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Health Report - 07/28/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 01/10/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) When questioned, staff were not sure where the sanitizer test papers were stored. The test papers were later found in the desk drawer. Ensure all staff are made aware of the test paper storage location and that staff are using them to test the batches of sanitizer

(Critical) Observed all foods in the two door espresso machine station cooler to be at 51 to 54f. Corrected by discarding the phfs (milk, soy milk, whipped cream, etc. )

1) the drain line support for the ice machine has become detached. Re-secure this drain line (blue plastic pipe) as needed to re-establish the required air gap. 2) the atmospheric vacuum breaker for the mop sink is malfunctioning (leaking water). Replace the inner moving parts of this vacuum breaker

The two door low-boy beverage station cooler was not maintaining foods at 41f or below. The temperature control dial was turned to the next colder setting and the dust mat was removed with a bristled vacuum cleaner attachment. After 45 minutes this cooler was checked and it was found to be at 40/41f. Staff need to regularly monitor the air temperature and take corrective action when temperatures above 41f

Health Report - 07/31/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no air gap provided on the ice machine/bin drain line (blue plastic pipe) and the drain line for the dipping well in the corner next to the blenders. Provide the required air gaps (vertical gap height = 2 x the discharge pipe diameter above the flood rim of the receiving drain).

The door gaskets on the two door upright refrigerator are torn. Provide replacement door gaskets

Observed a stack of exposed coffee filters stored on top of the grinding machine. Corrected by placing these filters in a bag for protection from misc. Contamination

Staff indicated the bulk coffee storage vessels located under the coffee brewing station are only cleaned once per week. Additionally, staff were not familiar with the removal and break-down of the dispensing spouts. Staff were shown how to disassemble these spouts and instructed to clean these dispensers and spouts nightly

Health Report - 01/08/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the two containers at the coffee bar to store wiping cloths to be weak on sanitizer. Corrected by replacing the solution with quat at 200 ppm

Health Report - 07/12/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed spray bottles of chemicals not prominently labeled as to their contents. Corrected by properly labeling some and discarding others if their contents were not specifically known. Ensure all chemicals are accurately labeled to prevent mix-ups

(Critical) Observed a partial container of house made skim milk chai in the two door refrigerator under the espresso machine that expired at the end of 7-10. Corrected by discarding

Observed items stored on the counter in front of the back kitchen hand washing sink, and a box stored on the floor in front of the sink. Please ensure your hand washing sinks are always available for use

Observed the floor under the two one door coolers at the front counter area to be in need of cleaning to remove misc. Items and some food that has accumulated

The ice making machine is in need of more frequent cleaning. Please clean at this time and reduce the interval between cleaning periods

Observed two wet mop heads stored on the bottom of the mop sink. Please hang up wet mop heads above the mop sink to facilitate faster drying

Health Report - 01/26/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no employee provided date marks on the opened containers of yogurt based smoothie mixes. The peach mix (slowest moving product) was discarded. Staff indicated the mixed berry and the strawberry mixes definitely sell within one week. Ensure all staff are trained to provide date marks for this product as well.

(Critical) Observed a can of whipped cream topping standing out on the counter. This product was found to be at 67f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff return this dairy product to the refrigerator once they have finished using it

Observed the water supply for both dipper wells for storing previously used utensils to be turned off. Corrected by turning on the water to flush away debris

Observed food splattered on the ceiling of the microwave oven. Thoroughly clean this area daily

Observed both of the bathroom exhaust fan grates to be in need of cleaning at this time

Health Report - 08/04/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a can of whipped cream topping out on the counter. This product was at a temperature of 77/78f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure all employees keep this product in the refrigerator

(Critical) Observed fruit flies in the vicinity of the two front area sink basins and below these sinks in the base cabinet. The base cabinet and drain area need to be maintained free of debris build-up and kept dry to eliminate breeding areas. Fly paper may be hung from the underside of the counter top (within the base cabinet). Additionally, vinegar bait stations can be used inside the base cabinet to trap adult flies

No thermometer was observed in the front area two door low-boy refrigerator

Observed the metal stem food thermometer to be out of calibration (reading 15f too high). Corrected by adjusting the thermometer

1) the hand washing sink faucet valves are not operating properly. The water flow slows way down and/or stops when the valves are turned on to wash your hands. Repair/replace the faucet valves as needed. 2) the two adjacent sink basin flanges are not sealed to the counter anymore at the front kitchen. After thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the mating surfaces apply a silicone sealant to prevent moisture from migrating under the counter flange

Observed a wet wiping cloth stored on the spill tray of the espresso machine. When not in use wiping towels need to be stored in a solution of sanitizer a the proper strength to prevent bacterial growth

1) the floor and drain piping located in the base cabinet under the two sink basins have debris, moisture and slime build-up on them. Remove everything from this cabinet to thoroughly clean this area as well as the items that were removed. Frequent cleaning and inspection is necessary to prevent conditions favorable for flies to hatch. 2) observed excessive dust accumulation on the coil for the ice making machine. Remove the lower front cover and clean the coil per the mfg. Directions

Health Report - 02/04/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed opened containers of soy milk and a dairy smoothie base mix to not be provided with use-by dates. Corrected by providing use-by dates based upon when the containers were opened

Observed several cases of chocolates stored on the floor of the dry storage room. After receiving food shipments ensure they are promptly put away, off of the floor to prevent accidental contamination. Provide additional shelving if needed for the quantity of foods being stored

The ownership for this facility has changed. Food service licenses are not transferable to a different location or different owner. Prior to the end of our business hours on monday february 7th submit a revised food service application and required license fees (the license you receive will be good through april 30, 2012)

Health Report - 08/12/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a wet mop head to be resting in the bottom of the mop sink. The existing mop holder is damaged. Please provide a replacement mop hanger to facilitate proper storage of the mop heads

Repair/replace the delivery door closer as needed so the door is self closing

Observed plastic coffee bags for bulk shipments of incoming coffee beans being saved for refilling back at the coffee bean roasting operation. These bags are not constructed to facilitate proper washing and are considered single-use bags. Please recycle/discard these bags after use

Observed the outside recycling containers for bottles and cans to have a lot of liquid and debris accumulation at the bottom of them. Please thoroughly clean these containers on a frequent basis to eliminate this accumulation. Wastewater from cleaning these containers must be routed to the sanitary sewer

Observed the sanitizer concentration for the wiping cloths to be weak. Corrected by providing fresh sanitizer

Health Report - 02/24/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the drain line for a dump sink to be leaking waste water into the base cabinet (the leak originates at the drain connection to the sink basin). Repair as needed

Observed a wet wiping cloth stored on the counter. Please only store your wiping cloths in a solution of sanitizer at the proper concentration to prevent bacterial growth

Observed approximately 8 small yogurt containers in the front counter display cooler to have dates of 2-18. Corrected by removing these items from the cooler--they will not be provided to the public

Health Report - 09/03/2009 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the wet mop head not hung up over the mos sink to collect the dripping mop water. Corrected by re-hanging the mop over the mop sink

The pvc drain pipe for the front area espresso machine was clogged and over flowing

The insulated coffee beverage dispenser spouts are not being disassembled nightly to wash them. Beginning tonight ensure staff are taking these units apart for washing in the three compartment sink

Observed wooden blocks of plywood under the back room storage shelf legs. At least one of these pieces of wood is rotting due to moisture absorption. Please replace these pieces of wood with plastic, coated metal, etc. That won't absorb moisture