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Health Report - 05/28/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed some standing water at the interior bottom of the beverage air mini cooler by the front counter. Based on the evidence of some water staining, it appears the water may be coming from the condenser unit. The unit is maintaining proper temperatures, but this unit shall be repaired to stop the water from pooling in the bottom interior of the unit. To correct, please have this unit repaired as soon as possible

Observed the wiping cloth bucket sanitizing quat solutions to be very weak. In order to preclude the growth of bacteria on the wiping cloths, the solution shall be kept around 200 ppm. To correct, please empty the wiping cloth buckets and replenish with the proper concentration of sanitizing solution

Observed the following non food contact locations to be in need of cleaning now: 1) the underside of the dispensing location of the frozen beverage machine 2) the underside of the dispensing location for the cappuccino machine 3) the undersides of the dispensing location for the hot beverage machines (front counter and drive thru window locations 4) the vent/filter for the ice machine air intake. To correct, please properly clean these locations now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Observed a large amount of garbage/debris around the exterior of the dumpster. Area around dumpster shall remain clean to avoid attracting pests. To correct, please clean area around dumpster now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the dumpster lids to not be covered. To correct, please keep the covers closed after each use. Discuss issue with convenience store management since you share the dumpster with them.

Observed the floor in the kitchen to be soiled in the hard to reach areas under equipment and ice machine. To correct, please thoroughly clean floors now and clean on a more frequent basis. Keeping floors clean will help eliminate harborage conditions for unwanted pests. Observed the floor in the walk in freezer to be soiled with food and miscellaneous debris. To correct, please clean the floor now and clean on a more frequent basis.

Observed coffee filters to be stored on the counter in the drive thru window station without any protection (uncovered). To correct, please store single use items in a protected manner (covered) to prevent contamination.

Observed boxes of food being stored on the floor of the walk in freezer. Boxes of food shall be stored in a protective manner at least 6" above the floor not exposed to dust or splash. To correct, please move these boxes of food off of the floor onto the available shelves. Observed numerous boxes of food in the walk in freezer to be open with the food exposed. Food shall be stored in a protective manner to avoid contamination and freezer burn. To correct, please ensure the boxes are closed after retrieving food from them so the food remains protected.

Health Report - 12/09/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Waste basket in women's restroom was not covered. To correct: provide a waste basket that has a cover in women's restroom

Dust noted on ice machine vent in back area of kitchen. To correct: clean on a more frequent basis to avoid accumulation of dust

Garbage and litter found around the outside dumpster. To correct: keep dumpster area void of litter and debris, as litter/debris could attract pests.

Build up/possible mold noted inside ice machine bin on ceiling of ice bin. To correct: per pic, contracted company will be coming to clean it in the next month. To correct: place ice machine on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Mop found stored in water in mop bucket. To correct: when not in use, store mop by hanging up

Debris/food accumulated under ice machine in back of kitchen. To correct: clean area under ice machine on a regular basis to keep floor clean

Health Report - 06/18/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The 1/3 pan containing eight hash browns were not marked with a discard time as required. These hash browns were discarded. Ensure staff provide a discard time on the container lid. If any product remains when this discard time is reached the remaining food must be thrown away and the pan and lid cleaned and sanitized

(Critical) The front counter coffee cream dispenser was only maintaining 52f. The manager's log book indicated this product was 46f when "new" at 7 am this morning, and 52f at 11 am. Proper corrective action must be taken when foods rise above 41f. Corrected by discarding this cream.

(Critical) 1) surfaces in the ice making machine and ice bin have a significant slime growth on them. Have this unit professionally clean and forward a copy of the invoice/receipt to me as verification this service was performed. 2) staff were storing a pair of previously used panini tongs in the knife rack for clean knives. Corrected by washing these tongs. In the future, have staff store these tongs after use on a clean cutting board, on some deli paper or in a clean storage tub. The knife rack may only be used for the storage of clean knives

The front counter coffee cream dispenser was not holding proper temperature. To try and correct the problem this unit was turned off and the door left open to defrost the machine (unsure if this is the cause of the temperature problem). After a couple hours close the door and turn the unit back on. If it can maintain 41f and below this unit may be used again. If not, call for a service visit to adjust/repair as needed

Observed both of the paper towel dispensers to be empty. Rolls of paper towel were found stored adjacent to the two hand washing sinks. Utilize the dispensers to keep the paper towel from becoming wet or soiled. One of the dispensers was openable and the paper towels installed. The other one could not be opened. Locate the key and refill the other dispenser

The following areas are in need of cleaning to remove slime and debris accumulation: under the soda station ice bin (including the floor sink), under the trash can at the donut prep station hand washing sink, the narrow area located along the wall next to the trash can in the above item, the floor drain at the front counter donut display unit, the floor drain under the soda syrup rack. Maintain these areas clean to eliminate a food source and possible breeding areas for pests

The grease trap cover cannot be opened due to one of the three compartment sink legs is resting on the cover. Modify this sink leg as needed to facilitate the opening and cleaning of the grease trap

The air thermometer in the display cooler was damaged. Provide a replacement thermometer

The two baking ovens and the areas along side them are in need of cleaning

Health Report - 12/16/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) No back-flow preventers were observed on the water lines to the bunn coffee brewers in the newly constructed drive through space. Also, no back-flow preventers were seen on the water lines to the three existing bunn coffee brewers at the front counter. Provide asse 1012 or 1022 back-flow preventer on the water line to each unit

(Critical) Approximately 120-150°Ft2 of new space was constructed for a drive through window station. An existing hand washing sink was relocated to make room for the opening into the new space. Coffee brewing & cream dispensing equipment and a hand washing sink were added to this space. The owner needs to contact david laduke (734-222-3894) or al hauck (734-222-3819) regarding the necessary plan review for this recently completed project

(Critical) Observed +/- five hash browns stored in a shallow 1/3 pan with a perforated cover on top of the hot holding unit for other foods. This hash brown container did not have a discard time provided. Corrected by discarding the hash browns. When the hash browns are cooked, staff must also write a four hour discard time on the container. Provide a second pan/cover setup for these hash browns to prevent the mixing of old and new hash browns. The pan, cover and tongs will need formal cleaning at least every four hours

No protective caps were installed on the tips of the donut filling spouts. One set was found and installed. Purchase additional caps, if necessary, to protect your filling

The manager was shown several out of the way floor and drain areas of the establishment that are overdue for cleaning (floor sink under the ice machine, floor under the ice machine, floor under the base cabinet at the donut prep station, etc. ). Maintain these areas clean to prevent the attraction of pests. Also a lot of spilled food needs to be cleaned up from the floor of the walk in freezer

Two apples available for sale in the customer grab and go cooler still have their stickers on them. Ensure staff are removing this sticker and rinsing the apples in the food prep sink prior to placing them for sale in this manner

One leg of the three compartment sink basin is resting partially on the cover for the grease trap. The grease trap has not been serviced yet because of this situation. Have a contractor find a way to provide you proper access to remove the grease trap cover for periodic cleaning

Health Report - 06/25/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a rolling donut cart stored in front of the back hand washing sink. Corrected by removing the cart. Maintain the area in front of the sink clear at all times for staff to access the sink

This incident (62756) does not have any more information on it

Observed employee belongings stored among a back shelving unit with food/equipment, etc. Designate a specific area for employees to store their purses, clothes, etc. In an area away from food, clean equipment and single service items

Observed a water leak from a water shut-off valve under the front counter (employee side) for one of the coffee machines

Health Report - 12/17/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two serrated knives in the knife rack for clean knives to have old food residue and fuzz from a towel on them. Corrected by cleaning these knives in the three compartment sink

(Critical) Observed four black rubber hoses connected to the water supply that feed the two combi-ovens (one for treated and one untreated city water to each oven). These hoses do not indicate they meet drinking water standards. Replace these hoses with ones meeting potable drinking water standards

Observed the ice scoop and the two ice transfer pails to be stored upright on top of the ice machine. Provide a tray or container for these items to be stored on upside-down to allow for draining and to prevent debris accumulation

Observed the right dumpster cover to be open allowing crows access to the garbage. Maintain these lids closed to prevent pest entry

Observed several square floor sinks to be in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future (2-3 times per week) to eliminate debris build-up