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Health Report - 04/02/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

In the reach in freezer observed two cleaned and sanitized ice wands stored in direct contact with the freezer shelf. Pic corrected during the inspection by sending the two wands to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. The pic plans to wrap the wands in plastic film prior to storage.

Health Report - 09/29/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

At the dishwashing area observed water leaking from grease trap lid. There is a small amount of water and soap suds leaking from the unit. The water is draining to a nearby floor drain. Correct by repairing the grease trap so the lid seals

Health Report - 03/07/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an analog metal stem food thermometer to be reading 13f too hot. Corrected by calibrating this thermometer

(Critical) Observed a piece of thick plywood that is used for displaying smoked salmon at catering events. Thoroughly seal this wood with a clear-coat on all sides so it can be washed, rinsed and sanitized without absorbing moisture. Alternatively, replace this wood with another product that is smooth, easily cleanable and non-absorbent

(Critical) Observed three to four packages of ground venison in the back freezer that is lacking the required information from an approved source. Corrected by denaturing this food item and discarding it. Only foods from an approved source may be brought into this licensed food service facility

(Critical) Observed the following foods to be lacking last date of use labels: creme fraiche, feta cheese, blanched green beans, cooked potatoes, hard boiled eggs. Corrected by discarding the creme fraiche, and labeling the remaining items based upon when they were prepared

Observed an employee rinse out and refill an insulated mug a customer brought in for coffee. In the future, the customer must remove and keep the sipping lid so the employee does not have to handle the lid. Corrected by discussion with the employee

Observed one of the heating elements for the garland cheese melter to be damaged and out of place. Repair as needed

Observed the wet mop head stored in the bottom of the mop sink. Provide a secure way to hang the mop head up in the air above the mop sink basin

1) observed three bare wood trays being used to store silverware. Seal these bare wood surfaces or provide a smooth, easily cleanable, non-absorbent tray to substitute for your current ones. 2) several surfaces under the front counter (that used to only be storage for "office type" items) are still bare wood. Paint these surfaces to provide a cleanable surface

Observed packaged food items (coffee, etc. ) stored in the base cabinet under the front area hand washing sink waste water line. Relocate these foods to another area where it cannot be subject to contamination

Observed aluminum foil pie tins being cleaned and saved for re-use. Corrected by placing these pans in the recycling container. New pie pans must be used to bake your quiche

Health Report - 09/05/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following expired foods in the walk in cooler (discard date in parenthesis): vegetable patty mix (8-28), chicken salad (8-20), carmelized onions (9-1), caesar dressing (8-20), cooked vegetables (9-3). These foods were discarded. Ensure staff are monitoring your stock on a daily basis

(Critical) A significant quantity of cooked chicken breasts were found in a loosely covered, large plastic container. Also, left-over black bean soup was found in a small plastic container (filled up 3/4 of the container) in the walk in cooler. These methods/techniques will increase the duration of the cooling process. Corrected by placing the chicken breasts on a sheet tray on the speed rack in the wic, and placing the soup in a larger 1/3 pan to increase the surface area and decrease the thickness.

Observed the wet mop head to be resting in the bottom of the mop sink. Provide a way for this mop head to hang above the mop sink so drips can flow down the drain and to facilitate faster drying

The dispensing spout for the bulk, insulated coffee pot has not been disassembled for cleaning in some time. Ensure staff are taking these spouts apart for cleaning

The mop sink and the floor sink serving the dish washing basins to be overdue for cleaning. Maintain the mop sink as needed and clean the floor sink nightly

Observed a few pieces of kitchen equipment to be stored upright. Storing these items inverted will prevent misc. Debris from accumulating

Health Report - 03/01/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed some individually packaged, locally manufactured snack foods/bars [ 1) folktory & 2) fresh baked confidence in ann arbor, and 3) motor city munchies of plymouth] that, per mdard are not licensed by them as bakeries/food manufacturing facilities. Discontinue the sale of these items immediately until these food manufacturers can be verified as licensed facilities. These foods were removed from the front counter

(Critical) Observed chicken breast (previously cooked) and yogurt stored in the top of the kitchen prep cooler at 47f. Corrected by discarding. Other foods in this unit were found at/below 41f. The elevated temperature of these foods were due to the way they were stored (uncovered, in plastic containers, etc. ). Modify the storage methods to ensure these items stay 41f and below

(Critical) Observed a metal stem food thermometer (in-use) to be reading 10f too high. The chef removed this thermometer from use for re-calibration

1) a shelving unit near the range/oven under the exhaust hood contains many food pans/bowls that are stored upright and several containers of bulk utensils that are uncovered. Please invert the pans/bowls and cover the utensil tubs to prevent contamination. 2) observed a stack of large coffee filters stored upright & exposed in a front counter area base cabinet. Only store these items in a bag or covered container for protection.

Health Report - 04/23/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no chlorine residual registering on the chlorine test paper in the sanitizing basin of the three compartment sink. Corrected by adding more chlorine sanitizer to achieve 50 to 75 ppm chlorine

Ensure staff are verifying the sanitizer concentration with the available chlorine test papers

Observed a few instances of cardboard boxes being used to store items/equipment long term. Please eliminate these boxes and replace them with a suitable storage container that can be cleaned.

Observed a small black plastic shelving unit near the dish washing sink that is used to temporarily store dirty dishes prior to washing them. This shelving unit does not have 6" high legs, nor does it have caster wheels. Either provide the above for this existing unit, or replace this shelving unit with one that has 6" legs or castor wheels

Observed a storage tub of equipment located on the bottom shelf of the prep table that was uncovered, allowing misc. Debris to enter the container. After cleaning this container provide a tight fitting cover to keep these items clean

Health Report - 10/31/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed both the basin of the sanitizing solution in the three compartment sink and the wiping towel bucket to be too weak. Corrected by adding additional quat sanitizer concentrate to provide 200 ppm quat

(Critical) Observed an employee slicing cucumber for a salad with bare hands. Corrected by providing a glove on the hand used to manipulate the cucumber

Observed water leaking from the drain gasket area under the middle basin of the three compartment sink. Tighten or repair as needed to eliminate the water leak

The only sanitizer test papers provided were for chlorine. This facility is currently using a quaternary ammonia sanitizer. Provide quat test papers to verify the correct concentration of your sanitizer

Observed an employee wearing rings on her left hand without a food service glove while preparing foods. Corrected by the employee removing the rings

Observed the floor around the grease trap and the interior of the drain for the three compartment sink to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future.

Observed a variety of previously used aluminum foil pans that were cleaned and saved for re-use. Discontinue this practice as these food pans are not smooth and easily cleanable

Observed the hand-held aluminum lemon juicer painted yellow (manufactured this way) to be loosing some of its paint. Corrected by discarding the lemon juicer

Observed a couple small flies (likely fruit flies) in the facility. Ensure staff are performing frequent inspections of the facility looking for the presence of pests and take necessary steps to eliminate them

Health Report - 08/09/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Metal stem thermometer not calibrated properly. Corrected at time of inspection; calibrated using ice bath method

Some boxed single-service items found stored on the floor. Please provide adequate shelving to store a minimum 6 inches above the floor on shelving that is easy to clean underneath. No overturned crates or wooden pallets please

Health Report - 02/09/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Wet wiping cloth solution found at improper sanitizer concentration. Please monitor throughout the day and change as needed

Please provide covers for clean utensil storage containers on table near oven