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Health Report - 05/12/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 04/14/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Complete the risk control plan and submit to me within 10 days. I observed 3 packages of deli meats, 2 packages of cheese, sliced tomatoes all at unsafe temperatures on a prep table. Staff were preparing sandwiches for a catering order and brought out way to much food for the amount needed for prep. All of the foods were out of cooler for too long. The deli meats temped at 50-54*f, the cheeses at 54*f and the sliced tomatoes at 62*f. Managers need to be working with staff to only bring out small batches and quickly prep foods and get back into coolers. I also found the ham at the salad bar deli at 51*f due to overstocking of the food pan. Foods must be held at 41*f or less. All out of temp foods were discarded and pans will be half filled from now on with back up in reach in cooler. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify your risk control plan is working.

Please clean out the drain pipe that the pop station drains into so that black slime does not accumulate(attracts small flies)

Repeat violation 2 times in a row. I observed a coat left on a cart at the coffee prep area. Managers need to hold staff accountable to use the provided spots to hang personal belongings.

Please organize your clean utensils so they can be stored with the handles all in one direction. Suggest keeping them in covered containers such as lexans.

Health Report - 10/23/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I found opened containers of half and half, soy milk and vanilla soft serve mix not date marked in the walk in cooler. Managers need to be assuring proper date marking is taking place by staff. All items were discarded. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you are in compliance with date marking

(Critical) The following foods were found beyond the use by dates: goat cheese(9/26), two packages of deli ham(10/16), chocolate soft serve mix(10/14), and carolina sauce(10/14). Managers need to be assuring foods are audited everyday and expired foods are being discarded. All expired foods were discarded. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you are in control of this requirement.

(Critical) Repeat violation 2 times in a row. Complete the risk control plan and fax or email to me within 10 days. Once again, i observed spoiled foods in your walk in cooler. There was an unopened container of hommous that was bulging, indicating spoilage. I also found opened cheese with mold growing all over it. Management is not inspecting their coolers close enough to look for freshness of foods still. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) I observed a speedrack of many potentially hazardous foods in walk in cooler #1 at 52* - 54*f. Upon investigation, it was found that staff pulled the entire rack out when needing a couple of items off the rack and left it out too long and food warmed up to temps observed. Staff need to just pull out the foods they are needing for service and work in small batches so foods don't rise into the danger zone. Managers need to be monitoring staff habits to assure proper procedures are followed. Corrected by discarding all foods on this speedrack. I also found uncooked cheese bread loaves sitting out on a speedrack waiting to get baked off and they temped out at 62 - 64*f. Staff cannot leave this out at room temp. The rack needs to be kept in a walk in cooler and pull out when ready to bake them off so the temp stays at 41*f or colder. Again, managers need to be holding staff accountable. Corrected by baking off these cheese breads, as they were out for less than 3 hours.

(Critical) Both can opener blades were observed not cleaned in the kitchen. Staff need to remember to clean and sanitize this often overlooked food contact item. Managers need to monitor staff for completion of this after uses. Corrected by cleaning.

I found employee hats and clothing on a cart and on the prep table by the sink on the grill serve line. Staff need to be keeping their clothing/hats in a safe location away from food and food contact items.

The pizza screens and the area where they are stored are very dirty. You need to keep them and this area cleaned.

Milk crates were observed being used as storage "racks" in the catering area and in the dry storage room. Do not use milk crates, as there is not the 6" clearance to floor with them(for ease of sweeping and mopping floors). Keep product on your racks!

The interior of the convection ovens need to be clean thoroughly more often in the kitchen and in the salad service island. Also, the top of the dishtank needs to be cleaned more often.

There are several small flies near the sink in the corner on the main serve line grill area. You need to have a licensed pest company out to eliminate them. See violations from this location that are contributing to the flies wanting to be in this location.

The area around the sink on the serve grill line is very dirty. Staff need to be keeping the sink, carts, shelves and floor, walls and drains cleaned thoroughly in this area. Small flies are in this area because you are not cleaning like you need to be.

Several of the pop syrup boxes are on the floor and not being kept on the racks. Managers need to hold staff accountable to put things on racks and off the floor.

Health Report - 04/21/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Bbq briscuit and pork cooked yesterday was found at 48f in walk in cooler #1. Staff cooled product in unsafe manner and also did not complete cooling charts as required by sodexco. Leftovers must be cooled properly as we have talked about here on your last inspection. I want you to submit cooling charts for the next 3 weeks. Fax into me at end of each week for 3 weeks. Product was discarded.

(Critical) You need a new thermomter in the grab n go cooler.

(Critical) I observed the cooked vegan hot items at 115f at the island station. The hot plate was not turned on. Also, the cubed chicken and stir fry cooked veggies were found at 117f at this island station. Hot items must be held at 135f or hotter. Staff are supposed to complete temp logs per sodexo standards, but have not been completing them lately. Managers need to hold staff accountable to follow procedures. Corrected by heating in steamer to 165f.

(Critical) I obserrved rotten produce in walk in cooler #2. (bags of lettuce and carrots). I also observed rotten lettuce in the grab n go cooler. Managers need to inspect for freshness of product in stock. Corrected by discarding.

The coffee station for catering was found dirty. Also, the floor drain pipe was found with black slime. Clean more often.

Take down paper towel dispenser at the prep sink on the cook line.

Be sure you have enough santizer to submerge wiping cloths. Corrected immediately.

Health Report - 10/22/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I found cooked off sausage being cooled improperly in the walk in cooler. They were in a deep pan and covered. You need to cool on sheet trays and leave uncovered while cooling, then put into containers and label. Corrected by doing such. . . Product was in cooler for less than 4 hours.

(Critical) Found the vanilla soft serve cream at 53*f in the hopper. Must be 41*f or less at all times. Staff mixed with tap water and didn't cool back down in walk in cooler before stocking. Plans are to make up ice cream mix the night before and have cold before stocking at all times. Corrected by following the above procedure. Also, i found mashed potatoes in the hot box at 129*f. Must be 135*f or greater. Potatoes cooled down after adding milk and butter. Staff need to remember to heat back up to above 135*f before stocking in hot box. Temps need to be taken. Corrected by doing the above.

(Critical) I observed bread sticks and cookies without adequate protection. You need to get new sneeze guards for these stations. The ones you have are not durable or offer adequate protection. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you have them.

(Critical) I observed someone outside of kitchen staff using the ice machine to fill coolers. You need to have your staff fill coolers for folks needing ice for their needs on campus. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) I observed dishwasher handle clean ware with same gloved hands that he handled dirty ware with, creating a cross contamination issue. Staff need to take off dirty gloves and wash hands before they can handle any of the clean ware. Managers need to assure this procedure is being followed. Corrected by doing such.

Post your current foodservice license.

Discontinue using milk/bread crates to store things on. Obtain racks with minimum 6" clearance to floor.

You do not have enough racks to air dry all your ware after washing. You can't double stack things until dry. You need more racks in the dish area for air drying dishes.

Health Report - 04/18/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I observed several rotten heads of iceberg lettuce in the walk in cooler. Staff need to be visually inspecting the intergrity of the foods and discarding spoiled foods. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) Trays of raw shell eggs were found stored above ready to eat foods in the walk in cooler. Always store raw animal product on bottom shelves or only above other raw animal products. Corrected by moving to bottom shelf.

Provide higher watt light bulbs in the walk in coolers so you can see better in there.

You need to provide a spacer to fill the gap in the hood filters at the grill.

Please thoroughy brush clean out the floor drains

Produce is being stored directly on rack in walk in cooler. Please store on a clean surface such as food containers or sheet trays.

Bulk milk spouts are greater than one inch from the chilled dispensing head. Cut them on a diagonal so the longest portion is not more than 1" from the dispensing head.

3 mops were found not hung up. Please hang up between uses to expedite drying process.

Health Report - 11/01/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

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