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Health Report - 03/26/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) During follow up inspection - head chef produced food production log where all foods are being checked daily for last day of use dates. This was part of chef's rcp description of corrective action.

(Critical) Head chef has taken measures to control/eliminate drain fly infestation. Kitchen has undergone a thourough deep cleaning. Blowers are used for the floors every night to dry out the floors after cleaning. Active pest management with orkin has redoubled their efforts to address issue. Head chef and orkin representative conducted thourough facility evaulation and have created maintenance action plans to improve facility and sharply reduce harborage conditions. No flies were observed during follow up inspection. Facility has made great strides to successfully address this issue. Continued active and aggressive pest management is required going forward from here to maintain compliance. Corrected.

Health Report - 03/03/2015 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Numerous small flies (likely fruit/vinegar flies) were observed in most locations of the kitchen. Ensure the facility is being kept clean, dry and in good repair to eliminate fly breeding areas. Utilize floor drying fans overnight to dry up the floors. Utilize drain gels, fly paper in non food, equipment or single use item areas, vinegar fly traps in coordination with your pest control contractor to eliminate these pests from the facility

(Critical) 1) observed (2) butane torches on a storage rack adjacent to tableware at the end of the main prep line. 2) observed several sternos and lighter on a storage shelf adjacent to and above single service napkins and paper bowls. To correct, please store toxic/poisonous chemicals in an approved designated location that they may not contaminate food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single use/service articles. Corrected by moving items in an approved location. Corrected

(Critical) Observed a vodka bottle on display at the bar to contain dead flies at the bottom of the bottle. Paper cup caps are not an effective method of keeping flies from entering the bottles. Either purchase a sufficient supply of vented pouring caps or keep the original caps on the bottles. Corrected by discarding this bottle of liquor by pouring it down the drain. Corrected

(Critical) 1) observed a container of house made dressing to be 2 days beyond its date of use markings in the upright refrigerator by the mid-kitchen handsink. 2) observed a container of mango chutney to be 1 day past its date of use markings in the cold holding top rail of the dinner prep unit. Corrected by discarding both of these items into the trash

(Critical) Observed a lack of paper towels at the waitstation hand sink. Corrected by providing paper towels for this station. Corrected

Observed the interior of the main baking ovens to be heavily soiled. To correct, please clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the following locations in need of cleaning: the floors under the main cooking area, behind the main kitchen ice machine (including the drain), the floors around and the drains for the warewashing machine and the drain in the large utensil storage area. Overall, the kitchen could use a good deep cleaning. To correct, please clean these areas now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the hoods above the main cooking area to be heavily soiled. To correct, please clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed numerous upper and lower spray nozzles of the mechanical dish machine to be clogged with debris. To correct, please clean out these nozzles to allow the unit to work as intended

1) observed some leaking lubricant on the the exterior surface of the large hobart mixer. To prevent the contamination of food from this lubricant, please have this mixer serviced or replaced. 2) observed numersous walk in coolers/freezers to be needing proper insulation for the parts of the condensate drain of the interior cooling unit that runs perpendicular to the wall. These coolers/freezers include #2, #4, #5, #6 and #10

Observed serveral bulk containers in the rear prep area to not be labeled with their contents. To correct, properly label these containers with the contents common food name

Observed numerous containers stored on the back kitchen area clean utensil rack to be stacked/stored wet. To correct, please allow all containers/utensils to completely air dry prior to storage/stacking

Observed several mops sitting in the mop water in the back kitchen area. To correct, please designate a location where the mops can be hung to dry and not contaminate the surrounding walls, equipment and supplies

1) observed the exterior surfaces of the kitchen aid mixer to be soiled. 2) observed the underside of the juice dispenser (section above dispensing nozzle) to be soiled. 3)observed the exterior surfaces of the large hobart mixer to be soiled. To correct, please properly wash, rinse and sanitize these items now and place on or more frequent cleaning schedule or clean after each use.

Health Report - 09/04/2014 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) the banquet ice machine/bin and the main kitchen ice machine/bin are in need of cleaning and sanitizing. Hire a refrigeration contractor familiar with these machines to fully clean and sanitize the interior surfaces. 2) the spouts for the server area iced tea dispenser are not being taken apart for cleaning. Ensure staff disassemble these spouts and use a bottle brush to clean the interior surfaces. 3) observed a china cap with food debris accumulated in the bottom of it. Clean these surfaces now and as needed for item #1 above, daily for item #2 and after each use for item #3

(Critical) Numerous small flies (likely fruit/vinegar flies) were observed in most locations of the kitchen. Ensure the facility is being kept clean, dry and in good repair to eliminate fly breeding areas. Utilize floor drying fans over night to dry up the floors. Utilize floor drain gels, fly paper in non-food, equipment or single use item areas, vinegar fly traps in coordination with your pest control contractor to eliminate these pests from the facility

(Critical) Provide permanent air gaps (vertical height = 2x the discharge pipe diameter above the flood rim of the receiving basin) for the following equipment: the server area ice machine & bin, water softener discharge tubing and the water cooled walk in cooler adjacent to the large water heater.

(Critical) The following foods were lacking a use-by date: a chunk of deli beef, chopped eggs, two types of cut melon, and sliced turkey. Corrected by discarding these foods. The following foods were beyond their last date of use by two to eight days: pulled pork, cooked chicken breasts, shrimp & crab salad, garlic in oil mixture, creme brulee, salsa ranch dressing, carrot cake, regular and strawberry cream cheese. Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure someone is designated to purge expired foods daily (at the beginning of the day or very end of the day)

(Critical) No quat test papers were available in the kitchen. Provide quat test papers in the area of the three compartment sink quat dispenser

(Critical) Several instances of cross contamination were observed in the walk in cooler at the end of the cook line: raw pork sausage links stored on top of cooked pancakes, raw sole fish stored on top of cooked chicken, pork sausage stored on top of pasteurized egg containers, raw beef stored above seafood. Main walk in cooler: raw beef was stored above cooked, deli meat. Corrected by re-organizing the food storage so ready to eat foods were above raw animal foods

(Critical) Observed a cook with only a gloved left hand, handle cut french toast with both hands when plating and arranging it. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and by the employee using gloves on both hands

The fan guard on the bar walk in cooler is in need of removal to clean it of mold growth

Bar liquor storage room: provide a bulb guard or a shatter-proof light bulb for this room. Provide a shatter-proof coated light bulb for the pop corn popping machine. Provide bulb end caps for the fluorescent light bulbs (two of them) at the end of the cook line closest to the small walk in cooler

The right, rear corner of the main kitchen ice machine bin is dripping water. Repair (with approved materials if a food contact surface) or replace as needed to eliminate the leak

The interiors of the pop corn popping machine and the smoker are in need of cleaning

The following areas of the facility are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future to eliminate old food debris and slime growth: were the floor meets the wall under the bar (near the floor drain), to the right of the walk in beer cooler door (floor to wall junction), around the floor sink at the dish washing machine (then the gap needs to be sealed), the floor drains at the main cook line, under the main kitchen refrigerator line, behind the kitchen ice machine, and the floor sinks at the server station. Keeping these areas clean and dry will eliminate fly breeding areas

Health Report - 02/14/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times. Complete the risk control plan. You still have an infestation of drain flies in your facility. You need to work thoroughly with your pest control company. Have them out weekly, for the next month. Save me copies of their inspection reports for my follow up in a month.

(Critical) A box of plastic tableware was found stored on the bottom shelf of the chemical storage rack. Food contact items need to kept away from toxic items. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Complete the risk control plan. Once again, i observed large prime ribs in both walk in cooler not cut into smaller portions to allow for rapid cooling. Also, observed soups in pans in walk in with condensation on the lids. Keep lids off hot foods while cooling. I will be back to follow up on your cooling procedures.

I want you to remove all milk crates, bread racks, etc from your facility. If you need more storage racks, obtain approved ones that have at least 6" of clearance to the floor.

You need a plate rack cover. Keep boxed to go items off the floor.

Provide a waste basket at each handwash sink.

You are still not keeping your facility clean enough. Areas around the pop syrup station are dirty. Also, the mop sink is dirty. You need to get things off the floors so they can be thoroughly cleaned.

Health Report - 08/12/2013 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Staff have stopped marking times for foods on time control. This must be done if using time as health control. I will be back to verify this is being done.

(Critical) I found partially cooked chicken breasts that were not marked to indicate they are only partially cooked. Any meats/seafood that is par cooked must be marked to indicate it is not fully cooked. Corrected by marking pan as "raw" on par cooked product.

(Critical) Your kitchen has a population of drain flies in it. You need to have a licensed pest company out to eliminate them from your store within 30 days. I want you to save their written reports for my review on my follow up inspection in 1 month.

(Critical) I observed large portions of meats that were left in large portions while cooling. Meats need to be cut into small portions and put on sheet trays to cool rapidly. Staff need to be monitoring cooling methods and temps. Corrected by discarding. I will be back to verify proper cooling methods are being used. I would like you to have your new chef use the cooling charts to verify cooling times/temps of all hot foods that are cooled.

(Critical) The following items were found above 41*f: sliced and diced tomatoes (48* and 68*) at the salad prep cooler, sauteed mushroom/pepper mix at 60*-64*f, bruschetta topping at 60*f at the sautee cooler and whipped honey butter at 53*f in the room service cooler. Prepped foods like cut tomatoes and sauteed items need to be rapidly cooled down in the walk in cooler or freezer to below 41*f before stocking in prep cooler rails. Train staff to folllow these processes and be using metal stem thermometers to verify temps. Do not use the room service cooler to store any phf's until repaired and holds foods at 41*f or less. I will be back to follow up on these issues. Foods were discarded. Staff are also overstocking product in the pans on the cold rails. Do not go above fill lines. And keep any empty spots blocked off with empty pans.

(Critical) Hot water at bar handsink only got to 107*f. Water temp for detergent water must be at least 110*f. Service hot water so it is above 110*f. I will be back to verify.

(Critical) I observed knives dirty on the main line in a hotel pan. Staff hand wash these items. They need to be sure they are washing, rinsing and sanitizing them. Corrected by doing such. Also, observed uncleaned beverage pitchers at the server station. Pitchers need to be run through dishwasher after uses. You need to organize a place to store your bev pitchers. Corrected by running through dish.

(Critical) I found several cooked off meats on a speedrack in the walk in cooler that were beyond the use by dates. Staff need to be auditing product for expired foods on a daily basis. Foods used on catering need to be discarded after uses. Corrected by discarding these meats and not saving them anymore.

Your kitchen needs to be maintained in good condition. You have many damaged floor coving tiles, holes in walls, missing or cracked floor tiles, walk in doors that are damaged and need to be replaced, a hole in the floor under the sautee reach in cooler, drainboards that need to be caulked to the walls at the dish area, etc. You need to keep your facility in good repair as things get damaged. By your next inspection, i expect to see damaged things repaired or replaced. Also, the lid to the ice cream freezer needs door seals. Condensation was dripping onto product inside this unit.

No wastebasket stocked at server handsink in kitchen. Keep one stocked there.

Provide a thermometer at the bar so they can temp the detergent water temp.

Walk in freezer was frosted up. Door is in bad shape. You need to replace the door within 6 months.

Direct connect the server handsink to sewer, as water is spilling onto floor under this sink creating alot of black mold growth in this area. Thoroughly clean this area after directly connecting to sewer.

Shield the florescent lights in the liquor closet!

Health Report - 02/14/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Hot water sanitize dish machine did not turn heat tape black, indicating temp did not get hot ehough for sanitization. Have unit serviced and repaired. Staff need to use test tapes to determine unit is working properly. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify unit has been repaired.

(Critical) Observed 2 trays of raw shell eggs stored on top shelf above ready to eat foods in the breakfast reach in cooler on the line. Raw animal product needs to always be stored on bottom shelves to control the risk of cross contamination potenial of ready to eat foods. Corrected by moving eggs to bottom shelf.

Health Report - 08/09/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I found hard boiled eggs at 54*f in the pantry cold rail. All other product on the rail was 41*f or colder. Looks like eggs were left out of cooler for some reason. Correct staff habits and corrected by discarding eggs.

(Critical) I found a dirty cutting board stocked with all the clean cutting boards. Staff need to be thoroughly cleaning kitchenware. Corrected by scraping and running through dishmachine.

There is a loose pipe under the sink in the employee kitchen that is leaking. . . Repair. Also, need a non-absorbant shelf under this sink. . . . Or paint the current raw plywood.

There are drain flies in the dishroom, near the handsink of the roomservice area and in the employee dining room. Have pest company focus on these areas to eliminate the pests.

You need to be cleaning the dishroom area better, especially around the pipes next to the walls. There is black mold evident in that area. Put this area on a more routine cleaning schedule. Also, clean the floor drain under the room service handsink routinely.

The roof is leaking water into the back stockroom, dry storage area and inside the walk in cooler. By septempber 9. 2012 you need to have the roof repaired to fix the leaks. I need you to fax over a detailed work order to me by that date. Seal the seams on the ceiling of the walk in cooler where water is entering. Do not store any foods under areas of leaks.

Health Report - 02/13/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

There is excessive frozen condensation in the back walk in freezer. Have it serviced.

I observed 3 boxes of to go containers on the floor by the walk in coolers. Keep on racks at least 6" off the floor.

Repair the hole in the wall by the banquet coffee machines.

The drain line out of one of the walk in coolers had slipped out of the zip tie. Fasten with a more permanent fixture.

The juice machine and the area around it needs to be cleaned more often in the server area of the kitchen.

Health Report - 08/12/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) You need to watch use by dates. A commercial cold salad had an expired date and tuna salad made in house was expired. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) The soda gun nozzle was found dirty/slimy. Staff need to be cleaning and sanitizing these on a daily basis. Also, clean the gun cup routinely. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing while i was present.

Apples need to be stored protected in server area.

Repair the expo area dressing cooler as there is water draining inside the unit.

You have drain/fruit flies in your kitchen. Have pest company set up a mitigation plan to eliminate them.

Clean the interior of the ovens more often.

Put a ice scoop holder at the 'cafeteria' ice machine.

Please re-caulk the drainboard to the walls at the dishmachine. Also, remove old, slimy caulk.

Repair the leaks on the faucet on the rear prep sink. Also, repair the leaks under the server area ice machine.

Servers are leaving used cloth towels out. They must be kept in sanitizer between used to disinfect the cloth towels.

Found inadequate cooling method for pasta salads. Cooked pasta was not cooled down to 41* before adding further ingredients. Cool the pasta in ice baths to 41*f or less. Corrected by doing this.

Health Report - 02/09/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed 2 opened containers of half and half not date marked. All staff must be on board with your date marking policy. Corrected by dating these items.

(Critical) I found the smoked sausage at 99* on the buffet in the employee lunch room. The steamer is not working properly to hold hot product at 135*f or greater. Corrected by discarding sausage and steamer unit and using chafer dish with chafer fuels.

You need to move your working liquor bottles out from within the splash zone of the 3 comp glasswash sinks.

The floor tiles need to be replaced near the mop sink and under the ice machine in the "banquet area"

Use shatterproof light bulbs in the dry goods room. Replace damaged florescent light cover in the dry goods room.

Clean the shleves more often in the server line area. They are quite dusty.

Replace the split gaskets on the deli reach in cooler. Also, repair the condensation leak in the walk in freezer.

The floors and floor drain in the server area need to be kept cleaner, especially under things. Organize the area, keeping cleaning tools off the floor.

Clean the storage bins more often, specifically in the baking supply area and bins that pan lids are stored in.

Found 3 chipped rubber spatulas. Discard damaged utensils. Corrected.

There were no sanitizer buckets made up when i arrived. Staff need to be sure to have them made up and being used.

Health Report - 08/11/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

You need to start replacing the damaged floor coving that is pretty extensive in your kitchen. Also, you need to seal the seam on the ceiling in walk in cooler #4 and clean around the fan in there.

You need to have tight fitting gaskets put on your ice cream freezer to keep condensation from forming inside the box. Also, clean the area around the door seals.

Don't store utensils in sanitizer/soap buckets between uses.