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Health Report - 07/31/2015 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be soiled with food debris: numerous utensils on the clean utensil storage rack adjacent to the automatic dish machine, the tomato slicer on the clean rack above the 3 comp sink. When placed into storage, utensils and equipment shall be clean to the sight and touch. Temporarily corrected by person in charge taking the entire rack of utensils to be re cleaned and moving the tomato slicer to the 3 comp sink to be re cleaned. Discussed the need with person in charge to ensure that equipment and utensils be thoroughly inspected for cleanliness prior to placing back into storage for reuse. ,

(Critical) Observed a box of hand soap for the pump dispensers to be stored on the top shelf of the clean utensil rack. There were numerous utensils stored on the shelves below. Poisonous/toxic chemicals shall be stored below and away from food, utensils and single service items to avoid possible contamination. Corrected by person in charge moving box of soap to the facility office cabinet. Corrected. ,

(Critical) Observed the hand soap pump dispensers to be empty at the hand sink adjacent to the 3 comp sink and the automatic dish machine. Hand soap shall be available at the hand sinks at all times. Corrected by person in charge locating the supply of hand soap and re filling the dispensers. Corrected. ,

Observed numerous in use wiping cloths to be on the counters in numerous locations. In use wiping cloths shall be stored (fully submerged) in a sanitizing solution. Corrected by person in charge placing the wiping cloths found on the counters into a bucket with sanitizing solution. Corrected

Observed the control knob for cold water at the hand sink by the dish washing machine to not be functional. The cold water was turned off at the supply line because the cold water knob is unable to shut the water off. To correct, have the control knob repaired so it can regulate the cold water supply for this hand sink. ,

Observed the underside and surrounding splash radius of numerous beverage dispensers to be soiled with accumulated splash residue. To correct, please clean all of the beverage dispensers now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule. ,

Observed the mop (not currently in use) to be stored in the mop bucket full of soiled water. When not in use, mop shall be hung in a designated location where it will not contaminate the adjacent walls, equipment or supplies and to allow for proper drying. To correct, please store mop when not in use as discussed above. ,

Health Report - 02/05/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The handsink by the sandwich prep area did not have any handsoap. Corrected by person in charge providing handsoap for this handsink. Corrected

Observed single service containers (cups) being used to dispense sugar from the bulk container. Single service containers are not to be reused. To correct, please remove the cups with a proper scoop and leave scoop in product with handle facing up to avoid contamination

Observed the interior cavity of the microwave oven to be soiled with food debris. To correct, please properly clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Observed the following non food contact surfaces to be in need of more frequent cleaning: the underside of the espresso dispenser area, the underside of the hot chocolate dispenser area and the underside of the iced coffee machine dispenser. To correct, please properly clean these units now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule to preclude the accumulation of debris build up.

Observed the restrooms not having signage directing employees to wash their hands before returning to work. To correct, please provide proper handwash signage to the restrooms.

Observed the right side of the frozen beverage machine to not be operational (dispenser and mixer). No food product was contained within this side of the unit. To correct, please have machine repaired to full operational status.

Observed 2 bulk storage bins of sugar to not be labeled. To correct, please label the food within these containers with their common name.

Observed the interior of the bulk containers for sugar to be soiled with debris. This is a non potentially hazardous food. To correct, please properly clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Observed the mop in the mop bucket in the mop water. To correct, please hang mops to dry in a designated location so mop will not contaminate the wall, equipment or supplies

Observed the floors in hard to reach areas and the floors in general to be in need of cleaning. A build up of debris and grit warrants extra attention to these areas during your next routine cleaning. To correct, please thoroughly clean these areas now and more frequently in the future.

Observed a bulk container of sugar that did not have a cover available for it. To correct, please provide a cover for this container to prevent sugar from becoming exposed to dust and general contaminants. Observed (3) 40lb. Buckets of glaze to be stored on the floor. Containers of food shall be stored off the floor a minimum of 6" protect from dust and splash and to allow for proper cleaning of the floor in this area. To correct, please store these buckets of glaze off the floor a minimum of 6" as mentioned above.

Observed numerous in-use wiping cloths for counters and equipment stored on counters in various locations within establishment. Wiping cloths shall be held between uses in a chemical sanitizer solution at a concentration specified by the sanitizer manufacturer. To correct, hold in-use wiping cloths in solution as mentioned above

Health Report - 08/26/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) two of the soups (chicken noodle and a vegetable soup were found to be at 124f and 119f, respectively). Corrected by discarding. This issue was likely caused by no pans/pan covers installed in the back bay of the steam wells. Ensure the entire steam well is covered to prevent heat loss. 2) the warmer unit for the chicken was not turned on. The chicken was at 117 to 125f. Corrected by discarding these foods. Ensure staff are monitoring food temperatures regularly

(Critical) No paper towel was provided at the baker's station hand washing sink. Corrected by providing paper towel. Keep paper towels stocked at all hand washing stations

(Critical) A spray bottle of window cleaner was found stored on a shelving unit storing foods (located across from the dish washing machine)

(Critical) Walk in freezer: four open boxes of foods (egg patties, biscuits) had been dripped on by condensation that drips down from the freezer system during the defrost cycle. Corrected by discarding these foods

The wheeled trash cart that is stored inside the facility by the back door isn't being cleaned regularly at all. Old food, bags of trash, standing liquids and mold were found in the bottom of this cart. Remove all solid debris and have someone clean this cart out at the mop sink to eliminate this build-up

1) two large pails of vanilla fluff is stored on the floor of the walk in cooler. Store all foods at least 6" off of the floor. 2) several boxes containing foods in the walk in freezer: the flaps on the boxes were folded back and the interior food bags are being left open. Ensure your foods are stored in a protected manner

Baker's station hand washing sink: the sealant at the base of the splash guard is separating from the stainless steel. Remove the remaining sealant, clean and dry the surfaces and re-apply silicone to both sides of the splash guard

Two insulated bulk coffee dispensers (black) are being stored on the floor between the three compartment sink and the ice machine. Clean these containers and store them at least 6" off of the floor

Dish washing machine station

Non-food contact surfaces of equipment at the baker's station are filthy. Ensure staff are cleaning this equipment throughout the day as needed

The "clean" side of the dish washing machine drain board is soiled. Ensure staff clean this drain board throughout the day as needed

Many areas of the establishment were observed with excessive food/debris build-up. Staff need to maintain the facility in a much better condition to avoid the attraction and/or breeding of pests. The following areas need cleaning now and more frequently in the future: all of the floor drains (remove round metal cover to clean below), the floor sink under the ice machine, the floor at the wall juncture under the soda dispenser unit, the floor at the baker's station, the mop sink, the wall at the bakers station where the tongs are stored, etc

No protective spouts are installed on the donut filling spouts at the baker's station. Utilize the spout caps.

The rack of dishes in the dish washing machine had way too many items placed in it to thoroughly clean the surfaces. Ensure staff do not overload the dish racks

The walk in freezer unit is dripping condensation on foods during the defrost cycle. Repair this unit as needed to prevent this from happening

Health Report - 02/14/2014 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Clean equipment shelf: observed three of the four yellow plastic food hot holding pans to have excessive amounts of old food residue. These pans were sent to be soaked and re washed. Observed old iced cappuccino residue on the blending spindles. Corrected by cleaning. An unclean, serrated kitchen knife was found in the clean knife storage rack at the sandwich station. This knife was sent to be re-washed

(Critical) Observed the double red caps for the four donut filling spouts to be tethered to the wall with white nylon string. Corrected by cutting the string off of these caps and washing them

(Critical) Observed the pan of hash browns on time control to be held one half hour past the discard time of 12 noon. Corrected by discarding the hash browns and sending the tongs, pan and cover to be re-washed

(Critical) The wash water temperature gauge for the dish washing machine is non-functional (the needle is stationary at the maximum setting). Replace this gauge

(Critical) The air thermometer in the one door low-boy cooler located below the single iced cappuccino machine is damaged. Provide a replacement. Also, the digital temperature displays for the coffee cream dispensers are not accurate. Adjust/repair as needed

(Critical) Observed a wiping cloth pail stored in the hand washing sink at the donut making station. Corrected by relocating the pail to the base cabinet shelf. Two stacked five gallon buckets and a large trash can stored in front of the back kitchen hand washing sink near the three comp. Sink

Adjust the coffee cream dispensers so they maintain the cream at 41f and below. Today the units were at a slightly elevated temperature

Walk in freezer: the door handle and the floor of this unit are over-due for cleaning to remove food accumulation

The "clean side" drain board for the dish washing machine had a dish tray on it with donut icing all over the tray and the drain board. Additionally, icing was found on both of the dish washing machine door handles. Maintain these handles clean

Dish washing machine station: the handle for the hand washing sink hot water valve is spinning on the valve stem. Repair/replace as needed so hot water can be dispensed at this sink

Observed the following foods stored on the floor: box of saltine crackers (under front counter), two jugs of simple syrup and a partial case of lemon syrup (back kitchen area). Store all foods off of the floor for protection

Donut making station: observed two wire trays of donuts stored on the counter partially covering the hand washing sink basin. Corrected by relocating these trays to the speed rack to the left of the oven

Health Report - 08/06/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Pepsi and iced coffee beverage station: 1) the drain line for the pepsi station is not properly air gapped. Adjust/trim/support this drain line to maintain the required air gap (vertical height = 2x the pipe diameter) above the flood rim of the receiving drain basin. 2) the drain line (+/- 3/8" clear tubing) from the iced tea dispenser is stuffed into the drain grate in the nearby floor sink. Remove this drain tube and secure it such that a 1" air gap is provided

(Critical) No hand washing soap was provided at the donut station or the sandwich making station hand washing sinks. Asap provide soap at these locations

(Critical) Observed an employee using the donut station hand washing sink to rinse/clean out a 1/3 pan and spatulas for icing. Provide a sign to remind staff this sink is only for hand washing purposes

(Critical) Observed recently reheated (in baking oven) hash browns stored in a shallow 1/3 pan along side the toaster oven to be at 118f. The manager indicated batches of these hash browns are cooked regularly (at least every hour) and are sent back through the toaster oven prior to service to re-heat them. Hash browns lasting longer than an hour are discarded. Due to some recent software changes, the managers password was not working to gain access to the on-line training/sop manual to verify this procedure. The food code requires rte, phfs being held on time control to be provided with a discard time and have a written procedure available for review.

(Critical) 1) cleaning chemicals were stored above and among deli paper and paper sleeves for hash browns in a base cabinet below the panini grill. 2) two bottles of window cleaner were stored among foods and s. S. Items in a base cabinet at the donut station. 3) an open one gallon container of detergent was stored on the back kitchen prep counter above s. S. Items and foods. Corrected by the manager relocating these chemicals away from food and single service items

Observed the racks/shelves of the donut display case to have spilled icing on them and an accumulation of crumbs

Observed the mop sink and multiple floor drains (several screws need to be backed out to remove the drain cover) to be in need of cleaning at this time. Donut station: the floor (behind the trash can, under the cabinet, etc. ) and icing cart wheels are overdue for cleaning.

Observed the ice scoop for the pepsi station ice bin to be stored on the spill tray between uses. Corrected by using a 1/9 pan to store the scoop in between uses

1) an open case of donuts was stored on the walk in freezer floor. 2) a case of ketchup was being stored on the floor at the front counter. These items were corrected by relocating them to an appropriate shelving unit

1) the ice transfer pail was stored upright on top of the ice making machine. Store this pail inverted on a clean surface such as a dining room food tray. 2) both coffee brewing stations have the coffee filters stored exposed and upright. Store these filters in a cleanable container or in a plastic bag to protect them from misc. Contamination. 3) back beverage counter at the dining room ordering station: a rack with coffee lids is located adjacent to the dump sink. There is evidence of liquids being splattered on these lids. Relocate this rack to an area away from this splash source

Observed the clean dish drain board for the dish washing machine to have soiled water remaining on it. Ensure staff maintain this surface clean and not use it for temporarily storing dirty dishes

Observed the potential for bare hand contact with a ready to eat food (ice): an employee scooped ice from the ice bin at the beverage station with a paper cup. Corrected by discussing the concern of touching the ice with your fingers when scooping ice in this manner, and by staff using the provided handled ice scoop