks

Observed house-made dressings (two types) stored in narrow-necked glass vodka bottles. Due to the design of the bottles proper cleaning is difficult. Obtain and utilize wide-mouth storage/pouring containers or ones that can be disassembled for thorough cleaning

Staff could not locate any quat sanitizer, nor any iodine sanitizer test papers. Provide the required sanitizer test papers at/near your sanitizer dispensing/use locations

Provide a splash guard on the left side of the hand washing sink basin located in the dirty dish/salad/dessert room to protect clean dishes that are located in close proximity of the hand sink

Health Report - 06/23/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed spray bottle of oasis 137 orange located on shelf of upstairs wait area above single service articles and covered container of salt. This item was corrected by the pic relocating the spray bottle to the approved storage area dedicated for the storage of cleaning supplies

Observed the ice scoop in the ice machine ice bin to be laying down with the handle in the ice. Please store your ice scoops in the available holster inside the ice bin between uses so the handle does not touch the ice

Observed open gaps between filter and hood at exhaust ventilation hood located above the fryer cooking equipment. Should place filter blank in hood to direct exhaust air to filters.

Observed reduced flow volume of hot water at hand washing sink. Pic had this item corrected during the inspection by providing repairs to this hand washing sink. The valve mechanism was repaired and proper flow of hot water was restored to this hand washing sink as required.

Kitchen manager is attending serv-safe re certification course, when you receive your certificate please fax a copy of the certificate to randy spaller at fax # 734-222-3930. Or forward the name of certified manager, certification number and date issued to washtenaw county environmental health office at 705 n. Zeeb road. Attention randy spaller

Observed light buld located inside the walk-in refrigerator with bulb burned out. Should replace bulb for proper lighting inside the walk-in refrigerator

Observed bottle return empties store room with unsealed wood surfaces. Should schedule sealing wood surfaces to be non-absorbing and easily cleanable

Observed saute cooler and bar reach-in refrigerators without thermometers. This item was corrected by the pic providing a thermometer for each refrigeration unit for monitoring proper cold holding food temperatures