Eagle's Kabob

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1098 Huron River Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 02/08/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Used a chlorine test kit and ran dishwashing machine numerous times and found very little chlorine residual. To correct call for repair and have dishwashing machine repaired, and use the 3 compartment sink to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes. ,

Found the hood filters in the cooking hood soiled with build up. To correct clean as soon as possible, and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found ice scoop stored on top of the pop machine drip tray. To correct ice scoop in holder or clean container.

Found the floor under equipment, edges and corners on the cooking line soiled with accumulation. To correct clean floors and clean on a more frequent schedule.

Found the ice machine in the kitchen broken and not working. To correct repair/replace ice machine. Found the door handle of the restroom broken. To correct repair door handle. Found the paper towel dispenser in facility not being used, with paper towels on top of dispensers. To correct repair/replace dispensers.

Found no thermometer available to measure cooking, hot and cold holding temperatures. To correct provide thermometer.

Found a hole in the ceiling tile above the handsink. To correct repair/replace ceiling tile.

Found sanitizing bucket in the dining room handsink. To correct relocate sanitizing bucket, and keep handsink accessible at all times.

Found light shields missing from lights in the cooking hood. To correct provide and install light shields.

Health Report - 08/24/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the ice machine not working. Observed freezer with frozen products in freezer with temperatures in the 30's f, but unplugged. Pic states frost is building up and they manually defrost freezer by unplugging freezer. Found paper towels on top of paper towel dispenser in the kitchen and restroom, not inside dispenser. To correct repair/replace noted items to work as designed.

Found wiping cloth stored on counter top. To correct store wiping cloth submerged under sanitizer after each use.

Found opened bags of ingredients in the back kitchen storage area. Pic corrected by folding bags to cover ingredients. Found boxes of ice tea packets stored under the drain line of the handsink in the dining room. Pic corrected by relocating items to a more protected location.

Found no chlorine test kit available in the dishwashing area. To correct provide chlorine test, and use to verify dishwashing machine is chlorine sanitizing dishes.

Found the ceiling tile in the back kitchen area damaged and taped with masking tape. To correct repair/replace ceiling tiles.

Observed employee working in cooking/prep area not wearing hat/hair restraint. To correct provide hat and remind employees to wear them.

Found food stored in plastic grocery bags in the 2 door reach in freezer. To correct store foods in food grade storage bags.

Found mop left in empty mop bucket wringer. To correct hang mop to allow it to air dry.