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Health Report - 03/20/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the meat slicer to be clean to the sight and touch. The dicer was currently in use but the person in charge indicated that staff has been retrained on cleaning methods and he is personally ensuring/inspecting that the food contact surfaces are clean to the sight and touch after cleaning and put into storage. Risk control plan for this violation has been received - reviewed and approved and per the person in charge, being implemented. Corrected

Health Report - 03/09/2015 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no paper towels available for the handsink at the bar. Corrected by providing paper towels for the bar hand sink. Corrected

(Critical) Observed the following items to be soiled: meat slicer by the back prep area, the slicer and the dicer on the clean utensil storage rack. To correct, please properly wash, rinse and sanitize these items now and ensure that they are inspected and are clean to the sight and touch prior to being placed into storage. ,

(Critical) Observed the hand sink at the bar to be filled with ice. Spoke with bartender and person in charge the hand sinks are to be solely used for hand washing. Person in charge indicated that staff will be retrained on proper hand wash sink usage. Corrected

(Critical) Observed several items to be improperly date marked one day longer than allowed: taco beef in the walk in cooler, house dressing in the walk in cooler and shrimp found in the reach in cooler by the fryers. Corrected by properly date marking these items. Corrected

Observed the door for the walk in freezer to be pulling apart from the bottom up. To correct, please have a technician repair/replace this door to ensure a tight seal

Observed a 5 gallon bucket of chicken being stored on the floor of the walk in freezer. Corrected by relocating this bucket of chicken to the lower storage rack in the walk in freezer. Corrected

Observed the roof to be leaking in middle of kitchen onto the floor. This actually started during the inspection. A roofing repair company was contacted and enroute to inspect/repair the leak. Please have this leak repaired as soon as possible

Observed the ceiling in the kitchen to be soiled with an accumulation of dust/debris near the main cooking area. The ceiling was particularly soiled around the lighting fixtures. To correct, please clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Observed two packages of frozen sausages being thawed in standing water in the back area prep sink. Thawing shall take place using cool running water or in the walk in cooler. Corrected by placing the sausages into the walk in cooler. Corrected

Health Report - 09/26/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Storage room (old satellite bar area): observed chemical bottles stored above single service items in several locations. Corrected by moving the single service items out from under the chemicals

(Critical) 1) observed an employee pick up a wooden rolling pin that fell on the floor back onto the storage shelf. Corrected by washing this rolling pin. 2) observed pieces of green pepper and onion stuck in the dicer. Corrected by disassembling the dicer, soaking it and cleaning it. Ensure staff are taking this unit apart for cleaning. Provide dish washing staff with an appropriately sized bottle brush for cleaning this device

(Critical) Observed a few flies in the bottom of the dewar's scotch. Corrected by discarding the liquor

Bar glass storage area: observed the black bar matting under the glasses with mold growth again. Ensure this bar matting is cleaned regularly and that the glasses are dry prior to placing them in storage

Observed some fruit flies at the bar. Ensure staff are performing regular inspections of the area for the presence of flies and maintaining the facility clean and dry.

Observed bare bulbs located in the upper bar cabinet light fixtures. Either remove these bulbs or replace them with shatter-proof bulbs or provide plastic bulb sleeves with end caps

Observed a case of lemons stored on the floor of the walk in cooler. Maintain foods at least 6" off of the floor for protection and ease of cleaning of the floor

Dish washing machine: observed old food residue that has built up on the sidewalls of the housing for the food trap screen. Ensure staff are cleaning this area nightly

Observed a few floor drains that are unclean. Ensure staff are thoroughly cleaning these drain areas (grate and plumbing below the floor) at least 2 to 3 times per week to eliminate fly breeding areas. Utilize floor drying fans at the bar and kitchen areas, as needed, to help dry the floors and drains over the night-time hours when the facility is closed

Health Report - 03/27/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Someone has again installed a container of the orange multi-surface cleaner to the quaternary ammonia sanitizer dispenser. Corrected by purging out the cleaner and connecting the system to a multi-quat sanitizer container. Implement a system to ensure staff are connecting the proper chemicals to the individual dispensing systems

(Critical) 1) the jack daniels hamburger on the weekly special menu was lacking the asterisk as part of the consumer advisory. Ensure required foods on your weekly specials menu are provided with asterisks. 2) the children's hamburger option has an asterisk linking it to the footnote consumer advisory. Since the last food code revision children's hamburgers cannot be under-cooked (documentation regarding this requirement was provided on 3-14-2013). Eliminate this asterisk and any option for under-cooking this kids hamburger in your computerized ordering system. 3) the following items in your "big eleven burgers" section of the menu need to have the asterisks removed: the hawkeye, the corn husker and the scarlet knight. These menu items do not contain hamburger patties that a customer might order less than fully cooked (they contain loose meat burger, chicken breast, or ground turkey)

(Critical) Provide training, as needed, for staff regarding the quat sanitizer chemical and test strip use

(Critical) After loading dirty dishes into a dish washing machine tray the dish washing employee only rinsed off his gloved hands (at the overhead spray nozzle) before putting away clean dishes. Corrected by re-washing the clean dishes that were touched, discussing this concern with the employee and by having him remove the gloves and wash his hands at the nearby hand washing sink. Please monitor staff and remind them to wash their hands as needed to develop proper hand washing practices

(Critical) No quat test papers were provided in the area of the sanitizer dispenser. Corrected by locating some test papers from the office. Ensure staff have a supply of test papers where they need to use them

(Critical) Upon arrival and late in the inspection kitchen staff were observed handling ready to eat foods with bare hands. An employee was touching pizza crust with his bare left hand as he was cutting pizzas. Moments later he put on gloves unprompted by me to finish cutting the pizzas. Also, a kitchen employee was cutting up lettuce with his bare hands. Once he realized i was watching him he quickly put on single use gloves. Ensure staff are aware of when they do and do not need to use gloves for handling foods and that management is regularly monitoring employees for proper glove use

This incident (49544) does not have any more information on it

Observed an uncovered shallow 1/3 pan of sliced gyro meat in the freezer. Corrected by covering this food with plastic wrap

Observed some equipment (tomato slicer, vegetable dicer and squeeze bottles stored in tubs on the floor under a storage rack and the three compartment sink. Relocate this equipment so it is at least 6" off of the floor for protection

Observed the sliding side door open on the dumpster, and one of the top covers is missing. Contact your solid waste hauler and have them either provide a new cover or replace the whole unit with one that has both covers intact

The wet wiping towels in the facility were being stored in a cleaning chemical, not sanitizer. Corrected by placing the towels in the hamper, dumping out the cleaner chemical and providing fresh sanitizer and towels

The satellite bar area (not used since last december): the hot water valve for the hand washing sink is not operational. Repair as needed prior to using this bar again

Health Report - 09/24/2013 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) A kitchen employee was observed taking a temperature of a food in the kitchen without sanitizing the probe first. Corrected through education/discussion. Ensure staff are provided a supply of alcohol prep pads to sanitize food thermometers prior to use

(Critical) Observed some potentially hazardous foods (in-house salad dressings, sour cream, etc. ) in the salad prep cooler to be too warm (44 to 48f). Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) Observed a large plastic container (5 gallon) 3/4┬░Full of chicken noodle soup made the previous day. Utilize multiple hotel pans to decrease the volume and thickness while increasing the surface area to quickly cool this type of product

(Critical) Five chemical spray bottles (four in the kitchen and one in the large dry storage room ) were found to be unlabeled. Corrected by properly labeling these as to their contents

(Critical) Ensure staff are utilizing the provided test strips to verify the sanitizer concentrations prior to use.

(Critical) 1) observed four, fruit fly bar pro hanging insecticide devices in the bar area. The directions on the back of the package indicate these products are not approved for use in food service establishments. 2) an employee installed a one gallon container of a multi-purpose cleaner on the chemical feeder for the quat sanitizer. Corrected by removing this chemical, and purging out the remaining cleaner. The kitchen manager looked for more quat sanitizer and could not find any in the building. He called eco-lab and ordered more. Chlorine sanitizer is being used for now

Observed an employee that had hung his coat and a bag off of the hobart mixer in the kitchen. Ensure staff are hanging their personal belongings in approved, designated areas away from food and clean equipment

Re-establish the drain line air gap at the floor drain behind the ice making machine for the discharge pump that handles the condensate for the keg beer cooler

The drain pan located under the food trap screen of the dish washing machine to have food debris build-up. Ensure staff are cleaning this area nightly

Observed some cases of foods on the floor in the dry goods storage room.

Again observed some bar matting and the shelves below to have mold growth on them (above the bar reach-in cooler for bottled beer and between the main ice bin and the glass washer. Regularly clean and sanitize these surfaces

The two door salad prep cooler was operating at an elevated temperature. Corrected by adding more refrigerant to the cooling system. This unit was operating at less than 41f prior to the end of the inspection

Health Report - 03/14/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two open quarts of cream at the bar, three open gallons of milk (wait station & salad station), and a previously opened chub of ham in the walk in cooler without date marks. Also, some foods in the walk in cooler were marked for longer than 7 days (8 days indicated). Correct within 10 days

(Critical) No back-flow preventer is provided at the hose connection by the hot water heater or at the hose connection under the bar glass washer. 1) provide a spill proof pressure vacuum breaker at the hot water heater (asse 1056 device); and 2) an atmospheric vacuum breaker at the glass washer (asse 1011 device). Correct within 10 days

The hand sink faucet at the salad station needs repair/replacement to function properly. Correct within 10 days

Health Report - 09/17/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed 2. 5 gallons of shepherd's pie filling (made the previous evening) in a large covered plastic pail in the walk in cooler to still be at 49f. This product was discarded. Ensure staff are using techniques to rapidly cool all bulk hot foods to 41f within 6 hours from when the food reaches 135f.

(Critical) Observed the five gallon pail and the siphon tube from the pail to the inlet of the dish washing machine compartment to be empty. Corrected by providing a fresh five gallon container of sanitizer, priming the system and verifying 75 ppm chlorine in the rinse water. Ensure staff are providing replacement sanitizer prior to the system running dry

(Critical) Observed an open quart of cream at the bar labeled with: "use by 9-4-12". Corrected by discarding this cream

Ensure staff are utilizing uncovered, shallow, metal containers, ice sticks and frequent stirring to quickly chill bulk, hot foods. Additionally, temperature monitoring is critical to ensuring these foods cool quickly enough

Observed multiple torn door gaskets on the pizza prep cooler an on the server station two door low-boy cooler. Replace these gaskets to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface that does not collect food debris

Ensure your dish washing staff are utilizing the provided chlorine test papers a regularly to verify the sanitizer is being dispensed during the rinse cycle

Health Report - 03/13/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Satellite bar: observed seven open liquor bottles with pour spouts installed to have small flies in them. Corrected by discarding. This food must remain protected by providing some physical barrier such as pour spout caps or removing the spouts after use and installing the original bottle caps

Observed a few out of the way areas of the kitchen and bar flooring that are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future. Please clean as needed

Chlorine test papers could not be located at the dish washing machine station in the kitchen. Provide test papers for staff to be able to verify the sanitizer strength in the rinse water

Observed cases of condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc. ) stored on the floor of the dry storage room. Foods must be stored at least 6" off of the floor for protection and to facilitate cleaning of the floor. Relocate to a shelf as needed

Observed a few areas of the kitchen and bar flooring to be in need of new grout and/or sealant around floor drains and base coving. Remove any remaining grout from worn areas and provide a full thickness layer of new grout to eliminate the depressions that are collecting moisture and food debris

Observed unprotected light bulbs in the reach in bar cooler. Provide bulb tubes with end caps or purchase shatter-proof coated bulbs for this application

Observed the draft beer tower spouts and the soda guns & spouts at the bar to be in need of daily cleaning

Health Report - 08/25/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two cracked kitchen food containers in the kitchen that someone had tried to repair them with tape. Corrected by discarding. Ensure that staff do not repair any food contact surfaces.

(Critical) Observed an employee reheating multiple foods in the microwave oven for storage on the hot line to less than 165f throughout (87 to 145f), and without stirring these foods. Ensure staff are stirring the food and waiting 2 minutes prior to taking the food temperature. Corrected by the employee reheating these foods, stirring the food and verifying the food is above 165f after a 2 minute rest period

At the bar hand washing sink. Provide asap today

Observed approximately five exhaust hood filter sections to be damaged. The kitchen manager indicated replacements are on order

The drain line snapped off of the ice bin cabinet for the small ice machine in the mechanical room behind the shoe rental counter. Reinstall a air gapped drain line so the ice melt water is directed to the floor drain

Observed the sliding door open on the side of the trash dumpster. Ensure staff maintain this door closed to keep out pests

The walk in beer cooler just stopped working. Two small copper tubes leading to the pressure control unit had rubbed together to the point where one of them began leaking the refrigerant gas. Repair as needed so the cooler functions properly

1) cardboard is being used as a shelf liner above the pizza prep cooler. Replace this cardboard with a cleanable, non-absorptive material such as bar matting. 2) the wooden cabinets for the storage of bulk chemicals in the back storage room need to be sealed so they are cleanable and don't absorb moisture

Observed no paper towel provided at the bar hand washing sink. Corrected by providing paper towel

Health Report - 02/28/2011 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed slime growth in both ice making machines and on the bottom edge of both ice deflector shields. Asap, thoroughly disassemble, clean and sanitize these units per the manufacturer's directions before returning them to service. 2) observed the spouts for the draft beer to be unclean. Ensure these spouts are maintained clean regularily

(Critical) Observed a spray can of house-hold use only raid flying insect killer. Licensed restaurants may only use insecticides that are labeled for use in licensed commercial kitchens according to the label directions. Corrected by removing this insecticide from the facility

(Critical) Observed 3-3. 5 gallons of chili and 1. 5-2 gallons of pizza sauce made the previous day in covered large plastic food containers in the walk in cooler at 51 and 45f, respectively. Corrected by discarding these foods

(Critical) 1) observed a cream cheese sauce in the walk in cooler that had mold on it and a use-by date of february 10th. Corrected by discarding. 2) observed brown & black slime on ice in the small ice machine bin in the back room at the bowling lanes. Corrected by removing the contaminated ice. This unit was turned off and will be cleaned today

(Critical) Observed three open employee drinking cups in the kitchen. Corrected by discarding these cups. The kitchen manager indicated staff are required to only drink out of cups with lids and straws

(Critical) 1) some kitchen employees did not wash their hands when returning to the kitchen after eating a meal in the dining room. Corrected by discussing this issue with the kitchen staff and by the employees removing their gloves and washing their hands. 2) observed an employee cleaning dishes not wash his hands prior to putting away clean dishes. Dishwashing employees must wash their hands after handling/loading soiled before putting away clean dishes. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and by him washing his hands. 3) observed a kitchen employee not remove his gloves & wash his hands after wiping them on his apron. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee. Consider asking this employee to wear a plastic apron to help break him of this habit.

One of the line cooks had a soiled apron. Replace apron as needed

Observed a small sautee pan with a lot of the non-stick coating that has come off of the pan. Either discontinue the use of this pan or find a way to entirely remove the rest of the non-stick coating leaving behind a bare aluminum surface

This incident (49586) does not have any more information on it

Communicate to staff the multiple ways to rapidly cool bulk hot foods such that the food cools in the time frames required by the food code to ensure food safety

This incident (7845) does not have any more information on it

The upper microwave oven in the kitchen is missing the ceiling panel. The kitchen mgr. Indicated a replacement cover cannot be obtained due to the age of the unit. Provide a replacement microwave oven with a commercial unit that is easily cleanable

Kitchen staff apparently rinsed/washed their hands in the sink located at the dirty dish storage sink at the dish washing station. Corrected by discussing to all staff present that all hand washing must take place at the kitchen hand washing sink only

The faucet located at the dirty dish area pre-rinse station is loose and not sealed to the mounting surface. Repair as needed to provide a water-proof seal to prevent the water from dripping onto the floor

Health Report - 08/17/2010 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) A consumer advisory is not provided on the burger menu or on the weekly special menu. Provide consumer advisory on these two menus. Contact me if there are any questions as to the advisory requirements

(Critical) Observed small flies in some liquor bottles of scotch/whiskey with open pour spouts at the bar. Corrected by discarding the liquor. Protect your foods as needed to prevent misc. Contamination or the entry of pests

(Critical) Observed small flies at both the kitchen dish washing area and at several areas of the bar. Take all steps necessary to eliminate breeding areas for these flies (moist areas with debris build-up such as floor drains, floor sinks, drainage tubing/pipes, damaged floor tile, rotting wood, etc. ). Flush/replace drain pipes as necessary, repair floor tile, keep floor sinks/drains clean, ensure all dishes are washed and the dish washing machine is cleaned prior to staff going home at the end of the day, utilize fly drain gel, etc. To eradicate these pests

(Critical) A consumer advisory is not provided on the burger menu or on the weekly special menu. Provide consumer advisory on these two menus. Contact me if there are any questions as to the advisory requirements. ,

(Critical) 1) observed a 1/3 pan of rice in the steam table to be at 115 to 124f. Corrected by discarding the rice. 2) phfs in the cook line cooler were at 46 to 60f. Corrected by relocating a few items to the walk in cooler (those foods that were 46f), and discarding the rest.

The back kitchen hand washing sink still lacks a trash can.

Observed the cook line prep cooler to be not operating properly (unit is not maintaining foods below 41f). The kitchen manager indicated a contractor has been called for service. Repair this unit asap

Observed a wet towel on the counter at the bar area employee hand sink. Corrected by placing the towel in the hamper. Please ensure staff keep wet wiping towels in the sanitizer containers

Observed the plastic eating utensils to be stored jumbled. Corrected by staff with clean hands sorting the utensils so only the handles are sticking up

Observed a couple of kitchen knives stored in a bucket of sanitizer between uses at the cook line. Do not store knives/utensils in sanitizer between uses as they are not being air dried prior to use. Please only store knives/utensils on a clean surface (cutting board, tray, etc. ) or in the container of food between uses.

The floor under the deep fryers and under the server area two door low-boy cooler and the floor drains at the bar are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed several places in the facility (kitchen and bar areas) with worn or missing tile grout. These depressions are allowing food debris & water to collect and become insect breeding areas. Remove any remaining grout in these worn areas and after thoroughly cleaning and drying the tile apply new tile grout.