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4905 Washtenaw
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Health Report - 06/28/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Replace the damaged window screen by the back prep area in the kitchen.

Hang up mops between uses to facilitate rapid drying.

Clean the interior of the wok after uses.

You need to replace the rusty galvanized shelving units.

You folks need to clean the hood filters more frequently. Also, the drip trays under the wok need to be cleaned more often. Also, clean the shelves above the main prep line and remove all unnecessary items (newpapers, magazines, etc).

Repeat violation numerous times!!! once again, the roof leaks have not been fixed, nor has the ceiling damage caused by the roof leaks. Spoke with eric king about this and he is to keep me posted on the progress of the repair via e-mail once/week. Job must be done by septemeber 1, 2011.

Need to have sanitizer buckets made up in the back prep area and keep wiping cloths in solution of 50-100ppm chlorine between uses.

Health Report - 12/09/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found 2 gallon containers of household pesticide in a crate on the floor in the bar area. Pic corrected by removing pesticide from facility, and was reminded to use with pesticide that states can be use in a food establishment.

(Critical) Used a chlorine test and found the chlorine sanitizing solution in the sanitizing bucket at a very high concentration. Pic corrected by remixing chlorine solution to manufacturer specification (minimum 50 ppm to maximum 200 ppm).

Found no manager certified in food safety on staff. To correct provide a manager certified in food safety.

Found stacked dish racks of glasses and various items around dumpter area. To correct remove items if no longer need for business operations, and keep area clean.

Found lights above the cooking areas and in the dishwashing area not working. To correct repair/replace lights.

Found no hot water flowing from the hot water valve in the 4th compartment of the 4 compartment sink (used as handsink) and from the other the faucet of the in the 4 compartment sink in the bar. Pic correcteed by turning on hot water supply valve of the 4 compartment sink. Pic was reminded that hot water must be available at all times during operations.

Found the glass door of the 2 door glass cooler in the wait station cracked. Found the handles on the rice warmers in the kitchen cracked and damaged. To correct repair/replace glass door, and handles of rice warmers.

Found dented cans of food on shelf in the basement without label or sign. To correct provide sign identifying dented cans as do not use, and return to supplier for credit.

Found bottle caps and other debris on the floor under the bar counter. To correct clean floor as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found the lip/edge of the center of the cooking hood soiled with greasy build up. To correct clean as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found numerous utensil containers of serving spoons for dishes stored with handles down. To correct store serving spoons with handles in an upright position to minimize contamination.

Found the ground uneven and dumpster enclosure area in poor condition. To correct grade ground around dumpster, and repair enclosure area.

Found the ceiling in the dishwash area with damaged ceiling tile and covered with plastic. Pic states the roof is not leaking. To correct verify that roof is not leaking, and repair, and finish the damaged areas. Found missing floor tile in the basement hallway and various areas. To correct repair/replace tiled floor in basement. Found wall in the central hallway of the basement with water stains and mold, and ceiling water stained. To correct verify if area is leaking, repair source of leak if necessary, and repair and finish damaged areas.

Found no covered basket in the ladies public restroom. To correct provide covered basket in the ladies restroom.

Health Report - 06/17/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed open bottle of beverage on the prep table next to cutting board. Pic corrected by discarding open bottle of beverage. Pic has been reminded that cups with lids and straws are allowed in food prep areas.

Found slight accumulation in the pop nozzles of the pop machine in the wait station, and in the pop nozzle of the pop gun in the bar. To correct throughly clean pop nozzles, and clean more frequent ly.

Found numerous empty beer cans in the oven at the end of the cooking line. To correct place empty beer cans in proper container to be returned for recycling

Found a coverd stock pot of broth cooling in the walk in cooler. Pic corrected by removing cover, and has been reminded to verify that soup cools from 135°F to 70°F in 2 hours, and from 70°F to 41°F in 4 hours.

Found light in cooking hood not working. To correct repair/replace light.

Found no paper towels in the paper towel dispenser in the kitchen handsink area and in the basement employee restroom. Pic corrected by providing paper towels.

Found a crack in the glass door of the sliding door cooler in the wait station. To correct repair/replace glass door.

Observed facility using stone bowl/pot to heat food. To correct provide written literature that these stone bowl/pot are acceptable for food service use. I will research this utensil and attempt to find information on stone bowl/pot usage in food service.

Found wet mop left in mop bucket wringer. To correct hang mop when cleaning is completed.

Found the ground under and around the dumpsters uneven. To correct repair area to be smooth.

Found newspaper lining shelf in front of the steam table. Pic corrected by removing newspaper.

Found the floor (under equipment, edges and corners) in the kitchen cooking area, waitstation and basement storage areas soiled with accumulation and build up. To correct throughly clean floors and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found debris on the ground of the dumpster area. To correct clean areas.

Found the cooking hood soiled with dust and grease. Found the interior of the microwave soiled. To correct clean hood and microwave as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found no covered basket in the ladies public restroom. To correct provide covered baskets.

Observed employee/cook place vegetables to be cooked in single use food container, cooked food and place cooked food back into this single use food container. To correct place uncooked food in a food grade container, cook food, then place in single use container to minimize contamination.

Found numerous unused items in the basement storage areas. To correct remove items no longer need in business operations.

Observed holes in ceiling in the dishwasher area, with cardboard with plastic covering a large hole in this area. Pic states roof has been repaired, and interior ceiling will be repaired and finished soon. Observed hole in the end of cooking line. Observed missing tile in the basement floor. To correct repair/replace noted areas.