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Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 04/21/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The following items were observed to be unclean: a plastic tub, a stock pot, a couple metal pans, two kitchen knives and the large immersion blender. These items were re-washed. Ensure staff are inspecting the equipment after washing and air drying for cleanliness

Health Report - 10/08/2013 (11 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two cutting boards at the cook line to have rough surfaces from hot pans being set on them and melting the surface. Provide replacement cutting boards that are smooth and easily cleanable

(Critical) An open bottle of tequila had a few flies in the bottom. Corrected by discarding the tequila

(Critical) The following foods were found to be expired in refrigerators in the cook line area and the basement walk in meat cooler: three containers of house made ranch dressing (10-6), shredded turkey (10-5), and house made blue cheese dressing (10-7). These items were discarded

(Critical) Observed the following rte, phfs without last date of use labels at the cook line area: pre-made sandwiches, sliced deli meat, hard boiled eggs. Ensure staff are providing date labels for these items

(Critical) Again observed fish stored below beef steaks and ground beef in the cook line area two door upright refrigerator

(Critical) The dish washing machine chlorine pump was not providing chlorine at the time it was tested. Apparently the system is loosing its prime. Call for a service repair of this unit

(Critical) Prep kitchen hand washing sink near the range oven unit

(Critical) 1) the cook line area hand washing sink had a dirty whisk in the bottom. The cook removed this whisk. 2) the dish washing room hand washing sink is blocked by a box fan elevated on a crate. Relocate this fan so staff have proper access to the sink for hand washing

(Critical) A "hot shot" insecticide/repellant is in use under the bar. This product is not approved for use in restaurants. Discard this and any other "hot shot" devices in the facility

(Critical) Prep kitchen: observed a cream of mushroom soup made earlier in the day still on the top of the turned off cooking range. This soup was 168f in the center and 120f around the perimeter. This soup was placed into three hotel pans and placed uncovered on the top two shelves in the nearby walk in cooler. Ensure staff are splitting up large portions of food such as this and placing them into shallow metal containers for rapid cooling.

(Critical) The following items were unclean: the electric food slicer, several metal and plastic food containers and several pair of tongs on a storage shelf near the walk in freezer, and the potato slicer. Ensure these items are cleaned now and thoroughly after each use

Observed an over-loaded strip of fly paper near the furnace in the prep kitchen. Discard and replace this fly paper

Observed several foods in refrigerated storage that were not covered: whipped butter, fruit pie, uncooked meats, sour kraut. The following foods were uncovered in the basement prep kitchen: bread in the prep kitchen on the counter, spices, and the bulk flour and sugar tubs. Ensure these foods are protected during storage

Observed a few cases of paper goods (paper towel and toilet paper) on the floor in the prep kitchen near the furnaces and the soiled towel hampers. Maintain these items off of the floor

The basement hobart mixer is leaking gear oil. Rebuild this gear box as needed to be leak-proof

The following areas are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: 1) the meat walk in cooler has a lot of mold growth on the shelves, fan guards, walls and floor; 2) the fan guards in the server area reach in coolers are moldy; 3) the beverage tubing in the produce walk in cooler are moldy; 4) the pvc drain pipe for the prep kitchen ice bin is slimy (consider insulating this pipe after it is cleaned)

The following floor surfaces were observed unclean: the walk in cooler floors, prep kitchen area (cooking area, dry storage shelving area, around the furnaces), the basement floor drains, the mop sink drain, the utility tub, the bottom of the dumb waiter housing, the bar area, and the main dish washing machine area. Ensure these areas are maintained clean and dry on a regular basis

Observed cardboard placed down on the floor in the prep kitchen room around the furnaces. Remove this cardboard as it is not cleanable, absorbs moisture and can be a breeding area for insects

The housing for the dish washing machine food trap screen is not being cleaned on a daily basis to remove food debris. Ensure your staff are cleaning this area nightly to prevent the attraction of pests

The door gaskets on many of the cook line area refrigerator doors are split/torn and in need of replacing

Some of the kitchen food pans were stacked while still wet on the storage shelves by the walk in freezer

Health Report - 03/27/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed raw seafood (fish) stored below beef and ground beef in the right side of the two door cook line cooler. Corrected by moving the fish to the top of the unit

(Critical) The basement prep kitchen hand sink is also being used to rinse, soak and store pots/pans/utensils. Correct by 3-28--sink may only be used for washing hands. Equipment was removed from basin--corrected

(Critical) Observed eight containers of house-made tartar sauce that expired on 3-25 and one small bag of a couple pieces of smoked pork that also expired on 3-25. Corrected by discarding

Both walk-in coolers: observed excessive mold/dust accumulation on the fan guards. Clean these guards within two weeks

Health Report - 09/18/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an old bottle of cream de almond that had a pour spout on it to have numerous small flies in the liquor. Corrected by discarding this liquor

(Critical) 1) observed a garden hose with a spray gun at the end of it to be attached to a hose connection in the back alley without a back-flow preventer installed. Correct by installing an atmospheric hose bib vacuum breaker upstream from the hose. The spray gun at the end of the hose or the hose itself must be removed after each use. 2) observed an unapproved black flexible hose connected to a copper potable water line in the basement near the chemical dispenser for mop buckets. No back-flow preventer is installed upstream from this black hose. Replace this hose with a potable water/food grade hose

1) the fan guards for the server area reach-in cooler and the walk in salad cooler have excessive dust/mold accumulation on them. Remove these fan guards so they can be thoroughly cleaned. 2) the door gaskets on the two and three door low-boy reach-in coolers in the main cooking area have mold growth on them. Thoroughly clean these gaskets on a regular basis to remove food residue (only use hot water and a small amount of soap)

Observed the following, mostly out of the way areas, to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future: 1) the basement floor sink near the dumbwaiter; 2) the floor and some of the side surfaces of the dumbwaiter shaft; 3) the basement utility tub that receives waste water from many sources near the salad walk in cooler; 4) the floor under equipment & sinks at the bar; 5) the drains at the bar; 6) the floor under the cook line cooler and one door freezer; 7) around the base of the men's bathroom faucets. Please maintain these areas clean to eliminate a food source and/or breeding areas for pests.

The door gaskets on the two and three door kitchen coolers are torn and in need of replacement to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface

Ensure staff are performing frequent checks of the out of the way areas of the facility to look for pest activity--especially wastewater drains, areas with damaged flooring and/or moisture problems. Take necessary steps to maintain these areas as clean and dry as possible

Observed a couple glue boards on a ledge behind the bar triple sink to be in need of replacement. In the future, please have these glue boards switched out when they become overloaded

Observed the side-walls of the metal drain pan on the wastewater discharge for the dish washing machine to be in need of cleaning nightly. Provide staff with the appropriate tool to maintain this area clean of food residue

Observed the following light bulbs to not be protected from breakage: the bulb in the two door sliding door cooler at the cooking area and a few of the bulbs in the pass through window areas. Provide shatter-proof bulbs for these locations. Also, the bulb above the microwave oven is lacking a bulb tube end cap (ice cream freezer end)--provide a replacement end cap