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Health Report - 01/07/2009 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Cooked potatoes for american fries found at 51 degrees f on ice at the prep area. Keep all ph foods at 41 degrees f or below. Use insulated containers or keep ice level up to bottom rim of container holding the food product not just sitting on ice to maintain proper temperatures. Product will be consumed or discarded within 4 hours of removal from temperature,

(Critical) Raw eggs found stored above pickles in the two door cooler in the kitchen. Keep raw foods stored so that they are not above or next to ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating pickles to a proper location away from raw eggs.

(Critical) Pop spray gun at the wait station was found with excess build up. Corrected by cleaning pop spray nozzle at time of inspection and the pop gun. Discussion on proper cleaning technique and frequency of cleaning. Corrected.

(Critical) The dishes were being washed in the 3c sink without proper concentration of sanitizer. There was no sanitizer residual at the time of inspection. Corrected by discussion and proper sink set up and resanitizer previously washed dishes.

Assorted containers including dressing containers and ketchup bottles are reused for food storage. This is prohibited. Once a manufacturer's container is empty it may not be washed and sanitized and reused for additional food storage. Discontinue this practice and provide approved food grade reusable containers for food storage.

Several broken lid containers found in the facility. Replace broken lids to containers.