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Health Report - 01/30/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed the front counter area cream dispenser to be maintaining 44f. Adjust to maintain 41f and below. 2) observed two squeeze bags of whipped cream to be stored in a container inserted into a cold well below the frozen drink station. When these bags of cream are new/full a significant portion of the product is extended above the cold well. Relocate this whipped cream to the adjacent one door cooler for storage. These two products were relocated to the cooler maintaining foods below 41f

(Critical) No paper towel was provided at the back kitchen hand washing station next to the three comp. Sink. Corrected by providing paper towel

(Critical) Observed multiple clear yellow hot holding food pans and the tomato slicer to be unclean. These items were re-washed. Ensure staff are pre-soaking, thoroughly pre-cleaning these items prior to washing them and inspecting them for cleanliness after they have air dried

(Critical) Observed a trash can, broom and dust pan blocking access to the back kitchen hand washing sink by the three compartment sink, and a container of sanitizer stored in the hand washing sink basin at the donut coating station. Corrected by removing these items from the sink area/sink basin

Observed the lever(s) (on the back side) for the hand washing sink faucet by the dish washing machine to be soiled. Regularly clean these levers

Observed soap and a paper towel dispenser provided at the dump sink next to the drive through beverage station. The soap container was removed during the inspection. Eliminate the wall mounted paper towel dispenser so staff do not use this station to wash and dry hands

Observed an opened case of bacon stored on the walk in cooler floor. All foods must be stored at least 6" off of the floor for protection

Observed an open paper cup of sierra mist stored above the back kitchen reheating station. Corrected by discarding this drink

Observed the floor, trash can and the interior of the trash can storage area door to be heavily soiled with glazing, etc. At the donut prep station. Maintain this area clean to prevent the attraction of pests

Observed three food containers stored adjacent to the front sandwich station hand washing sink. Corrected by relocating the food to another area away from this contamination source

1) observed clean equipment stored on the bottom few shelves of a rolling rack below dirty dish storage and adjacent to the dirty dish machine drain board. Relocate these clean dishes to an area that is free from splashing / contamination. 2) observed a rolling rack of clean dishes stored between the clean drain board for the dish washing machine and the hand washing sink. Install an adequate splash guard between the rack and the hand washing sink to protect your clean dishes. 3) observed a large quantity of coffee filters stored upright on top of the cream dispenser. Store these filters in a bag or container to protect them from misc. Contamination