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Health Report - 12/06/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 06/20/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Dirty knife found in clean utensil rack. After use do not return dirty utensils to the clean utensil rack for storage. Provide separate location for in use storage and clean every 4 hours. Corrected by removing dirty knife at time of inspection. A risk control plan will be required for this violation

The non food contact surface of the mortar and pestle were broken from falling. This makes this a non smooth non cleanable surface. Discard and replace with approved smooth surface utensils that can be utilized for this purpose. Corrected by discarding at time of inspection

Exposed chopped nuts, and noodles for service to customer found on the counter. Provide protective covering to avoid exposure to sneeze and cough. Correct by providing pan/container with lids or other acceptable means of protection from exposure as indicated above.

Clean utensils/ladles found stored in dirty utensil tub in the rear storage area on the shelf. Clean utensil tub on a routine cleaning schedule to avoid food debris build up. Corrected by cleaning utensil tub at time of inspection

Health Report - 12/19/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Dirty knife found in the clean knife storage rack at the main cook area. Employees are supposed to clean knives after each use and not place them back into the clean storage rack dirty. Corrected by removing knife and sending to dishwash. Retrain employees on proper cleaning frequency for utensils as required

Soap for the handsink at the main cook area is out. Replace soap for proper handwashing.

The broccoli is blanched and then cooled. Cooling technique explained was proper but the broccoli had only cooled down to 75 degrees f in ice bath before it was placed into container to go into cooler. This quantity of food at 75 degrees f in a deep qt container and placed covered into the walk in cooler will never cool rapidly. Make sure product reaches 41 degrees f in the ice bath before placed into container for storage.

The gaskets on the prep unit need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The drip cup for the pop spray gun is directly over the ice bin. If the drainline plugs up, pop drip tray will overflow into the ice. Relocate the pop spray gun holder so that it does not have potential to get into the ice if overflows.

Containers holding foods submerged in ice as a cooling medium that is also ice served to the patron. Dual ice use is prohibited. Discontinue this practice immediately and place food in adjacent cooler.

Both beef and chicken thawing in separate compartments in the 3 c sink. Only the chicken had cold water trickling on it. There was a lot of chicken in this compartment for the amount of cold water trickling out of the faucet. Do not thaw more product than the faucet and flow can accomodate. As there is only one faucet for two sinks, only one meat product can be thawed at a time and in limited quantities. Retrain employees on proper thawing technique

The handsink was blocked for access for routine cleaning, by large roll cart with glass racks stored on it. Relocate this cart so that the handsink is readily accessible for routine handwashing.

Hose missing from the drain for the cooling vessel. Install a hose and plumb to the sewer system via an airgap so that the ice from the cooling vessel does not drip onto the floor. Once hose is installed it must be drained via an airgap to the sewer system.

Tape wrapped around the robo coupe is prohibited. Remove tape to minimize potential for peeling tape to get onto foods.

Health Report - 06/13/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the mop sink faucet with a "y" style device with shut off valves located down stream of the atmospheric vacuum breaker. To correct provide an atmosheric hose bib vacuum breaker equivalent to an a. S. S. E. 1011 down stream of all shut off valving on the "y" style device, or you may remove the "y" style device. ,

(Critical) Observed milk at the reach-in cooler and at the shelf of the walk-in cooler without date marking to indicate consume by date after being opened by an employee for use. To correct once opened, prepared, sliced, etc. Please mark a discard date or consume by date by adding 6 calendar days or less to the item. Example product opened or prepared on 6/10/2011 consume by date of 6/16/2011. This item was corrected by pic person-in-charge during this routine food service inspection by providing a date mark on the side of the containers of milk product as required and making a note to remind employees to properly date mark items as required.

Observed the interior surfaces of the ice cream freezer compartment with frost accumulation. To correct defrost unit to provide smooth interior cleanable surfaces

Observed squeeze bottles of liquid located at the cooking area without a label on the sides of the squeeze bottles to identify contents by common name. To correct provide a label on the sides of the squeeze bottles to identify contents by common name, brine water, oil

Observed one of the several drain lines under the ice machine to be loose. To correct secure this drain line under the ice machine as required to prevent it from falling down into the floor drain. Secure line with an air gap above the floor drain it drains into

Observed the rapid cool ice sticks placed under frozen raw meat items in the reach-in freezer located at the front reach-in freezer. To correct store the rapid cool ice sticks on an upper level shelf to protect them from potential contamination during storage and prior to use

Health Report - 01/03/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two separate dented cans of food items located at the ready to use canned food item shelf located at back kitchen area. The cans were found with dents along the side seams and/or the rims of the cans. This item was corrected by the person in charge separating out dented cans from ready to use canned food shelf. This item was corrected during this inspection. Should designate a location for distressed products away from ready to use canned food items. It is recommended that a shelf location be dedicated for dennted cans. For example "dented cans do not use" to prevent accidental use of distressed food items

Observed utensils stored with blade in between equipment located at the front prepartion area refrigeration area of the grill area. Please note that the area in between the equipment is not easily cleanable. To correct store the utensils to protect the food contact surfaces of the utensils from potential contamination in a clean location.

Observed the hand washing sink located at the bar to be located beside the ice bin used for beverages. Please note when hands are washed at this sink water is being splashed into ice for consumption. To correct provide a splash shield to divert water away from the ice bin and protect ice for human consumption from potential contamination from the hand washing sink. Locate the splash shield between the ice bin and the hand washing sink