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Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 03/03/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Potato salad found to exceed manufacturer's use by date. Dated 2/21/11. Also unopened container of coleslaw to be dated 2/21/11 also out of date although unopened. In addition in walk in cooler, prepared ranch dressing is out of date 2/19/2011. Consume discard within 7 days from when food is prepared. Use manufacturer's use by date on salads as discard date. Corrected by discarding expired foods.

Employee restroom door is ajar. Keep door closed to minimize access for insects and rodents. Door should be self closing. Repair or adjust.

Cloth towels found to be used as counter top liners to store utensils on in the prep area for pizza slicer and in the rear dishwash area after utensil are washed. Cloth towels are not approved for this purpose. Use rubber mesh matting or equivalent or clean smooth surfaces. Sheet trays are approved for this purpose also.

The condensate line in the walk in cooler is not insulated. Wrap insulation to minimize potential for condensate to get onto foods stored under the line.

Domestic equipment in the facility including chest freezer, microwave. Replace with commercial equipment when in need of repair. Also note that the pepsi cooler which is malfunctioning is temporarily being used as a freezer to hold opened bags of frozen foods until used. Repair unit to provide cooler storage as designed and approved and provide approved commercial upright freezer if needed to store frozen foods. Note that foods were frozen solid at time of inspection due to cooler maintaining foods at 10 degrees f.