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Health Report - 10/10/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) In the rear prep area at the small reach in frigidaire refrigerator observed the following potentially hazardous food (phf) items stored above 41 degrees f. 1. 1l mozzarella 2. 1l cheddar cheese 3. A chunk of cheddar cheese 4. A container of sliced tomatoes 5. A 40 oz container of fresh mozzarella cheese 6. A partial container of fage yogurt several other non-phf foods in the refrigerator also measured greater than 41 degrees. The phf items were discarded. The thermostat of the refrigerator was adjusted. Later during the inspection items in the refrigerator were measured less than 41 degrees f. Item corrected

(Critical) In a rear storage area at the whirlpool refrigerator observed a case of two dozen eggs stored over a case of ready to eat (rte) cherry tomatoes. Pic relocated the eggs so they were below the rte foods. Item corrected

(Critical) At the rear prep area observed two unlabeled spray bottles containing a blue liquid. The pic indicates the liquid is sanitizer. Pic labeled the bottles during the inspection. Item corrected.

(Critical) At the rear prep area inside the frigidaire refrigerator observed a bonnet style thermometer used for food temperatures. The thermometer is not accurate, it measures 22 degrees f when submerged in an ice bath. During inspection pic calibrated the thermometer so it is accurate. Item corrected

At the drain for the three compartment sink observed the drain pipe from the sink has slipped into the floor sink drain, eliminating the air gap for the three compartment sink. Correct by reestablishing an approved air gap

In the rear prep area at the avantco upright fridge observed the door seals to be split open. Correct by replacing the door seals

Health Report - 03/31/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no hand drying provision at either handsink in the food preparation areas of the facility. Pic corrected during inspection by providing paper towel at each handsink. Item corrected

At the pastry display cabinet by the cash register observed a light fixture with an unprotected lamp. Correct by installing proper shielding

Health Report - 09/25/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

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