Domino's Pizza #1100

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2715 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Health Report - 01/08/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Back dish washing room area hand washing station

(Critical) No quat sanitizer test papers are provided to verify the sanitizer concentrations. The manager indicated cintas employee will be to the store in the next 1-2 days. Ensure a couple new test kits are obtained

(Critical) Access to the back dish washing area is again blocked by carts, mop bucket, etc. Always provide proper access for staff to wash their hands

(Critical) Observed a metal stem thermometer in a container of water located in the walk in cooler to be reading 5f too low (34f when the cooler is maintaining 39f). Re-calibrate this thermometer to be accurate

Cardboard is still being used as a shelf liner on a couple shelves at the outlet end of the pizza oven. Eliminate this cardboard as it is not cleanable. Provide a smooth, non-absorptive and easily cleanable material to use as a shelf liner at this location

Observed containers of spinach and mushrooms (stored uncovered on the top shelf in the walk in cooler) that are double stacked. The bottoms of one container are in direct contact with the food in the container below it. To avoid contaminating these foods do not double stack the containers

The roof has a leak around an old duct located above the three compartment sink. The manager indicated he left a voice-mail message with the landlord to repair this leak. Correct asap

Health Report - 07/09/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed +/-6 spray bottles of chemicals stored such that they are hanging over the stainless steel splash guard on the clean dish drain board. The spray nozzles are pointed toward the clean dishes on this drain board. Provide a rack/shelf for the storage of these chemical spray bottles. Temporarily corrected by removing these spray bottles to the floor under the drain board. A manager indicated cintas will be installing a wall mounted rack to hang these bottles and test papers

(Critical) Observed a package of raw meat (from an employee) in the one door coke cooler stored on a shelf above ready to eat foods (soda and individual portion cups of sauce). Corrected by relocating to the bottom shelf of a back cooler and then removed when the employee was done with their shift

(Critical) Observed a couple chemical spray bottles at the mop sink area to not have labels. Corrected by providing labels as to the contents

Observed a vial with a small quantity of test papers in them to have been damaged by falling into water/sanitizer. Provide a new vial of test papers

Observed the metal stem food thermometer in the walk in cooler to be reading 5f too cold. Adjust as needed to be accurate

Dish washing room: the hand washing sink basin is in need of a thorough cleaning to remove splattered debris

The paper towel dispenser at the dish washing area is damaged. Provide a replacement dispenser

Observed several wet towels on the floor under a bucket at the back dish washing room hand washing sink. Remove these wet towels asap. Also, the floor was found to be wet (mop water?) under a gray tub located by the back hand sink under the soda rack. Clean these areas as needed

No paper towel was available at the back hand washing sink station. Corrected by providing a new roll of paper towel

Health Report - 01/18/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Again, observed the shaved beef on the top of the pizza make line cooler to be expired (dated 1-17). Corrected by discarding the beef. Ensure someone is purging expired food at the end of each day or the beginning of the next day

(Critical) 1) the cintas chemical dispenser at the mop sink location is lacking a hose bib back flow preventer (asse 1011 device). Purchase and install this type of back flow preventer between the permanent plumbing at the wall and the black flexible hose leading to the chemical dispenser. 2) the cintas chemical dispenser at the dish washing sink is fed water via a non-food grade water hose connected to a tee fitting off of the three compartment sink faucet and no back flow preventer is provided. In lieu of installing a back flow preventer for this application, consider replacing the water hose (+/- 4┬░Feet long) with a food grade / potable water hose (nsf standard 61) between the faucet tee and the dispenser that contains an air gap (this approach is easier and less expensive)

(Critical) Observed four spray bottles stored hanging over a stainless steel splash guard at the end of the clean dish drain board of the three compartment sink. Provide a shelf or wall mounted spray bottle holder for these chemicals at the mop sink area

Again, no trash cans were provided at the two kitchen hand washing sinks. Provide trash cans for the convenient disposal of paper towel

Paper towel is not being dispensed from the wall mounted dispenser in the back dish washing room. Repair/replace this unit so paper towel are available to staff after washing their hands

Again the back dish washing area hand sink was not accessible for use--a cart was stored in front of the sink. Ensure no items are stored in front of or in the hand washing sinks

Health Report - 07/18/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple sealed to-go cups of blue cheese dipping sauce to be stored at room temperature at the pizza cutting table. The box this sauce comes in indicates it must be refrigerated (all of the other dipping sauces indicate they are shelf stable). Corrected by discarding these sauce cups out at room temperature. A quality assurance employee from domino's corporate office plans to provide me with a specification document on this product (made by a third party for domino's). Staff have been previously told they can keep this item out at room temperature during their shift. Until you hear otherwise keep the blue cheese dipping sauce in a refrigerator below 41f

(Critical) Observed a small white container of steak in the top of the pizza make line to have an expiration of 7-17. Corrected by discarding this steak

Observed several uncovered food containers in the back kitchen two door upright cooler. Provide additional prepped food container covers to prevent misc. Contamination of foods

The food service license posted at the front of the store expired on 4-30-11. Locate and post your current food service license

Observed the door gaskets on the back kitchen two door upright cooler to be cracked/split open. Provide replacement gaskets that are easy to clean and don't trap food debris

Observed a metal stem food thermometer (stored in a wire basket above the three compartment sink) to be reading 16f too low. Corrected by recalibrating this thermometer.

Observed a piece of cardboard used as a shelf liner on two shelves located by the pizza oven (cooked side). Remove this cardboard as it cannot be cleaned and replace it with a cleanable yet durable shelf liner such as thin plastic

Provide trash cans at your front and back hand washing sinks for the disposal of paper towel

Health Report - 02/01/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The quat sanitizer in a spray bottle at the front pizza cutting station was mixed way too strong (500ppm++). Corrected by providing 200 ppm quat in the spray bottle

The back room hand washing sink was blocked with stacks of soda and stacks of empty pizza dough pans. Please keep proper access to all hand washing sinks. Corrected by clearing a path to the sink

Provide a trash can at the back room hand washing sink for the disposal of paper towel