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Health Report - 06/02/2010 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The person(s) in charge (pic) did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety principles, through not being able to answer correctly some of the questions i posed and through direct observation of poor risk control practices. I will need to see some written standard operating procedures within 10 days and i will be back to verify your staff are trained and practicing food safety principles.

(Critical) The drain out of the wash compartment of the 3 comp sink was plugged and discharged to floor surface through the grease trap lid, rendering the warewash sink unusable. The store voluntarily closed and called out a plumber to clean out the trap and i verfied through a call from the plumber that the line drained adequately and gave them permission to re-open the store. I will be out there tomorrow to verify it is working properly.

(Critical) I observed several temperature abuse violations in your establishment. When i walked in, there were foods sitting out on counters and in the mid to upper 70's on the thermometer. Staff were not being mindful of controlling safe temps and were working with way too many foods at once. Also, a pan of curry cubed beef was left out overnight on the counter, along with onion fritters. Staff need to work one batch at a time and keep the rest in the cooler and held at 41*f or less (except for very short periods of time for prep). All of these foods were discarded. I will be back in 10 days to verify you are practicing batch control during prep.

(Critical) I observed many small flies coming out of the onion bag under the rear prep table. You need to safely have these pest destroyed and you also need to monitor your produce for any rotting product. I will be back in 10 days to verify they are eliminated. Only use insecticides that are approved for restaurant use.

(Critical) I found some items on the front line steam table at unsafe temperatures (below 135*f). The chicken and beef kabobs and the panner tikka were found at 90*f to 99*f on the steam table. I also observed tandoori chicken at 117*f on the steam table. Upon further questioning of staff, it was discovered that the steam wells were not turned on soon enough to allow the water the wells to reach hot enough temperatures before placing food into the pans. Furthermore, most of the pans were of the shallow type, which are ineffective at keeping these types of food 135*f or hotter. You need to obtain the deep style stainless steel pans for your steam table. Staff also need to be using the metal stem thermometer to verify that foods are being held at safe temperatures. I would like you to begin to take temps of all of your hot and cold foods at least 2 times a day and use temp log charts as a tool to assure this becomes habit. I will be back in 10 days to verify your foods are being held at safe temps. All out of temp product was discarded. Plans are to cook the above items to order and not have them holding on the steam tables.

(Critical) The flip top sandwich prep cooler was found to be holding at 47*f on the top rail and 43*f in the lower box. This unit must be holding product at 41*f or less. Discarded 2 yogurt based dressings and cut tomatoes. Do not use the top portion to store any potentially hazardous foods until repaired and capable of holding 41*f or less. I will be back in 10 days to verify it has been repaired. Staff must begin to take temps in this unit at least 2 times a day.

(Critical) Your house made yogurt dressings and lassi's were not date marked. You need to post the 7 day maximum use by date from the date that these products are made (add 6 days to the make date). I will be back in 10 days to verify this is part of your daily practice.

You will need to obtain several more storage racks to store your food and "paper products" and other supplies on. They cannot be stored on crates of any kind or on any units that put off heat that may cause fires. There is plenty of room for more racks in the back room area and in the walk in cooler.

Paper towels were not stocked at the beverage service area handsink. Staff must always re-stock paper towels. Corrected.

Questioned staff about prepping shredded lettuce and found that the lettuce was not being washed. Staff need to always be washing fruits and vegetables before service to guests. Corrected by washing the lettuce.

Handsoap was not stocked in any of the wall mounted soap dispensers. I need you to fill these wall dispensers and use them from now on. I will be back in 10 days to verify they are stocked and being used. 3 of the 6 handsinks had pump dispensers at them.

The interior of the microwave oven was dirty. Staff need to be cleaning and sanitizing this after uses throughout the day.