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Health Report - 02/17/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) In the kitchen, at the ice machine bin, observed an employee's container of juice stored in direct contact with the ice. Corrected by removing the canned goods from the ice and discarding the affected ice. Item corrected

In the dining area at the soda self service machine observed the drain line from the ice bin to have slipped from its mount eliminating the air gap. Correct by reestablishing the air gap

At the customer self service station observed no tongs available for customers to dispense the lemon and lime wedges. Corrected by providing a set of tongs

In the kitchen, observed the floors at the following locations with an accumulation of food debris and grime: 1. Under and behind the ice machine 2. Under the dry storage shelving 3. Under the rethermalizer the grime is especially heavy at the floor wall juncture. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of debris and grime

Health Report - 07/30/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) At the dishwashing area on the clean dishware storage rack observed the following food contact surfaces not clean to sight and touch: 1. Large stock pot used for cooking beans with a greasy and gritty residue on the inside bottom of the pot. 2. The screens used in the bottom of the chip warmer with an accumulation of grease and built up food debris. Pic corrected each item by properly degreasing and then wash, rinsing, and sanitizing each food contact surface. Item corrected.

Health Report - 01/16/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The hand washing sink near the walk in cooler was blocked by multiple cardboard boxes and a large trash can. Corrected by relocating the boxes and moving the trash can to provide proper access for hand washing

(Critical) The new dining room ice machine drain line was installed without the required air gap. Provide an air gap (vertical free-fall distance) that is a least equal to two times the pipe diameter above the flood rim of the receiving basin. Ensure this drain pipe maintains required slope and is supported to prevent sagging over time

(Critical) Observed pinto beans in a shallow pan on the hot service line to be at 95 to 100f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure your foods being held hot are above a minimum of 135f

(Critical) Observed a 1/3 pan of expired pinto beans in the walk in cooler (expired at the end of jan. 13th). Corrected by discarding the beans

Observed a wet mop head resting in the mop sink. Corrected by hanging up the mop in the provided hanger

1) observed misc. Items that have accumulated under the kitchen ice machine. 2) the floor sink serving the new beverage dispensing system is in need of cleaning at this time. Clean at least 2-3 times per week in the future

Observed no available tongs for customers to dispense the lemon and lime wedges at the customer self service station. Corrected by providing a set of tongs

Observed a few pans stored on a shelving unit near the walk in cooler that still had moisture in them. Ensure these pans are air dried prior to stacking them for storage

Health Report - 07/31/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be unclean: a shallow hotel pan for rice, tongs, the stick blender, the cutting blades and push blocks for the two vegetable choppers, the bulk container of utensils resting in the standing water with a small piece of beef/misc. Small pieces of debris, a total of thirteen metal 1/3 and 1/6 pans and the drying shelf located just to the left of and below the dish washing station drain board for clean dishes. These items were sent to be re-washed

(Critical) Observed an employee only immerse a kitchen knife and a cutting board in the sanitizer for 4-5 seconds. Ensure staff allow all equipment being sanitized to stay in the quat sanitizer for at least 60 seconds as specified on the mfg. Label directions

The floor sinks located under the ice making machine and under the customer self service beverage station are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future to eliminate accumulated debris

Observed an opened case of plastic catering spoons/ladles that were not protected from misc. Debris on a storage shelf next to the prep counter in the back kitchen. Ensure staff keep these utensils covered to prevent contamination

Observed excessive amounts of trash/food on the ground at the trash dumpster area. Ensure staff are placing all trash bags inside the dumpster and closing the lids after disposing the trash to keep out pests

Provide a dedicated metal stem thermometer at your dish washing station for staff to use to verify the temperatures of the wash and sanitizing solutions

The mop sink faucet is dripping with the valves turned off. Repair/replace the faucet valves to eliminate this dripping water

Observed two plus cups of stagnant water in the bottom of a plastic tub used to store clean utensils. Ensure only dry utensils are placed in this storage tub

Health Report - 01/07/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Although paper towels are provided at the back dish washing room, the batteries are dead (or some other malfunction). Provide replacement batteries (repair as needed)

Observed the walk-in cooler shelves to be in need of cleaning to remove some spilled food and a minimal amount of mold growth that has accumulated

Health Report - 08/02/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Service line: observed small amounts of ground beef and cut steak to be at 101 to 111f in the steam table. Corrected by reheating these foods to 165f and placing them back in the steam table. These products may need to be covered to help maintain the proper temperature

Observed two white cutting boards (used for cutting tortilla chips) to not be holding up well. Provide replacement cutting boards

No dispensing tongs were provided for the customer self-service station to dispense the lemon wedges. Corrected by providing tongs

The floor sink located under the customer self-service beverage station base cabinets to be in need of cleaning now and at least a couple times per week to eliminate the accumulation of slime

Observed the small water pump for the hot water heater condensate to be non-functional. Asap provide a functioning water pump to eliminate this condensate water

Health Report - 01/30/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed a non-stick coated skillet that has some damage to its coating. Replace this pan and only use non-scratching utensils (plastic or high temp silicone) to prepare foods in these pans

Observed several stacks of washed dishes stored stacked/nested with others of the same size. Leave these pans separated until they have fully dried

No dispensing utensil is provided for customers to obtain the citrus wedges. Provide tongs, etc. For the dispensing of this food

The floor sink located below the dining room beverage dispensing unit is overdue for cleaning. Clean this area now and at least two times per week in the future

Health Report - 08/08/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed cooked steak on the food assembly line to be at 128/129f. Corrected by discarding this beef and providing fresh product from the hot holding cabinet (152f). This beef was placed back in the assembly line with a cover to help maintain the product temperature

Observed two wiping pails for cloth towels to be too weak. Corrected by replacing the sanitizer solution with 150 to 200 ppm quat

Dish washing machine: observed the drain outlet and the drain basin for the food trap screen to have significant food debris build-up on them. Thoroughly clean these areas to eliminate insect breeding areas and odors

The floor sink under the base cabinet for the customer self-service beverage station is over-due for cleaning. Please clean this drain basin now and at least 2 x per week in the future to eliminate a potential insect breeding area and control odors

Observed the soda dispensing spouts, diffusers and the mounting bases they attach to be in need of cleaning. Clean and sanitize these surfaces now and on a daily basis. Provide a small diameter bottle brush to clean the narrow gap where these pieces attach to the machine

Health Report - 02/03/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee not wash their hands after trying to repair the waste water drain for the prep area hand washing sink. Corrected by reminding the employee to wash their hands after contaminating them and by the employee washing their hands

This incident (59083) does not have any more information on it

The drain line for the back kitchen prep area still leaks. Repair as needed to eliminate the waste water leak

1) the interior surfaces of the dish washing machine compartment, the drain and the drain pan are due for a thorough cleaning to remove food build-up. 2) the fan grates/guards in the walk-in cooler are over-due for cleaning. Remove these grates and wash them to remove the accumulated dust. 3) the floor sink located under the customer self-service beverage station is over-due for cleaning. Maintain these areas clean to prevent odors and eliminate pest feeding/breeding sources

No dispensing utensil was provided for the customer self-service fruit wedges. Corrected by providing tongs. Ensure dispensing utensils area provided to prevent customer contamination of foods

The soda dispenser diffusers and the mounting bases for these diffusers need to be cleaned more frequently. Ensure this task is completed frequently. Obtain a small diameter bottle brush so the mounting bases can be thoroughly cleaned (contact your soda vendor for the proper size brush)

Observed the knives to be stored jumbled at the customer self-service station. Have an employee with clean hands organize the knives so all of the handles are extended up out of the container to prevent contamination of the food cutting end of the utensil

Health Report - 08/09/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

The drain pipe for the back area prep sink is leaking waste water at the connection just below the metal basin. It appears this connection is in need of a rubber gasket to properly seal the joint

The sliding doors on the trash dumpster were observed to be left open. Birds are gaining access to the trash, making a mess and becoming a nuisance

The walls in the vicinity of the dish washing machine are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed spilled food that has accumulated in the back of the reach-in portion of the one door front counter area prep cooler. Please maintain this area clean on a daily basis

Provide trash cans at your back kitchen hand washing sinks

Many areas of the mechanical dish washing machine are overdue for cleaning (interior of the wash cabinet including the doors and the drain pan). In addition, the drain boards (the clean dish storage sides) for the three compartment sink and the dish washing machine are in need of cleaning and sanitizing prior to next use.