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Health Report - 05/05/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed sliced turkey in front counter reach-in-cooler without date marking. Once opened, prepared or removed from the freezer refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous foods shall be clearly marked with the discard date. Corrected at time of inspection: pic removed sliced turkey from freezer yesterday. Sliced turkey pan was clearly marked with the discard date. Adding 6 days to yesterday's pull date

Observed wet wiping cloths stored improperly front counter. Please store wet wiping cloths in wet wiping cloth solution at proper sanitizer concentration and change throughout the day as needed

Health Report - 11/05/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Metal-stem food thermometers not calibrated. Food thermometers shall be calibrated to ensure their accuracy. Corrected at time of inspection by calibrating metal-stem thermometers using the ice bath method. None of the metal-stem thermometers were accurate. Recommend purchasing one digital thermometer for monitoring food temperatures in all refrigeration units.

(1) wet wiping cloth solution front counter found at improper sanitizer concentration. Please monitor the sanitizer concentration with your quat test kit and change throughout the day as needed. (2) wet wiping cloth stored improperly near espresso machine for milk wands. Please provide a separate wet wiping cloth solution for the milk wands to store cloths once wet

Please re-establish the air gap for the small black ice machine drain line; currently an air break. The air gap shall be twice the pipe diameter above the flood rim of the drain. The white drain line has a proper air gap.

Ambient air thermometer in one door milk reach-in-cooler front counter not accurate. Please provide accurate ambient air thermomters in all refrigeration units and monitor several times daily for proper temperature

Observed clean blender and in-use ice scoop located under the soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser, respectively at the front counter handwash sink. Please relocate the soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser over the handwash sink to prevent potential contamination when dispensing