Honey Creek Pizza (Faz's Hello Pizza)

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2259 W. Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 02/17/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

A new back delivery door has been installed, however no door closer or door sweep is installed yet. Provide a door closer and a door sweep to keep the door closed and sealed

Provide an accurate metal stem food thermometer to verify food cook off temperatures and cold holding temperatures

Observed the middle compartment basin of the three compartment sink to be leaking (possibly at the nut for the drain stopper). Tighten or repack this drain stopper connection to eliminate this leak

No soap/soap dispenser is provided at the kitchen hand washing sink. Asap provide a bar or pump bottle of hand soap at this station (until you can install a commercial liquid hand soap dispenser, if desired)

1) observed no residual chlorine sanitizer in the wiping cloth bucket at the back of the kitchen. Provide 50-200 ppm chlorine. 2) observed several wet wiping cloths stored on counters in the facility. Wet wiping towels must be stored in a sanitizer solution when they are not in use to prevent bacterial growth

1) the two speed racks in the walk in cooler are in need of cleaning at this time to remove debris build-up on the tray supports. 2) the drain discharge pipe and the receiving basin for the three compartment sink has a lot of old food debris build-up. Clean this area now and at least two times per week in the future

The relatively new front counter (where the cash register is located) has many bare wood surfaces. These surfaces must be sealed (polyurethane or varnish) to prevent moisture absorption and to make the surface smooth and easily cleanable

Health Report - 08/23/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the pizza by the slice (three slices left) to be at 124 to 126f in the hot holding cabinet. Corrected by discarding the pizza. In the future, this pizza must be maintained at 135f or above.

(Critical) Observed numerous house flies in the establishment at the time of the inspection. The owner had just purchased, but had yet to install the fly paper strips. Two fly strips were installed, one by the back door, and one by the hand washing sink/rest room. As these fly strips become overloaded replace them with new ones. Ensure staff are keeping the doors closed to prevent their entry

Observed the two wiping cloths at the back of the kitchen to be stored in sanitizer from the previous night. This solution read 0 ppm on the test papers. Corrected by providing a fresh solution at +/- 100 ppm

Observed a bulk package of chicken breasts (still frozen) thawing in a tub of standing water in the three compartment sink. Corrected by turning on the cold water to run over the chicken. Monitor the temperature of the chicken and remove the outside layer of chicken once it is thawed

No chlorine test papers were available in the store. Provide asap

Asap today/tomorrow have the walk in cooler thermostat adjusted to maintain food at 41f and below

1) the back door does not have a self closer (provide one), and the self closer on the front door was damaged by the wind recently. Corrected by straightening out the closing rod. Consider installing a safety chain/spring to prevent the wind/customers from over-extending the door. 2) gaps are present around the screen door at the back of the kitchen (top, sides and bottom), and at the bottom of the front screen door. Please provide door sweeps and weather stripping as needed to seal these gaps