Greenside Tavern

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3625 Napier Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Health Report - 07/07/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed multiple cutting boards throughout the facility with large grooves and heavy staining. Surfaces such as cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring shall be resurfaced if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized, or discarded if they are not capable of being resurfaced. Correct by resurfacing or replacing the noted cutting boards.

Health Report - 06/25/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 06/05/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Found employee belongings lying on pop bottles in storage area. Corrected - pic had employee move belongings to the designated area. Use of designated area for employee belongings prevents possible contamination from articles that do not belong in the food storage areas

Found cases of beer stored directly on the floor in the storage room. To correct - please provide shelving or dunnage racks that allow storage of cased beer to be at least 6" above the floor to facilitate mopping and cleaning

Health Report - 06/01/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed floor under cooking equipment with an accumulation of debris. Also, several pans have fallen behind cooking equipment and are on floor. To correct, please clean this area now and on a more frequent schedule

Health Report - 06/03/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed 5 gallon bucket of white chicken chili on shelf in wic that was made yesterday with an internal food temp of 52f. Facility is using ice wand to cool phf, but amount of food is too large for one ice wand to handle. All phf must be cooled from 135f to 70f within 2 hours and from 70f to 41f or below within 6 hours. To correct, please utilize shallower pans, ice baths and more ice wands as needed. Staff must be monitoring temperatures as food passes through temp danger zone. Pic corrected by discarding chili. Also educated staff on proper cooling methods and temp danger zone. Critical corrected.

(Critical) Observed bell jar of honey on dry storage shelf. Pic stated that honey came from customer's home and facility uses it to make honey butter in restaurant. Please cease this practice immediately. All food in a licensed kitchen must come from an approved source. Food prepared or obtained from private home cannot be used or served in a food service establishment. Pic corrected by discarding bell jar of honey and rte honey butter containers in upright cooler. Critical corrected

Observed several plastic sour cream containers being reused in kitchen for food storage. Single service plastic containers are not designed or approved for reuse in a restaurant (durability). To correct, please discard all reused plastic containers and obtain proper nsf approved food containers as soon as possible

Observed several cases of pop and beverages stored on floor in back kitchen area pop room. All food and beverages must be stored in a protected manner and stored a minimum of 6 inches off of floor at all times. To correct, please obtain some dunnage racks as needed

Observed several containers of spices on shelves throughout kitchen not labeled with product name. Once removed from original packaging, all food must be properly labeled with correct common name for proper identification

Observed fan ventilation covers on ceilings in both restrooms soiled with dust and debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule

Health Report - 06/08/2009 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed both pop gun holders in bar area with an accumulation of debris. All pop guns and pop gun holders must be cleaned every 24 hours or as needed. Pic corrected by sending pop gun holders through dishwasher. Critical corrected

Observed both grease traps under grill full of grease and starting to overflow. To correct, please empty grease traps more often and clean area thoroughly. , observed interior of both ovens in cooking area soiled with burnt food residue and debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule.

Observed 2 knives stored in between prep unit cooler and another piece of equipment. All utensils must be stored in a clean dry location and not stored in areas that cannot be cleaned and sanitized. To correct, please store all knives in approved location (such as knife rack)

Observed interior of microwave oven (top of oven) with an accumulation of debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule

Observed fresh rte salmon in wic. Pic indicated that salmon comes in fresh (not frozen). Looked at seafood order receipt and there is no parasite destruction statement on bill of sale. Contacted supplier and he indicated that salmon is farm raised and comes from a haacp certified facility in boston. To correct, please contact original supplier in boston and obtain written parasite destruction methods, or if farm raised need written statement from supplier indicating that all seafood was farm raised and fed formulated feed. Pic must keep records for 90 days beyond the time of service or sale of fish. Please fax copy of records to carl walczesky at 734 222-3930 within 7 days.