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Health Report - 03/17/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) During follow up observed all cold phf items held at approved temperature (41 degrees f or less). The phf items observed out during the last routine inspection are now all stored under refrigeration between uses. Item corrected.

Health Report - 02/24/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following phf items out on the counter/shelf in the cooking area: 1. Two large bowls of shredded cabbage 2. A large container of chopped napa cabbage 3. A soup stock container of gravy 4. A 1/9th pan of raw in the shell eggs corrected by discarding and relocating these foods to refrigerators based upon their temperature and duration out of refrigerators. ****an administrative conference was held on july 16, 2013┬░For this violation. During subsequent routine inspections (8/12/14 and today) this violation has been observed to be continued. Pursuant to the washtenaw county procedures for enforcement of the michigan food law you are required to attend an informal hearing at the washtenaw county health department office. An informal hearing notice was provided to fong song during this inspection

(Critical) The main kitchen area hand washing sink was blocked by a bucket and a server stand with a tray on it. Corrected by relocating stand and moving the bucket. This is a repeat violation

Observed the following non food surfaces of equipment in need of cleaning: 1. At bar inside bottom of drink cooler with an accumulation of brown liquid 2. In the kitchen inside several of the refrigeration units food debris on the bottom shelf. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis

At the reach in portion of the prep top cooler across from the main cook line observed the interior of the cabinet has deteriorated exposing insulation and wood. Correct by repairing so the interior surface is smooth and easily cleanable. At four of the in use rice cookers observed the main latch handle to be broken and missing. Correct by replacing the handle at each unit

Observed the floor in the following areas with an accumulation of food debris and grime: 1. Inside the walk in freezer 2. Inside the rear kitchen dry storage area 3. Under the fryer, heavy grease 4. Under the rice cooker near the upright bar b que correct by cleaning now and on more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of food debris and grime.

At the rear prep area by the back door observed the floor around the grease trap to be broken with loose concrete. Correct by repairing the floor so it is smooth and easily cleanable

A few storage areas of the facility have excess unused items. Continue going through these areas and eliminate (discard, recycle, sell) unnecessary equipment to free up space.

Health Report - 08/12/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following phfs out on the counter/shelf in the cooking area: cooked noodles, two bowls of shredded cabbage, two containers of chopped napa cabbage. Also, a pan of bean sprouts was observed resting on top of other food containers in the lift-top portion of the refrigerator. Corrected by discarding and relocating these foods to refrigerators based upon their temperature and duration out of refrigerators

(Critical) Observed a medium white plastic bucket on the counter at the cooking line with slightly dirty water in it. Staff are rinsing food debris off of their hands in this pail. Corrected by discarding this pail of water, discussing this issue with staff and by staff washing their hands. Staff need to use the hand washing sink regularly, as needed, to remove food debris

(Critical) Observed two liquor bottles with pouring spouts installed to have one small fly in each of them. Corrected by discarding this liquor.

(Critical) Re-establish the drain line air gap for the ice making machine that has been pulled down by gravity over time. Corrected by cutting off the bottom few inches and by securing the drain line up with wire

Walk in cooler: the fan guards for the cooling system are in need of cleaning to remove dust accumulation. Some areas of the cook line exhaust hood system and filter sections are in need of cleaning to eliminate oil droplets. The handles for the cooking line area cooler doors/lids have food debris build-up. Clean these surfaces throughout the day as needed

A few storage areas of the facility have excess unused items. Go through these areas and eliminate (discard, recycle, sell) unnecessary equipment to free up space.

Dry goods bulk storage area: observed a wire rack shelf being propped up by wood and old food cans. Remove these items and provide a metal or plastic dunnage rack to store your rice.

Part of a wooden crate is being used as a draining rack at the back room three compartment sink. Eliminate this rack as it is made of bare wood that absorbs moisture and cannot be properly cleaned

Walk in cooler: observed several food containers (five gallon pails) stored on the floor. Maintain food containers at least 6" off of the floor

The floor in some of the back storage rooms (canned goods, paper goods) need the floor under the shelving units to be cleaned

Kitchen counter. Corrected by placing the towel in sanitizer water

Health Report - 01/14/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed one of the employees smoothing out the top of the rice in the rice warmer with his bare hands. Corrected by reminding the employee to only use a utensil for this task, not his hands

(Critical) The main kitchen area hand washing sink was blocked by a bucket and a server stand with a tray on it. Corrected by relocating stand and moving the bucket

Observed multiple uncovered foods at the dining room server stations overnight (sauces, crispy noodles) and sauces/cooking spices on the cook line cart to not be covered over night. Ensure all exposed foods are protected from contamination.

Observed two mesh ladles for dumplings to be worn and one of them has a dangling piece of metal. Corrected by discarding these ladles and providing two new replacement ones

1) crumbs have accumulated in the bottom of the silverware drawer compartments at the dining room server station. 2) multiple kitchen cooler door gaskets are due for cleaning to remove food build-up. 3) cooking area: several refrigerator door handles have food build-up on them. Ensure these handles are cleaned frequently

Observed a wet mop head stored in the bottom of the mop sink. Hang up wet mops to allow faster drying

Back kitchen three compartment sink: the middle basin has a bad drain seal that leaks. Repair as needed to eliminate the leak

A few out of the way floor areas at the server stations in the dining room have accumulated crumbs of food. Thoroughly clean these areas to eliminate a food source for pests

Health Report - 06/28/2013 (9 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed several containers of phfs stored out on the counter during the busy times of the day and relocated to several refrigerators once i entered the kitchen. The following foods were not maintained at 41f and below: bean sprouts--70f, bamboo shoots--53f, pooled eggs--69f, baby corn--61f, gravy--68f. These items were discarded. These phfs must be kept under refrigeration.

(Critical) Your phfs at the cooking line must stay in refrigerators and maintained at 41f and below. Either relocate the one door upright refrigerator or purchase a new one or two door prep cooler to locate at the end of the cook line so your cooks have convenient access to these extra phfs

(Critical) Observed two employees (chef and a server) during the inspection wash/rinse their unclean hands off at food preparation sinks. These employees were reminded to only use the designated hand washing sinks for cleaning hands

(Critical) Observed the dial type air thermometer in the bar area reach-in cooler to be reading 18f. No foods in this unit were frozen. Provide an accurate replacement thermometer. Consider the type with the red alcohol indicator in it instead of the needle type you currently use

(Critical) Observed the dish washing employee handle clean dishes on the drain board to put them away right after handling and loading dirty dishes into trays to be washed. Corrected by instructing the employee to wash his hands prior to putting away the clean dishes. The employee washed his hands and the dishes he touched were re-washed

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed recently delivered beef strip loins in butcher paper placed on the shelf above raw, cut onions. Corrected by relocating the beef to the raw meat shelf above the chicken. Reach-in, one door cooler: observed raw shrimp stored on a middle shelf above raw cabbage and other vegetables. Corrected by relocating the shrimp to the bottom shelf

(Critical) For back kitchen three compartment sink station

(Critical) Observed an apple press being used to squeeze extra water out of the shredded vegetables used for egg/spring rolls to be un-cleanable and rough/rusty. Many of the wood surfaces were observed to be rough, many areas of the painted metal base/drain pan were rough and rusty, etc. This equipment must be taken out of use and an alternative piece of equipment purchased (after approval from this department is granted) for this purpose

(Critical) Observed one of two metal stem food thermometers at the cook line area was reading 12f too cold. Corrected by re-calibrating

Observed a damp wiping cloth covering the flower garnish made of colored radish. Discontinue the use of the towel for this purpose

Bar: observed the drain area that receives waste water from the sinks and melted ice from the ice bin to be in need of cleaning at this time and more often in the future to maintain it clean

Observed a case of fish stored on the walk in freezer floor. Corrected by relocating the case to a storage rack

Observed several syrup leaks from the soda pump system. Call your contractor and have them repair the leaks

Walk in cooler: several shelves are in need of cleaning to remove spilled food and mold growth

Rice warmer: one of the warmers that was mostly empty has a non-stick coating that is worn away from lots of use. Provide a replacement insert for this warmer or a new warmer. Also, replace any other rice warmer inserts that have this coating that is coming off as well. Some of the other inserts appear to be made of an un-coated aluminum--these ones may remain in use

Health Report - 12/12/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (12247) does not have any more information on it

This incident (38028) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 06/28/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed some raw pork and raw fish stored above ready to eat foods (vegetables, oranges, etc. ) in the walk in cooler. Corrected by relocating these raw animal foods to the designated raw meat storage areas

(Critical) Observed some severely dented cans of food that were removed by staff and placed on the storage shelves. Corrected by relocating these damaged cans to the gray storage container for bad cans to be returned for credit

Observed the sliding cover to be removed from the bar ice bin. Corrected by re-installing the cover

1) observed several wet wiping cloths stored on the kitchen counter. Corrected by placing the towels in the sanitizer buckets. 2) observed three buckets with sanitizer that is slightly too weak. Corrected by adding additional chlorine

Observed both sliding side doors on the garbage dumpster to be left open. Maintain the dumpster closed to prevent pest entry

Observed the drain pipe for the ice making machine to have dropped down over time (gravity has pulled it down). Re-establish the drain line air gap for this pipe above the floor sink

Please increase the cleaning frequency of the ice production area of the ice making machine

Health Report - 12/20/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed and employee smoking in the back kitchen prep upon my arrival (prior to the owner arriving). This employee immediately put out the cigarette under running water and discarded it in the trash. 2) also this same employee had a large metal open cup of coffee on the prep table where a clean cutting board and knife were located. Ensure all employee beverages are kept in covered, spill-proof containers. 3) another open employee beverage (believed to be left over from the previous day) was found on a back kitchen shelving unit among some wine. Corrected by discarding this drink

(Critical) The following items were observed to be unclean: 1) several bowls & colanders, 2) three kitchen knives, 3) hot holding pot for rice, 4) bar blender, 5) can opener, 6) two scissors, 7) two hand-held vegetable choppers, 8) a blender cup for storing knives, and 9) two small containers with water for storing rice dispensing utensils (from previous day). These items were sent to be cleaned

(Critical) Observed three cans of mushrooms in the dry storage room on a shelving unit that were smashed/dented on the top seams. Corrected by placing these cans in the designated storage container for return credit

(Critical) Observed multiple instances of employees not sanitizing equipment after it was cleaned (a pot for the rice warmer, food pans and bowls). Ensure staff are trained/reminded to sanitize food contact surfaces after cleaning them. Staff have two options to sanitize equipment: 1) use the mechanical dish washing machine, or 2) manually sanitize equipment in a kitchen sink basin with room temp. Water and bleach sanitizer at 50-200 ppm. Corrected by sanitizing these items.

(Critical) Observed foods stored in the cook line cooler overnight to be at 46 to 47f. Corrected by discarding the phfs (meat, seafood, canned vegetables, eggs, tofu, etc. ).

Observed the side walls of the dishwashing machine drain tray housing to have a build-up of food debris. Clean this area daily to eliminate the build-up

1) observed a couple uncovered/opened food containers/cans in the back kitchen dry storage room. 2) observed food/spices stored on small tables at the cook line area to be left uncovered over night. Protect these foods by keeping them covered when in storage/overnight

Observed the cook line prep cooler to be maintaining foods at 46 to 47f. Adjust/repair as needed to maintain 41f or below. An adjustment to a colder setting was made during the inspection

Observed excessive dust build-up on top of the kitchen ice making machine. Clean this area now and more frequently in the future

Health Report - 06/15/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a small paint brush being used for dispensing honey. Discard this brush as it is not easily cleanable and is not made of food grade materials

(Critical) Observed four to five containers of canned vegetables stored on the cook line area counter at 63f. Corrected by relocating these foods to the cooler

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to not be sanitized after cleaning them: food probe thermometer and a kitchen knife. Corrected by sanitizing these items

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: 1) a kitchen knife at the deep frying station stored between an unclean shelf and a shelf liner; 2) a kitchen knife at the back room prep area on a magnetic knife strip; 3) the housing and auger for the meat grinder; 4) the cabbage slicer attachment for the mixer; and 5) a gray food storage tub under the back kitchen food prep counter. These items were sent to be cleaned and sanitized.

(Critical) Observed a sanitizer pail with wiping cloths at the cook line station with excessive bleach (much higher than 200 ppm). Corrected by diluting to 150 ppm

Ensure your staff are using the chlorine test papers to verify 50 to 200 ppm chlorine in the sanitizer buckets when they are prepared

1) observed the door gasket in poor shape on the walk in cooler door. A replacement gasket is already purchased. Install to provide a proper door seal. 2) exposed insulation was observed on the interior of the walk in cooler door. A piece of metal has already been purchased for repairing this area. Repair as needed

Observed one of the hand painted drink bowls at the bar to have chipped paint. Discard this bowl so it is not used any more

For new dish washing machine. Contact eco-lab and have them install the alarm/visual indicator for the sanitizer solution

Observed the back kitchen screen door to not shut fully. Replace and/or relocate the door closing spring attachment points to pull the door closed further

Observed decorative hand painted drink bowls at the bar. Purchase a lead test kit to evaluate the lead content of these bowls.

Observed the cook line prep cooler to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. The cook adjusted the temperature setting slightly during the inspection. Monitor this unit and adjust further as necessary

Health Report - 12/20/2010 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed back kitchen workers only wash and rinse a cutting board and a couple knives. Corrected by discussing the requirement to sanitize with these individuals and by sending these items through the dish washing machine to be cleaned and sanitized

(Critical) 1) observed a plastic tofu tub (used for storing scallions in the wic) that someone has modified by cutting holes/slits in it to allow for air circulation. This plastic tub is not smooth and easily cleanable. Corrected by discarding the container and placing the vegetable in a colander and covering with plastic wrap. 2) a large cleaver was observed with a handle made out of duct tape. Corrected by removing the tape. Either discard, recycle or obtain a replacement handle for his knife.

(Critical) Wic: observed a cucumber and multiple chinese squash that were moldy. Corrected by discarding the vegetables. Please ensure staff are monitoring and rotating foods regularly

The floor under the chinese range cooking station is in need of cleaning in several out of the way areas to remove old oil and food debris.

Provide a door sweep that properly seals out pests on the bottom of the back delivery door

The under counter drain basin (from an old garbage disposal set-up) at the overhead spray rinse station has a leak in it. Repair/replace this basin to eliminate the water leak

Numerous washed kitchen items (metal kitchen food pans, metal kitchen bowls, metal sheet trays, etc. ) were not allowed to dry prior to stacking these items in storage. Please allow enough time to air dry prior to stacking

Observed 1) multiple wet wiping cloths stored on several counters in the kitchen, and 2) a bucket of sanitizer for wiping towels to be too weak.

The tea pitchers for table service are only washed once per week. Instruct staff to wash these pitchers nightly

Again access to the hand washing sink next to the ice machine was blocked by two large containers of crispy noodles and a serving tray on a stand. Your hand washing sinks must be accessible at all times. Permanently relocate these items to another location so employees can wash their hands as needed

Observed several to-go food containers to be stored upright. Please keep these food containers either stored inverted, or stored in a bag to keep them from collecting misc. Debris