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Health Report - 02/28/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The mop sink hose had a shutoff valve downsteam of the atmospheric vacuum breaker. You cannot have a shutoff on this hose. Corrected by removing it.

Health Report - 08/27/2013 (15 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed the cook/owner use bare hands to handle toast. Bare hand contact is not allowed with any ready to eat foods. Gloves need to be worn after washing hands. Corrected by enforcing this.

(Critical) Improper manual warewashing observed. Only 2 sink basins were used. . . One for washing and one for sanitizing. You need to go through all 3 steps when manually warewashing - wash - rinse- sanitize. Corrected by enforcing this!

(Critical) The slicer and can opener blade and knives were all found dirty. Staff need to be trained in how to properly clean and sanitize the slicer and be doing it properly. The can opener blade needs to be put through the dishwasher after using it and the knives need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized and put up on a knife rack, not wedged between prep tables. I will be back tomorrow to verify this has been done.

(Critical) The flip top sandwich cooler was filthy on the top rail and inside the reach in box. Staff were not changing out pans every 24 hours and cleaning the unit, nor were they washing, rinsing and sanitizing the cutting boards every 4 hours, as required!!! entire unit was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Food was discarded.

(Critical) I observed thick gravies in retail sour cream containers, that were not cooled properly. You were told you need to cool in shallow hotel pans. You need to use the cooling chart i left and document cooling times and methods for all hot foods that you cool. I will be back in 10 days to verify you have proper cooling methods in place.

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Once again, the main handwash sink in the kitchen had a broken faucet handle. This time it is the hot water faucet handle. This must be repairedno later than thursday, 8/29/13. Complete the risk control plan and have to me within 10 days.

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Complete the risk control plan and have back to me within 10 days. Once again, i found the sausage links at unsafe temperatures. They were in a pan not on a heat source and found at 95*f. Must be held 135*f or hotter at all times, or 41*f or colder at all times. Product was discarded. I will be back in 10 days to verify how you are holding the sausage at safe temps.

(Critical) I observed moldy, rotting produce in the walk in cooler. You need to visually inspect the foods in your facility for freshness. You also need more light in this cooler so you can do this adequately. I want a florescent light put into the walk in cooler within 10 days. Spoiled food was discarded and all racks in cooler were cleaned.

(Critical) The cook/owner does not have adequate knowledge of food safety principles and compliance with the food code. He did not know what temps foods need to be held at in coolers and in hot holding. Also did not know cook off temps of foods or proper handwashing procedures. Owner needs to become aware of the food code and he also needs to enroll in the next servsafe class. Within 10 days, you need to have written confirmation you are enrolled in a class. And the current staff that are certified need to educate the owner/cook on food safety requirements. I will be back in 10 days to assess his knowledge base.

(Critical) Cook/owner did not know proper procedure for washing hands. You need to wash hands often under hot water for at least 20 seconds, using soap and then drying your hands on paper towels, not your apron. Corrected by education.

(Critical) You do not have the digital, thin tapered tip thermometer you were told you needed on the last inspection. Have at least one in your store within 10 days for follow up inspection.

(Critical) I did not find any foods in the back of the house date marked, as required. Staff need to all be using the same date marking system. You need to post the use by dates on all potentially hazardous, ready to eat foods(add 6 days to day opened or prepped, to give 7 day total). I will be back in 10 days to verify you have a consistent date marking system in place. Foods not date marked were discarded.

(Critical) No soap was available at the kitchen handsink, as the dispenser was not attached to the wall. Corrected by attaching a new on to the wall and stocking it. Keep stocked at all times.

(Critical) I found a tray of raw shell eggs out and the eggs were at 76*f. Eggs can't be above 45*f, so you cannot leave them out for long periods of time. I want you to keep your eggs in a cooler during slow times like today, so eggs stay 45*f or below. Corrected by discarding these eggs and i will be back to verify you are keeping eggs in cooler.

(Critical) Foods in the walk in cooler were found at 44*f - 47*f. Must be held at 41*f or less. Do not use the walk in cooler to hold any potentially hazardous foods until the cooler is repaired and you confirm it is holding 41*f or less. I will be back tomorrow to confirm it has been repaired. All phf's were put into coolers holding 41*f or less. Many foods were discarded. Staff need to be taking temps of foods in all coolers at least 2 times a day and recording them on logs. Begin doing this immediately.

You have water coming into your reach in cooler that is across from the grills. You need to have this serviced, as all water needs to be draining outside of your cooler. I will be back in 10 days to verify this has been repaired. You also have a 2 door upright cooler that is not working, this must be repaired within 10 days and i will be back to veirfy it is holding 41*f or colder.

Mops were left in bucket after use. You need to install hangers to hang up your mops and brooms after uses and you need to clean the floors and mop sink in this area.

Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Once again, you still are using milk crates and bread crates to store foods on. Within 10 days i want all of them removed from the store and you need racks with at least 6" of clearance to the floor to store all your products on. I don't want things stored on the floor or on crates.

You must create an area for staff to store their personal belongings that is away from foods and food contact areas. I found a laptop on a prep table and packages of cigarettes on the slicer.

Repeat violation 2 times in a row!!!! once again, you are re-using retail containers as food storage containers. This is not permitted. You need to obtain durable, food grade containters that have tight fitting lids to store all foods in. Throw out all retail containers, including 5 gallon buckets. I will be back in 10 days to see this has been done.

There was not a sanitizer bucket made up in the grill area and cloth towels left out all over. You need to keep cloth towels in sanitizer made up at 50-100ppm of chlorine.

Foods are not being adequately covered. You need food containers with tight fitting lids. Also, you need all storage racks to have a minimum of 6" clearance to floor from bottom rack. I will be back in 10 days to verify you are in compliance with this.

Health Report - 03/01/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Cold water is not available at the main cook line handsink, as the faucet knob is broken. You need to fix this within 10 days and i will be back to verify correction of this in 2 weeks.

(Critical) Replace the cracked ice scoop in the basement.

(Critical) I found sausage links in a pan in the reach in cooler at 63*f. Must be held at 41*f or colder or 135*f or hotter. From now on will hold hot in steam well on the line above 135*f. Corrected by discarding and following hot holding procedure.

(Critical) I observed the handwash sink being used for non handwashing purposes, such as making up sanitizer buckets in one and rinsing out egg whip bowl in another. Handsinks are to be exclusively used for handwashing only!!! corrected through education.

Do not re-use retail food containers as food storage containers. Obtain and use food grade containers.

The license was not posted. It was in the cash register. Keep posted in a conspicuous location. . . Corrected.

Take out all milk crates from the store. . . They are not to be used to store things on as they are not easily cleanable nor do they have 6" clearance to the floor to allow floors to be cleaned.

Both server sanitizer buckets had not chlorine detected in them. Must keep at 50-100ppm. Use test papers to verify and change out when drops below 50ppm. Don't mix with hot water. Corrected.

Use a scoop with a handle to dispense foods. Do not use portion cups.

Health Report - 09/12/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (8555) does not have any more information on it

This incident (36911) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 08/06/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed a cook eating a burger in the kitchen. Staff need to be eating out in the dining area or outdoors, since there is no break room. Corrected through education.

You need to have the prep cooler on the cook line serviced as there is water holding inside the unit. All condensation water needs to be self draining outside the unit. Repair within 10 days.

I observed unsafe cooling methods for the tomato basil soup. The soup was put into a covered container. You need to purchase some shallow hotel pans and be cooling all of your hot liquid foods (soups, chili, sauces, gravies) in the hotel pans, uncovered in the back of the walk in cooler. Once cooled below 41*f, then put into covered, food grade containers.

There was not a sanitizer bucket made up on the cook line. Staff need to be sure they are using sanitized wiping cloths to wipe down prep surfaces. Also, the server sanitizer buckets had no detectable chlorine residual in them. They need to be changed out about every 2 hours, as the chlorine dissipates over time. Make up with lukewarm water (~70*f). Corrected

Repeat violation 2 times in a row. I observed staff using retail containers for food storage (cottage cheese, sour cream containers). You need to obtain food grade storage containers and discard retail containers after product is used.

You need to provide mop/broom holders and be hanging up these tools after uses.