Emu Flying Eagle Cafe

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Pray Harold Hall 2 Nd Floor
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 03/09/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a case of individual coffee creamers stored on the floor under the front counter. Corrected by relocating this food to a shelf in the dry storage room

Observed the metal stem food thermometer to be reading approx. 20f too high. Corrected by recalibrating the thermometer

Observed the low-boy one door cooler to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. The temperature control dial was adjusted to a colder setting during the inspection. Monitor this unit to ensure it maintains 41f and below

Observed the air thermometer in the hot holding unit for hot dogs to be inaccurate/damaged. Please provide a replacement

The interior of the low-boy one door cooler to be in need of cleaning. Please maintain this unit clean

Health Report - 09/09/2009 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two, one gallon containers of chemicals stored above food in the storage room. Corrected by relocating the chemicals to an area away from food

(Critical) 1) observed hot dogs being held in a warmer unit at 125f. Corrected by discarding. The unit was on a setting of "2". The manager indicated it should be on a setting of "4". The unit was adjusted to the "4" setting to heat up for another batch of hot dogs. 2) observed cheese and other pre-packaged sandwiches at 44-46f in the aquafina 1 door counter cooler. This cooler was recently stocked with room temperature energy drinks that likely caused the increase in temperature. Corrected by relocating these foods to the 2 door upright cooler holding at less than 41f, and turning the aquafina cooler to it's maximum setting of "9" (from a setting of "8")

Observed the dispensing spouts for the starbuck's coffee urns to have an accumulation of coffee on the internal surfaces. Ensure these dispensing units are cleaned and sanitized nightly. Provide a suitable cleaning brush and any needed tools to accomplish this task within 15 days

Observed one of the two metal stem food thermometers to be reading +/- 8f too high. Corrected by recalibrating

Health Report - 03/04/2009 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed large coffee filters setting out on the top of the hot chocolate machine. Please store these single service/use items in a storage bag or a covered containers to protect them

Observed two bags of hot dog buns (in-use) temporarily stored in the hand washing sink basin. Corrected by removing the buns and discussing this concern with the employee. Please keep your hand washing stations accessible at all times for use

Provide an air thermometer for the aquafina and the odwalla one door counter top coolers

Please have the dust build-up removed from the lakewood fan prior to use