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Health Report - 04/16/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed wiping cloths to be stored on the counters in the kitchen and in the dining area water/ice machine. Wiping cloths shall stored in a wiping cloth solution to preclude the growth of bacteria. To correct, please store wiping cloths in a sanitizing solution (per manufacuters sanitization requirements) or use disposable paper towels

Observed the light shielding above the 3 compartment sink to be missing. Light shielding is required to avoid potential glass fragments from falling into and around the kitchen. To correct, please provide adequate light shielding for this location.

Health Report - 10/16/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Ensure staff are utilizing the available chlorine sanitizer test papers (at least every shift) to ensure the dish washing machine is providing the proper amount of sanitizer during the rinse cycle

(Critical) Observed most of the potentially hazardous in the top of the two door prep cooler to be at 46 to 62f. These foods were discarded

(Critical) The dish washing machine was not properly sanitizing with chlorine during the rinse cycle. Eco-lab was called for a service visit. They will be arriving yet today or prior to lunch tomorrow to repair the system. Staff may use the machine for washing, if desired, however, the dishes must be manually sanitized in the three compartment sink.

Several of the orifices in the top and bottom wash/rinse arms were plugged with food debris and mineral build-up that had flaked off of the heating element. Have this unit de-limed and ensure your staff are checking for blocked orifices in the wash/rinse arms and remove them for cleaning as needed

The four medium plastic storage tubs used for kitchen utensils are in need of cleaning more frequently

The prep refrigerator is again not performing properly. The lower, reach-in portion was at 51f and foods in the top varied from 38 to 62f. A moderate amount of dust accumulation was observed on the interior areas of the compressor coil. Asap have a contractor trouble-shoot and repair as needed so this unit maintains foods at 41f or below. Provide me a copy of the repair paper-work

Health Report - 04/15/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the wash water in the three compartment sink to be too cold (+/- 90f). Corrected by discussing this requirement with the employee washing the dishes and by draining and refilling the sink basin with hot water above 110f

(Critical) 1) observed two pieces of potato in a small insert pan in the top of the prep cooler. This potato was in the latter portion of the cooling process when an employee placed it in the top of the cooler. Ensure your hot foods are fully cooled inside of a reach-in unit prior to moving them to the top of the prep cooler. Once transferred to the top of the prep unit ensure this food has a cover on it to maintain 41f or below. Corrected by relocating to the upright refrigerator. 2) also observed two containers (one partially full 1/3 pan and a 1/6 pan) of a samosa mixture that was prepared today to be covered with plastic wrap. Leave your hot foods that are cooling down on the top shelf and uncovered. Corrected by uncovering these food containers

The atmospheric vacuum breaker is leaking on the mop sink faucet. Provide replacement internal back-flow preventer components to eliminate this leak

Observed some to-go food containers and some multi-use plastic containers to be stored upright. Corrected by inverting these containers to prevent misc. Contamination

Observed an open employee mug containing what appeared to be coffee on the prep cooler cutting board in the kitchen. Corrected by discarding the beverage. In the future, ensure staff either do not keep beverages in the kitchen or only utilize a container with a spill-proof lid

Health Report - 10/22/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Two door prep refrigerator: a small ceramic bowl containing cubed, cooked potatoes stored in an insert pan containing cut red pepper. The potatoes in this container were found at 55f. The remainder of items in the top of the prep cooler were at the proper temperature. The potatoes were discarded. Ensure this type of product is either kept in the reach in portion of the cooler or store it in a small insert pan with a cover in place to maintain proper temperature of this cubed food item

(Critical) Test papers are available. Discussed this issue with the owner to have the dish washing machine tested each shift to verify proper sanitizing

(Critical) Observed a 1/6 pan of cooked vegetables (corn, chickpeas, peas, lima beans, red pepper) to have a discard date of 10-18. Corrected by discarding this food item. Ensure staff are inspecting for expired foods on a daily basis

(Critical) A chlorine test paper did not register any chlorine after running a complete cycle. This unit was primed a couple times and did provide 50-75 ppm chlorine after another cycle. After approximately one hour the unit was not sanitizing again. The temperature display was reading in the 150's when this unit was re-checked. It might be possible the high temperatures are degrading the chlorine near the discharge point inside the cabinet. The heating element thermostat may need to be adjusted (if possible) to prevent deterioration of the chlorine based sanitizer or the chlorine pump system is loosing prime over time. Contact your repair technician to have problem identified and corrected

(Critical) Observed sterno fuel in two locations of the facility to be stored in locations among food and single service items. Corrected by relocating these chemicals to locations away from food and single service items

Observed an employee towel drying some plates after they were washed in the dish washing machine. Corrected by discussing this concern with the owner and the employee

The atmospheric vacuum breaker for the mop sink faucet is damaged and needs replacement (the inner moving parts)

Observed a new wall being constructed between the mop sink and the water heater. Bare wood is being used for a part of this wall (a bottom plate installed along the floor and the bottom portion of a vertical section of 2x4) are resting directly on the floor. This wood will absorb moisture and begin to rot over time. Remove this bare wood and replace with metal studs or pressure treated lumber

Observed a wet wiping cloth stored on a counter. To prevent bacterial growth, wet wiping cloths need to be stored in a container of sanitizer. Corrected by placing the towel in a fresh solution of quat sanitizer

Health Report - 04/23/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The two door prep cooler is not holding foods in the top of the unit at the required temperature of 41 degrees f. Or below. A variety of sauces, cut tomatoes, cut romaine lettuce and yogurt sauce etc. Ranged in temp from 45 degrees f. To 48 degrees f. The bottom section of this unit is 43 degrees f. Only uncut vegetables are being stored in the bottom of the unit. All potentially hazardous foods above 41 degrees f. In the upper portion of this prep cooler were discarded at the time of this inspection. The unit was ordered out of service for storage of potentially hazardous foods. Owner called for service at time of this inspection. Service unit to provide for 41 degrees f. Temperature in this unit. Item corrected: at time of follow-up inspection the unit has been serviced. The top and lower portions are holding all food items at 38 degree f.

(Critical) The handwashing sink in the front service counter area and the handwash sink in the ladies restroom did not have any paper towels in their dispensers. Item corrected at time of inspection by re-filling paper towel dispensers at both handwashing sinks mentioned above

(Critical) Rice mixture and cooked vegetables were being cooled by placing the pans of food in a larger "hotel type" pan that had cold water & small amount of ice in it. Food at bottom of pan was 98 degrees f. And 127 degrees f. At the top area that was above the cold water/ ice. This establishment has only a small ice dispenser (this ice disperser has only a 9 lb. Capacity) in customer self service area for ice. This is a very limited amount of ice available to rely on ice to properly cool food. For ice to work efficiently the ice level must be up to the level of the food in the pan. Either a larger supply of ice must be provided or other cooling methods must also be used to provide for the proper cooling of foods. Item corrected at time of inspection for food being cooled at time of this inspection by placing more ice in pan, stirring food then after dropping temp. To 70 within acceptable time limit, food was placed in freezer to continue cooling process.

(Critical) Both handwashing sinks in the food areas are not easily accessible because a chair is placed in front on one of the sinks and a garbage can and equipment in placed in front of the other hand sink. Maintain easy access to your handwashing sinks by not placing items in front of them. Item corrected at time of inspection. Items in front of both hand sinks mentioned above were re-located to allow easy accessible to sinks.

Provide either a covered waste basket or covered sanitary disposal container in the ladies restroom

The storage shelves throughout the kitchen need to be placed on a routine cleaning schedule. The shelves are dusty etc. From the spices and other products that are used in this establishment. Remove all items from shelves, wipe down and re-stock

The wall directly behind and below the top of the cooking equipment needs to be cleaned. The wall area above the equipment is very clean. It appears that only the top section of this wall is being wiped down on a regular basis. Add the lower section of this wall to your regular cleaning schedule.

Two pieces of equipment are residential type equipment and are not approved for use in this establishment. Use of the magic bullet brand chopper/blender and the george forman grilling machine must be discontinued. These items are not built to or durable under commercial standards/use. They are also not easy to clean. Replace with commercial nsf approved or equivalent equipment

Several wooden pallets, dumbbell weights, and other debris is located outside rear door of this establishment. Remove and properly dispose of all unnecessary items on exterior of building.

Health Report - 10/30/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (14352) does not have any more information on it

This incident (38558) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 04/26/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed foods in the top of the two door prep cooler to be at 45 to 49f overnight. The potentially hazardous foods (cheese and cooked vegetables) in the top of this unit were discarded. No phfs were in the lower section

(Critical) Observed a large plastic blender with many small melted depressions in the bottom of it. The owner indicated an employee added some roasted seeds in to the blender prior to letting them cool off. Corrected by discarding. Ensure food contact surfaces that become rough or un-cleanable due to severe scratching, cracking, etc. Are taken out of service

Observed the two door prep cooler to have a thick layer of dust accumulated on the compressor coil. This dust blanket was removed and the temperature dial was adjusted. Monitor this unit closely and contact a service technician as needed to maintain this unit at 41f or below

The floors under the ice cream cabinet and the one door upright cooler closest to the kitchen are in need of cleaning at this time

The air thermometer in the bottom of the 2 door prep cooler was damaged. Provide a replacement thermometer

Observed excessive oil and dust accumulation on the cooking area exhaust hood filter sections to be overdue for cleaning. Please remove and clean these filters now and more frequently in the future

Health Report - 10/20/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Dish washing machine: there was little to no chlorine registering on the test papers after the rinse cycle. It was noted the unit operates at a temperature higher than 120f. The hot water heater is providing at least 135f water--consider lowering the temperature slightly. Also, the dish washing machine has a heating element in it that is elevating the water temperature further. Have your dish washing machine contractor disable this heating element since you are using chlorine to sanitize. These two variables are likely causing the low chlorine reading after the cycle. Make necessary adjustments in the water temperature, and then adjust the amount of chlorine dispensed during the rinse cycle, if needed, to provide a minimum of 50 ppm

Observed a piece of cardboard being used to cover the kitchen dunnage rack. Eliminate this cardboard as it is not easily cleanable, it absorbs moisture, and pests may use it as a hiding area. Consider using a non-porous shelf liner that is cleanable.

Observed several stacks of single use food containers in the kitchen to be stored upright. Corrected by inverting them for protection of misc. Contamination

Observed a few small areas of the kitchen to be in need of cleaning (behind the floor sink serving the dish washing equipment, around the grease trap, and the floor drains). Try to keep these areas clean and dry

Observed several previously used aluminum foil pans stacked in storage. These food containers are for one time use only. Corrected by removing these pans and recycling them

Observed an aluminum citrus juicer painted yellow that is loosing some of its paint. Discontinue the use of this juicer and purchase one that is not painted as a replacement

Observed the sliding door on the dumpster to be left open. This door was closed. Ensure all staff are made aware of the requirement to keep the dumpster lids and doors closed to keep pests out of the garbage