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Health Report - 11/10/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an oval wooden cutting board at the three door prep cooler. This cutting board has at least three significant cracks in it. Discard this cutting board and replace it with one that is smooth and easily cleanable

(Critical) Observed a container of moldy cucumbers and a moldy tomato. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed at least five unlabeled spray bottles in the dish washing room. Use a label or permanent marker to indicate what each liquid is so they are used appropriately

(Critical) Observed raw chicken stored above ready to eat foods (cole slaw, ketchup, etc. ) in the one door upright kitchen cooler. Corrected by relocating all of the ready to eat foods above the raw chicken

Observed no hot water being dispensed upon arrival when i went to wash my hands. The hot water heater was turned off. Corrected by turning on the water heater. Keep your water heater turned on so a supply of hot water is available when needed

1) a couple shelves of the clean equipment storage shelf in the dish washing room to have some peeling paint and rust on them. Either refinish them to be smooth, water-proof and easily cleanable or provide replacement shelves. 2) observed bare wood used to elevate the new mop sink basin. All bare wood must be sealed to prevent the absorption of moisture and to be smooth and easily cleanable. Thoroughly seal this bare wood and caulk the bottom of the wood to the floor and the top of the wood to the bottom of the mop sink

Observed a container of catfish thawing out at room temperature. Ensure foods are thawed under refrigeration to prevent the foods from warming above 41f

Observed both floor sinks (the food prep and the dish washing sink) to be unclean with a build-up of food debris. These drains should be scrubbed out daily to maintain them clean and prevent odors/pest breeding areas

Observed an aluminum foil pan that was previously used, cleaned and placed on the storage shelf for clean equipment. These pans are not smooth and easily cleanable. Corrected by discarding this pan

Observed both the grease and garbage dumpsters to be located on the grass beyond the paved parking area. Have your waste hauling contractors relocate these dumpsters onto the pavement

Both paper towel dispensers in the kitchen were found to be empty. The manager indicated cintas was due for a delivery today that will include paper towels.