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Health Report - 05/28/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed raw shrimp in the top rail of the cold holding unit at the front prep line to be 49*f. This shrimp was placed there yesterday. The container holding the shrimp was placed awkwardly in the top rail possibly contributing to the elevated temperature. Corrected by discarding the shrimp into the trash. Ensure that pans holding foods in the top rails are properly placed into the top rails for efficient cooling. Corrected. Observed two containers of diced tomato's and a container of marinated halved cherry tomato's to be 51*f and 53*f at the front prep line top rails. Both of these items were prepped this morning approximately 1 hour prior. Portions of these prepped tomato's were placed directly into the cold holding top rails. These tomato's were removed from the top rail and placed in a single layer onto sheet pans and placed into the freezer for rapid chilling. These items reached 37*f within 15 minutes and placed back into the top rails for use. In the future, ensure that prepped tomato's are at 41*f or below prior to placing into top rails for cold holding. Corrected

(Critical) Observed several knives and a vegetable peeler on the magnetic board in the back prep area to be soiled. The knives and peeler were sent through the dishwashing station to be recleaned. Observed the top section of the tomato dicer on the clean equipment/utensil drying rack by the dishwashing station to be soiled with food debris. This piece of the unit was sent through the dishmachine to be recleaned. When placed into storage, all equipment and utensils shall be maintained clean to the sight and touch. The above mentioned items were cleaned during the inspection and are now clean to the sight and touch. Corrected

Observed mop in mop sink area to be damp/wet and not properly hung to dry. Mop shall be stored so the mop can properly dry in a manner that will not contaminate the adjacent wall, equipment or supplies. Corrected by hanging mop on the provided holders in the mop closet. Corrected

Observed a spray nozzle attached to the end of a water hose that is connected to the mop closet faucet that uses an atmospheric vacuum breaker. Pic indicated that the use of this hose with spray nozzle is intermittent. Use of a pressure nozzle downstream of an atmospheric vacuum breaker is forbidden when not in active use. Corrected by removing nozzle and pic will retrain staff to ensure that the spray nozzle is removed after each use. Corrected

Observed several containers on the clean utensil storage rack to be stored/stacked wet. Containers shall be allowed to completely air dry prior to storage/stacking. Corrected by separating the containers to allow for proper drying. Pic will retrain dishwashing staff to ensure that container are kept separated until dry prior to stacking. Corrected

Observed a lack of employee handwashing signage in the employee bathroom. Corrected by providing proper handwashing signage in the employee bathroom. Corrected