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Health Report - 03/04/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

In the walk in cooler observed an unprotected incandescent lamp. Correct by providing a properly protected lamp

At the three compartment sink observed the drain tail piece to have slipped into the receiving drain eliminating the air gap. Correct by reestablishing the air gap

Health Report - 09/02/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the rear screen door to not be tight fitting in the opening. Daylight could be seen around most of the door. Also, a one inch gap was observed on the bottom of the door. The screen door is used several hours a day for ventilation. Correct by repairing or replacing the door so it is tight fitting

Observed the drain on the handsink to leak a small amount of water when in use. Correct by repairing or replacing the sink drain to prevent water from leaking

In the walk in cooler observed an unprotected incandescent lamp. Correct by providing a properly protected lamp.

Health Report - 02/18/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No chlorine sanitizer test papers were available in the facility (chlorine is used in the 3 comp. Sink). Provide a new chlorine test kit. Additionally, the quat test papers provided, although a new roll were mostly discolored (blue). Provide a new quat test kit. Corrected by purchasing a replacement kit of each type

(Critical) Observed an employee dicing up tomatoes without a glove on his left hand. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and the owner. In the future, staff will utilize a single use glove to prevent bare hand contact with ready to eat foods

Observed a stack of aluminum foil 1/2 pans on an upper shelf in the back of the facility that were stored upright. Corrected by inverting these pans to protect the food contact surfaces

Health Report - 08/14/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Again observed flies in the facility. Common house flies and small flies (likely fruit/vinegar flies) were found within the facility. No fly traps were provided. Provide fly traps appropriate for restaurants in locations away from food and equipment/single service items

(Critical) A metal stem food thermometer (with the large dial face) in the reach in portion of the pizza prep cooler to be inaccurate (13f too warm). Corrected by re-calibrating this thermometer

Upon arrival, the front exterior door was propped open. Several house flies were observed within the facility. Exterior doors must be kept closed to prevent pest entry. The door was closed

The open drain for the three compartment sink is over-due for cleaning. Clean this drain now and at least 3 x per week in the future

The door gaskets (3) for the randell pizza prep cooler are torn and damaged. Provide replacement door gaskets to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface that will seal in the cold air

No certified food safety manager is yet provided for this operation. Asap have an employee register for a manager level food safety course. Once completed, provide me with a copy of the certification

Health Report - 08/21/2012 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee and an individual who is not an employee not wash their hands when required (after touching hair/face and prior to handling food). Corrected by discussing this concern with staff and by washing hands in the hand washing sink

(Critical) Observed a tray of chicken breasts that just finished cooking (three passes through the oven) to not have reached 165f internal cooking temperature. Corrected by sending the chicken back through the oven to reach 165f. Ensure a sanitized and accurate food thermometer is used to verify cooking temperatures of raw animal foods

(Critical) Observed two pieces of pizza sold by the slice to be at 126/127f in the pizza warmer at the front counter. This pizza was discarded. Ensure your hot foods are held at/above 135f

(Critical) Observed a non-employee of this facility walk behind the front counter and use his bare hands to separate the two remaining pieces of pizza being sold by the slice and remove one of them from the hot holding unit. Corrected by discarding the remaining slice of pizza and by going to talk to this individual (works at a neighboring business) about this violation

(Critical) Observed numerous house flies present in the facility. Staff must maintain the exterior doors closed to prevent pest entry. These flies land on clean and unclean surfaces alike and can transfer contamination onto foods. Consider having the dumpster relocated further from the back kitchen door.

Upon arrival observed both the front and back doors to be propped open. Exterior doors/screen doors must be kept closed to prevent pest entry

Your certified food safety manager, omar sowe, no longer works at this facility. Take down his certificate from the wall by the cash register and provide an employee with this required certification within 90 days

The walk in cooler was operating at a slightly elevated temperature today. Have this unit adjusted/serviced as needed to maintain foods at 41f and below

Observed two of the ceiling light fixtures to be missing. Provide replacement covers

Asap provide a metal stem food thermometer(s) for staff to verify food temperatures (must be able to measure 0 to 220f in two degree increments at a minimum)

Observed no paper towel provided in the dispenser at the kitchen hand washing sink. An employee was sent to another restaurant to obtain another roll of paper towel to install in the dispenser. Two rolls of paper towel were obtained for the facility

Some plastic to-go containers were observed stored upright on the shelving unit. Corrected by discarding the top container/lid and inverting the remaining containers/lids

An employee of a neighboring business was allowed to walk behind the front counter and serve himself some pizza. The manager on duty indicated this individual does this frequently. The owner and management staff must prevent this from occurring to ensure food safety in this facility

The manager indicated a nearby grocery store/market recently began cooking/serving food. This has increased the volume of garbage in the single dumpster for the complex. Asap either provide a larger dumpster or have the dumpster emptied three times per week from the current two times

This incident (13536) does not have any more information on it

Observed the only rubber spatula in the facility to be old and severely cut-up and cracked. This condition can allow food and bacteria to accumulate/grow and is difficult to clean. Asap provide a replacement spatula

Observed no chlorine residual in the wiping cloth bucket. Bleach was added to provide 75 to 100 ppm

This incident (52528) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 02/23/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an open package of deli chicken with an opening date of 2-14-12. Corrected by discarding this expired food item

(Critical) Observed multiple ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods (such as chicken nuggets, chicken fajita mixture, portioned gyros meat & philly steak, ham, ranch dressing, feta cheese, vegan mozzarella cheese, etc. ) in the pizza prep cooler without use-by dates. Provide use-by dates for these products

Observed two spatulas above the dish washing sink to be in need of replacement

Observed a couple of ceiling light fixtures in the back kitchen to not have a cover. Provide a cover for these fixtures or provide individual bulb tubes with end caps

Observed a bag of whole wheat flour to be stored on the floor in the back of the kitchen. Please keep all foods stored off of the floor by 6"

Observed a small metal cabinet stored on the floor under the dirty dish drain board for the three compartment sink. Mop water collects underneath this cabinet and food debris builds up around the edges of it. Remove this cabinet entirely or relocate it elsewhere at least 6" off of the floor

1) observed a couple of the three compartment sink drain stoppers to still be leaking water. Repair as needed. 2) a water shut-off valve located below the kitchen hand washing sink was observed to be dripping water. Repair as necessary to eliminate the moisture source on the floor

Observed the interiors of the microwave oven and the currently out of use two door continental prep top refrigerator to be in need of cleaning

Observed a wet mop head resting on the floor by the kitchen hand washing sink. Please hang up wet mop heads over your mop sink to allow the mop head to air dry more quickly

There is still a large gap under the newer back kitchen door. Provide a door sweep asap to prevent pest entry and heat loss

Observed several areas of the facility to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor in the sw corner of the kitchen (near the flour storage & food processor), the drain for the three compartment sink and the wall in the area of the dough station

Health Report - 08/19/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a few living and dead cockroaches in the facility as well as some small flies and house flies. Contract with a pest control company to identify the type of roaches, target specific areas that need cleaning/repair, etc. , and to provide traps/bait stations to help eliminate these pests. Provide me with a copy of your pest control contract and the receipt for your initial service visit. ,

(Critical) Observed three spray cans of household use only insecticides (two for ants & roaches, and one for flying insects) in a small cabinet located under the dirty dish drain board of the dish washing sink. ,

Although the back delivery door was replaced, during the summer months this door is propped open. Upon arrival, the screen door was observed not fully closed. Adjust, repair the door so it doesn't bind and can fully close with a door closer. Also, the back delivery/employee door still does not have a door closer or a door sweep. Currently there is almost a 1" gap below the bottom of the exterior door when it is closed

Observed an uncovered pan of whole wheat flour, and two buckets of bulk spices uncovered in the back of the kitchen. Keep your foods covered to prevent the attraction of pests and their access to these foods.

The middle and the left-hand dish washing sink basins have leaks at the drain stopper valves. Repair these drain stoppers as needed to eliminate the leaking water

The kitchen hand washing sink has no soap available. Asap today provide soap at this sink

Many out of the way areas of the facility have misc. Debris and spilled food accumulation. Perform a thorough deep cleaning to eliminate these food sources for pests