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Health Report - 04/24/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the concentration for the sanitizing solution in the 3c sink and in the labeled spray bottle to be around 100 ppm. Per the manufacturers label, the concentration shall be kept between 150- 400 ppm. Person in charge corrected by creating a new batch of sanitizing solution for the 3c sink and spray bottle which tested at 200 ppm. Corrected

Observed wiping cloths on the counters in facility. Wiping cloths shall be stored in a wiping cloth solution with a concentration of 150-400 (quat used here) to preclude the growth of bacteria on the wipe down rags. To correct, please obtain a wiping cloth bucket and store wipe down rags (fully submerged) in sanitizing solution as mentioned above

Health Report - 10/08/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two carafes of dairy products setting out on the counter for customer self service. The dairy items were found to be at 45*f. Corrected by discarding this product and providing new coffee cream in a clean set of carafes. Additionally, the operator implemented a six hour time control policy for these food items

(Critical) Observed feta cheese and spinach rolls made today to be tightly covered with plastic wrap and placed in the display cooler to finish cooling. Keep your trays of cooling foods vented to expedite the cooling process. Additionally, two trays of this product were added to the small display cooler to finish cooling. The air temperature in this cooler had risen somewhat. Corrected by relocating to the one door upright refrigerator. This unit has a better capacity to rapidly cool these products

Observed a customer hand the employee his re-useable coffee mug with the sipping lid still attached. Ensure your customers retain the lid/cap of the drinking vessel prior to you taking possession of it for re-filling