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Health Report - 05/27/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

At the drain line for the handsink by the main cook line observed the tailpiece separated from the trap. Water is observed leaking from the pipe. Correct by repairing the pipe so water does not leak from it

In the walk in cooler observed only one light fixture near the door. The lamp in the fixture has been replaced with a mono directional lamp causing the opposite end of the cooler to be nearly dark. Proper lighting is important so foods can be visually inspected. Correct by adding an another light fixture at the other end to provide proper lighting intensity.

Observed the following pieces of equipment in need of repair: 1. Can opener with a dull and knicked blade. Correct by replacing blade. 2. Wic door not closing properly allowing conditioned air to escape from the wic. Correct by repairing door. 3. Wic line is leaking condensate. Correct by repairing line

Health Report - 10/28/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) At the handsink in the bar observed no cold water supplied to the sink. The water temperature is too hot to comfortably/safely wash hands. Pic corrected by repairing the cold water supply. Item corrected. ************************risk control plan needed********************************* this violation was observed during the last inspection. Therefore, a risk control plan needs to be developed and submitted to the health department for approval. A copy of risk control form was provided to miguel amaral during the inspection. Please complete and submit within 30 days. Thank you.

(Critical) Throughout the facility, observed five cans of residential roach spray. This type of pesticide is not intended for use in a licensed kitchen. Pic corrected by removing the roach spray from the facility. The restaurant has a contract with eradico for routine pest control. Please utilize this contract for acute pest problems.

Observed the following improperly stored utensils: 1. Under the prep counter observed five approx 3 gal containers of dry spice with scoops stored inside the container. The handle of each scoop is touching or buried in the product. Correct by storing the scoops with the handle not in the product or on a clean surface. 2. At the chip warming bin observed the chip scoop on the counter exposed to pedestrian traffic. Pic corrected by relocating the scoop to a clean surface on the opposite side of the machine.

In the bar at the counter adjacent to the soda machine observed the tile on the front edge of the counter to be missing exposing bare wood. Correct by replacing the tile or painting the wood so the surface is smooth and easily cleanable

Observed the following improper food storage practices: 1. At the food prep sink observed three five inch deep pans of sauce in the cooling process. The pans are uncovered. The pans are located next to four six packs of empty returnable beer bottles. The empty beer bottles are a potential source of contamination to the cooling food. Pic corrected by relocating the returnables to the floor. 2. Observed a pan of salsa at the wait station. The pan of salsa is uncovered. The pan has two wire shelves located above it with several loose items stored on the shelves. Pic corrected by providing a lid for the salsa

Health Report - 04/14/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) A large plastic container of mole sauce (4 to 4. 5 gallons) and chicken broth (2. 5 gallons) were cooling in plastic containers. Corrected by separating these foods into multiple containers and using an ice bath to rapidly cool these foods. Ensure staff are using these techniques daily to rapidly cool your bulk hot foods

(Critical) A cook, after washing his hands, prepared a couple tacos with his bare hands. Corrected by discussing this concern with the gm and the employee, and by the employee using gloves for this task in the future

(Critical) Walk in cooler on speed rack: raw fish was stored above ready to eat black beans, and chicken was observed above beef and shrimp. Corrected by removing the beans from the rack and by placing the chicken on the very bottom and moving the shrimp to a location just under the fish. Ensure all kitchen staff are aware of the storage requirements of raw and ready to eat foods to prevent cross contamination

(Critical) Prep top cooler: observed tubes of chorizo (cut in half) and raw, in-shell eggs stored in small open pans in the top of the cooler at 50 to 52°F. Corrected by discarding the upper layers of these foods. The remaining foods were at 41f and below. Additionally, the chorizo was placed into one larger pan with a cover, and a temporary cover made of aluminum foil was placed over the container of eggs. Since these foods have a lot of air space around them covers are needed on the pans to maintain them at 41f or below

(Critical) Observed the bar area hand washing sink to be blocked by a large trash can stored in front of the basin and a tray stored on top of the basin. Corrected by removing these items to different areas

Observed about eight kitchen light fixtures that were either very dim or non-functional. Replace the light bulbs and/or replace the ballasts so these lights work properly and provide proper lighting for staff

1) the floor drain near the grease trap is plugged and holding water just below the drain cover. Remove the cover so the blockage can be eliminated. 2) some small areas of the floor near the base frame of the soda station cabinet and the floor sink under the soda station are in need of cleaning to remove slime build-up. Maintain these areas clean and dry to prevent possible fly breeding areas

The interior of the two door beer cooler smells sour. Thoroughly clean the interior of this unit and drain and clean the spill tray catch bucket.

Observed a utensil tray that someone made of cardboard. Corrected by discarding this tray. Provide a replacement tray (plastic or metal) that is smooth, easily cleanable and doesn't absorb moisture

Observed an unshielded light bulb in the walk in cooler. Either provide a shatter-proof bulb or a protective bulb cover for this light fixture

The soda dispensing spouts were not being disassembled for cleaning. Corrected by taking these spouts and diffusers apart and then cleaning and sanitizing them prior to installation

Observed multiple one gallon syrup containers stored on the floor under the bar area sink/drain board. Keep these food containers at least 6" off of the floor

Health Report - 10/21/2013 (8 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed pre-portioned bowls of salsa stored out at room temperature. Corrected by discussing this issue with the pic and relocating the salsa to the refrigerator

(Critical) No chlorine test papers were available for staff to verify the chlorine sanitizer level in the dish washing machine rinse water

(Critical) Multiple one gallon bottles of chemicals were stored next to a bag of flour and some spices. Corrected by relocating the chemicals away from the food

(Critical) The kitchen hand washing sink did not have any paper towel left in the dispenser. Corrected by re-stocking the dispenser with paper towel

(Critical) Observed an employee only rinse off the robot coupe mixer at the three compartment sink after use prior to storage. Corrected by properly washing the mixer at the three compartment sink

(Critical) Walk in cooler: raw, whole fish was observed stored above cooked peppers. Corrected by relocating the fish below the ready to eat foods. Three door cooler: raw shrimp and chorizo were stored in the three door upright cooler above ready to eat foods. Corrected by relocating these raw animal foods to the bottom of the cooler

(Critical) Observed several foods in the refrigerators to be lacking date labels (flan, rice, cooked peppers, etc. ). Corrected by providing date labels

(Critical) The pork carnitas in oil were transferred from the cooking pot to a large square plastic tub for cooling (156f still). Corrected by just placing the pork into a deep hotel pan and keeping them hot in a warmer

An employee washed/rinse his hands at the bar three compartment sink. Ensure staff only use the designated hand washing sinks for this purpose

The dish washing machine drain basin (below the food trap) was found to have a lot of old food build-up on it. Ensure this area is cleaned nightly to prevent odors and a breeding area or food source for pests

Observed multiple food containers stored uncovered in the walk-in cooler and three door refrigerator, spice containers on the prep table shelf, etc. Ensure staff are keeping food protected by using container covers and/or plastic wrap. Also, the ice machine on top of the soda dispenser ice bin does not fully cover the top of the ice bin. Contact your pepsi rep. And obtain a kit to cover up this gap in the front of the ice bin

A piece of bare lumber is being used at the pass through food window. Either seal this wood on all sides with a clear sealant or provide a smooth, easily cleanable metal surface

The out of the way floor areas (walk in cooler under shelving, the dish washing area, the floor sink under the soda machine, the kitchen floor drains, the floor sink at the dish washing area and around the cover of the grease trap) are in need of cleaning now and on a regular basis

Observed a substantial water leak in the supply plumbing for the three compartment faucet.

Several single service food containers were found to be stored upright. Ensure staff either keep these items stored up-side-down or in a plastic bag for protection

Multiple kitchen knives were stored unclean in the commercial wall rack. Corrected by washing all of the knives and the knife rack. Ensure only clean knives are stored in this rack

Upon arrival there were many wiping towels stored on counters. Ensure these towels are stored in a sanitizer solution between uses to prevent bacterial growth

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