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Health Report - 09/19/2013 (9 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No required foods (rte, phfs) were provided with last date of use stickers. Implement the use of date marking (month and day of month) on the available date labels

(Critical) Observed raw animal foods (meat) stored above ready to eat foods, and raw chicken and raw ground beef stored above raw beef and raw pork. Corrected by relocating the raw chicken to the very bottom shelf, all rte foods stored above raw meats and placing the raw ground beef between the raw chicken and raw beef/pork

(Critical) Observed a 1/3 pan of collard greens to be 1/2┬░Full that was improperly cooled from the night before. This product was still at 47f. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) The menus in use are lacking a complete consumer advisory. Provide asterisks and the foot note reminder statement as required

(Critical) No paper towel is provided at one of two kitchen hand washing sinks. Provide paper towel asap

(Critical) No chlorine residual was detected in the spray bottle labeled chlorine sanitizer. Corrected by discarding and rinsing out this spray bottle. Follow label directions when preparing chlorine sanitizer in the future (must be approved for food service use)

(Critical) The plastic wrap covering the collard greens was sucked down indicating the food was covered while hot. Ensure your hot foods are cooled down using multiple rapid cooling techniques (shallow metal pans, uncovered, frequent stirring, etc. )

(Critical) Employees are dumping mop water outside. The mop sink drain line is not connected. All mop water/waste water must be routed to the sanitary sewer.

(Critical) The drain line for the food prep sink is lacking the required air gap prior to connecting to the wastewater drain line along the wall. The required air gap is 2x the discharge pipe diameter

Observed paper towel being used as a shelf liner on some kitchen shelving units. Eliminate this paper towel as it is not smooth and easily cleanable, and it absorbs moisture. Leave the wire shelves uncovered or only use a smooth and easily cleanable surface such as rigid clear plastic

Three ceiling light fixtures in the kitchen and prep area are not provided with fixture covers or bulb tubes

1) the walk in cooler was operating at a slightly elevated temperature upon arrival. An adjustment was made to the thermostat and the unit cooled promptly during the inspection to 40/41f. 2) excessive condensation was observed in the bottom of the three door line prep cooler. Trouble-shoot the problem (plugged drain hose / or inoperable evaporator pan, etc. ). 3) seal the three compartment sink back-splash to the wall to prevent moisture from migrating behind the sink

Post in the public restroom

Provide a mop hanger in the mop closet for the orderly storage of the wet mop heads. Hang the mops above mop sink or above a plastic tub to collect any draining water

Observed excessive unnecessary items in the upper level of the facility. Discard, recycle, sell these items as appropriate

By 10-22-13 submit verification of a manager level food safety certification for an employee who works here full time (30 hours min. )

The drain line on the mop sink is not connected and is not being used. Reconnect this drain line so it can be used for disposing mop water