Holiday Inn Express

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323 N Zeeb Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 04/09/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed pan of rte gravy in hot holding unit in breakfast bar area with internal food temperatures of 108-118f (bulb on lower portion of hot holding unit is burnt out). All phf must be hot held at 135f or more at all times. Pic corrected by discarding gravy at time of inspection. Violation corrected. Bulb in hot holding unit to be replaced today per pic

(Critical) Need to increase cleaning frequency of pancake conveyor belts in pancake machine in dining room breakfast bar area. All staff in facility stated that food contact portion of machine (conveyor belts) only need to be cleaned every 30 days. Upon further investigation, equipment manufacturer states to replace belts every 30 days, but all food conveyor belts need to be disassembled then washed, rinsed and sanitized daily. Will need to educate all kitchen staff (and management) on daily cleaning requirement for pancake machine as soon as possible. Pic corrected by washing, rinsing and sanitizing conveyor belts at time of inspection. I also educated all management and kitchen staff on proper cleaning frequency at time of inspection. Violation corrected

Observed burnt out light bulb used in hot holding unit in breakfast bar area. To correct, please replace as soon as possible

Observed all plastic forks, knives and spoons in self serve utensil bins in breakfast bar area with the food contact portion of utensil pointing up. All utensils must be stored inverted so the food contact portion of utensil is protected from potential sources of contamination (like customer hands when dispensing). To correct, please store utensils with the handles up

Health Report - 03/04/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Paper towel dispenser for kitchen hand washing sink installed corrected 3-4-2015

(Critical) A probe thermometer suitable for thin masses provided - corrected 3-4-2014

Observed electricaloutlet for ice machine installed see photo corrected 3-4-2015. Prior to opening finish walls/floor at store room seal around floor sink under 3 comp sink

Hand wash reminder signs at each hand washing sink used by food employees corrected 3-4-2015. Posted at handwashing sinks used by food employees