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1924 W. Stadium Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 04/20/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the following equipment in need of repair: 1. Observed the middle door of the reach in portion of the prep top unit with split open door seals. Correct by replacing the door seals. 2. In the rear storage room chest freezer observed the inside panel of the door is loose and being held in place with duct tape. Correct by replacing the panel or securing it so it is smooth and easily cleanable. 3. Observed the light bulb in the walk in cooler to be missing. Correct by replacing the bulb.

Observed the floor at the following areas with an accumulation of grime, food debris, and food wrappers: 1. Under the true two sliding door cooler 2. Under the fryers and grill at the main cook line 3. Behind the prep tables correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis

Health Report - 10/06/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) At the front service area observed chili stored for hot holding at 125 degrees f. The pic states the chili was made today and placed into the unit for hot holding. Shortly after lunch (1 pm) the pic noticed the chili was too hot and beginning to boil so he turned down the heat on the unit. Pic corrected by reheating the chili so all parts were at least 165 degrees f. Item corrected.

Observed two refrigeration units with split open door seals: 1. Middle door of the reach in portion of the prep top unit. 2. Upright freezer used to store preportioned french fries correct by replacing the door seals

Health Report - 04/22/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a 1/2 a chub, and two bags of pre-sliced chopped ham that expired on 4-20. Corrected by discarding this ham.

Observed two ice transfer pails to be stored upright on top of the ice machine. Please provide a serving tray (or something similar) on top of the ice machine to store these pails up-side-down propped up on the rim of the tray for protection and so they can drain moisture after use

The screen for the small window at the back of the facility is damaged. Repair/replace as needed to prevent pest entry

The exhaust hood above the cook line is still lacking filter inserts. Obtain filter sections to install in the hood to minimize grease/oil accumulation in the duct system

Health Report - 10/25/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a dozen container of raw, in-shell eggs stored on the top shelf above ready to eat foods in a one door reach in cooler in the back kitchen. Corrected by relocating to the bottom of the unit

Still no filters are installed in the cook line exhaust hood. Provide filter sections to fill the entire length of the exhaust hood to prevent oil/grease build-up in the duct work to reduce the fire risk. Also, the pan under the ice making machine/bin unit is leaking. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak

The floor under the flat top grill area had an accumulation of food scraps from the previous day(s) use. Clean this area nightly to prevent the attraction of pests

The operator of this facility still has not obtained a food safety certification. The operator indicated he couldn't find any class offerings during his vacation (last week of july and first week of august). Within 90 days, obtain a food safety certification, otherwise an administrative conference ($126┬░Fee) will be required discuss the lack of a certified food safety manager

Health Report - 04/17/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The paper towel dispenser at the front counter hand washing sink was not dispensing paper towel. Repair and/or replace the batteries so this dispenser functions as intended

(Critical) Bleach provided in the facility is not approved for sanitizing food contact surfaces (laundry bleach). Provide an approved chlorine sanitizer for your dish washing activities--epa registered and must have directions for sanitizing food contact surfaces in restaurants

(Critical) The individual making philly steak sandwiches is not using single use gloves, deli tissue or utensils when handling the sub buns during the final prep and wrapping of the sandwiches. Provide single use gloves, deli tissue or another way to prevent bare hand contact with this ready to eat foods.

The previously certified food safety manager has left the business. Within 90 days provide a certified food safety manager

The women's restroom door closer is disconnected. Repair to provide a self-closing door

Observed no filters installed in the cook line exhaust hood. Provide filter sections to fill the entire length of the exhaust hood to prevent oil/grease build-up in the duct work to reduce the fire risk

Health Report - 10/04/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No metal stem food thermometer could be located in the kitchen for verifying food holding/reheating temperatures. Obtain a metal stem food thermometer (analog--0f to 220f or a digital unit) for daily use

Health Report - 03/12/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the end caps for the light bulb tubes in the dry storage room to be missing. Provide bulb tube end caps to contain glass should a bulb break

Observed one of the dumpster lid covers to be propped open with a cardboard box. Please leave the dumpster covers fully closed to prevent pest entry

Please clean the floor sink drain basins at the front counter and under the three compartment sink at this time and more frequently in the future

Health Report - 08/17/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed both of the drain lines for the ice making machine (ice production and ice bin drains) to terminate down inside the mop sink basin. Re-plumb these two drain lines so the required air gap (vertical air gap height = 2x the discharge pipe diameter) above the flood rim of the mop sink is provided

No air thermometer is provided inside the recently purchased frigidaire back-up refrigerator. Please purchase and install an air thermometer in this unit

Frigidaire back-up refrigerator: provide either a light bulb with a shatter-proof coating or a bulb guard over the light fixture in the refrigeration cabinet

The cleaning of the soda system dispensing nozzles needs to occur more frequently to remove syrup build-up. Corrected by cleaning these removable parts

Health Report - 01/31/2011 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Kitchen: observed two employee drinks in open styrofoam cups on counter tops among foods. Corrected by staff disposing and/or providing a lid for the drinks

(Critical) No rte, phfs were date marked within this facility (deli meats, chicken salad, etc. ). Ensure the required foods (meats, chicken/tuna salad, extra soups/chili) are marked with a use-by dates

(Critical) 1) observed two white plastic food tubs with a lot of gouges in the bottom of the containers. Corrected by removing these tubs from the working supply of food containers. 2) the handle on one of the cook's spatulas was taped with duct tape to hold it together. This handle can retain food debris and moisture that can then drip into food. Corrected by purchasing a new spatula

Observed water leaking into the walk-in cooler. Although the leaky water was being caught in a hotel pan water is splashing on to food containers (mayo, peppers, etc. ) in the nearby vicinity. Either relocate these food containers or provide a taller pan that will contain all splashing

Observed all of the kitchen drains/floor sinks to have excessive build-up of decomposing food on the side walls of these basins. Clean these areas a couple times per week to eliminate this accumulation

The drain for the left-hand basin of the three compartment sink is leaking. Repair this drain connection as needed to eliminate the leak

Observed water leaking from a 3" pvc conduit through the roof above the walk in cooler. Asap repair the seal on this conduit to eliminate the water leak

Observed a wet mop head stored in the mop wringer in the back of the building near the mop sink. Please hang up your mop head between uses to facilitate faster drying

Observed a recently made inverted wooden box used to store the small front counter area refrigerator off of the floor to be unsealed. Provide a coating of polyurethane, varnish, etc. On all surfaces, especially the bottom to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture and to make the surfaces easy to clean

Observed plastic containers of foods in the walk in cooler to be stored on the floor. Maintain all foods 6" off of the floor

Health Report - 07/15/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed open bulk packages of deli meats (ham, corned beef, roast beef) and cooked chicken for chicken salad in the walk in cooler with out use-by dates. Corrected by providing use-by dates

(Critical) Observed 1) the pepsi soft-drink dispensing spouts, and 2) the interior of the ice making machine and ice bin to have slime growth in them. Remove and separate the spouts for cleaning, and contact a refrigeration contractor to fully clean and sanitize your ice making machine and ice bin

The men's rest room hand washing sink drains slowly. Please trouble-shoot the problem and repair as needed

1) observed a cooler next to the front counter hand washing sink to not have 6" high legs or provided with caster wheels. 2) observed an inverted bread rack stored on the floor under the three compartment sink drain board. Please replace this rack with a low shelf that has 6" high legs to facilitate cleaning of the floor

The floor sinks (3 comp. Sink & at the front counter) and the drain line for the pepsi soft-drink station. Please clean these areas now and a couple times per week in the future

Please clean the sliding door tracks for your top loading freezer for your hoagie steak to remove the black slime growth.