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Health Report - 03/03/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the in use wash water solution to be visibly dirty with grease and food particles. Pic corrected by draining and refilling the wash water solution.

Health Report - 09/02/2014 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces not clean to sight and touch: 1. At the dishwashing area on the clean dishware storage rack the utensils used to deep fry salad shells and taco shells with an accumulation of grease and grime 2. At the chip warming station on the front service line the screens used in the bottom of the chip warmer with an accumulation of grease and built up food debris. Pic corrected each item by properly degreasing and then wash, rinsing, and sanitizing each food contact surface. Item corrected.

(Critical) Please read this entire section. Observed the black beans prepared this morning to be removed from the ice bath too soon, panned up in plastic containers and covered with plastic wrap. Staff indicated on their log chart the product was down to 40 degrees f. Prior to panning the beans and placing them in the walk in cooler. At the time of the inspection, the beans were found to be 62 to 79 degrees f. Staff need to continue the ice bath for a longer time to ensure all of the heat is removed from the beans prior to panning them. Corrected by setting up an ice bath and cooling beans. Beans found in the cooler with a temperature above 70 degrees f were discarded. Item corrected. ****this violation for improper cooling methods has been cited on 3 of the last 5 routine inspections. Pursuant to the washtenaw county procedures for enforcement of the michigan food law you are required to attend an administrative conference at the health department office. An administrative conference notice was provided to jeremy during this inspection

Observed the following plumbing fixtures at the three compartment sink in need of repair: 1. The main faucet hot and cold valves do not turn off. Water flow is controlled by the faucet flow rate control valve. Water leaks from the faucet base. Correct by repairing the hot and cold valves so they turn off 2. The spray rinse arm spring is worn allowing the nozzle to droop, sometimes below the flood rim of the sink. Correct by repairing or replacing the spring. Correct each item as described above.

In the dish area observed the majority of clean pans stored wet stacked. Correct by completely air drying clean utensils and dishware prior to storing

Health Report - 02/19/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the pinto beans prepared this morning to be removed from the ice bath too soon, panned up in plastic containers and covered with plastic wrap. Staff indicated on their log chart the product was down to 40f prior to panning the beans and placing them in the walk in cooler. At the time of the inspection, the liquid surrounding the beans was found to be 51 to 54f. Apparently there was still residual heat in the beans that was transferred to the liquid after the beans were removed from the ice bath. Staff need to continue the ice bath for a longer time to ensure all of the heat is removed from the beans prior to panning them. Corrected by setting up an ice bath again for these six pans of beans

(Critical) Mop sink faucet: the atmospheric vacuum breaker has been removed and a threaded fitting with a cap has been installed. Remove the cap and threaded fitting. Provided the interior surfaces where the back-flow preventer was installed are not damaged from the threaded insert, re-install a new atmospheric vacuum breaker

(Critical) Observed the steak and chicken on the hot holding service line to be at 97 to 124f. Corrected by discarding the steak and reheating the chicken to 165f. Ensure your hot foods on the service line are maintaining at least 135f

(Critical) Dish washing station: the overhead spray nozzle hose has damage to the outer sleeve at both ends and the spring to hold the hose up is fatigued such that the spray nozzle head hangs too low. Provide a new hose and spring to ensure the required air gap is provided

Dining room ice machine: re-establish the drain line air gap above the flood rim of the receiving basin (air gap height must be 2 x the discharge pipe diameter)

Observed multiple stacks of metal kitchen pans to be nested prior to them being dry. Keep these pans/bowls, etc. Separated and allowed to air dry prior to stacking them for storage

Health Report - 08/26/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The previous evening an employee made a 1/2 batch of black beans. These beans were found at +/-11 am to still be at 90 to 100f in four uncovered 1/3 pans. Additional ice bath time, frequent stirring, and shallower pans (or 1/3 pans only filled half way) is required to quickly cool this product to 41f and below within the required time-frame

(Critical) Observed black beans prepared the previous evening in four, uncovered 1/3 pans in the walk in cooler to still be at 90 to 100f. Corrected by discarding these beans

The mounting surfaces for the soda nozzles and diffusers are in need of more frequent cleaning. Ensure these areas are cleaned and sanitized along with the daily cleaning and sanitizing of the soda spouts and diffusers

The floor sink located under the dining room base cabinet that receives waste-water from the beverage station is overdue for cleaning. This basin will need cleaning at least 2-3 times per week

Health Report - 02/27/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (41223) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 08/24/2012 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be unclean: two kitchen knives on the magnetic knife rack, three ladles, a deep hotel pan, two red plastic pans for marinating meat, four clear 1/3 pans, two metal 1/3 pans, six 1/6 pans, the soda dispensing spouts/diffusers/mounting surfaces for the soda dispenser and the interior of the ice making machine. All of the equipment was sent to be re-washed. Ensure these surfaces are inspected for cleanliness after washing/air drying, prior to use. Schedule the interior of the ice making machine to be professionally cleaned. Provide an invoice to me after this work is completed

(Critical) Observed three 1/3 pans of cooked pinto beans in the walk in cooler that were prepared on 8-16. August 22 would be the last date of use for these beans. Corrected by discarding these beans

(Critical) Observed the onion/pepper slicer to be severely damaged (dull/bent blade and a bent aluminum tab on the food push block that was being gouged by the cutting blade). This slicer may not be used any more until it can be repaired or replaced. The gm indicated he has a new set of blades for a new style of slicer. This new slicer has not been received yet. Staff will need to manually cut onions and peppers until the new slicer arrives

(Critical) Observed a metal 1/3 pan of pinto beans in the walk in cooler at 42f at 3 pm. An employee indicated these beans were left-over from the previous night. An employee pulled them from the hot holding box and placed them in the walk in cooler. All other foods stored in the walk in cooler long term were found to be at 36f. Additionally, the film wrap on these beans was depressed significantly below the top of the pan due to it being tightly sealed. Ensure any left-over hot foods are properly cooled (uncovered, in a shallow layer (use multiple pans as needed) in a protected location, stirring frequently). Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed multiple hot foods to be out of temperature (below 135f) in the hot box for back-up foods (ground beef--130f, steak--120-130f, and ranchero sauce--127f) and on the steam table serving line (rice & ranchero sauce--126f, pinto beans--129f, queso sauce--130f, steak--106f, chicken--96f). These foods were either discarded or reheated to 165f as a means of correction. The serving line steam table was low/out of water in several basins. Staff added more water during the inspection. Ensure frequent temperature checks are made of foods and the water bath is maintained in the steam wells.

Observed the avocados to not be washed prior to cutting. Utilize the food prep sink to wash the exteriors after removing any labels

Observed an employee with fake fingernails/nail polish to be not wearing single use gloves while restocking some guacamole into food containers in the service line cold well. Any staff with painted or fake nails must wear single use gloves to protect food during food prep or handling/dispensing foods

Observed several recently washed food containers stacked on the clean dish storage rack prior to being fully air dried. Air dry equipment prior to use/stacking

Observed the following areas to be unclean: 1) all of the floor sinks (all four of them--dish wash, back kitchen prep, front counter and under the soda system base cabinet)--clean these areas now and at least three times per week; 2) the floor under the ice making machine--as needed; 3) the floor by the hot water heater--as needed. Maintaining these areas clean will prevent odors and the attraction of pests. Also, the metal roof structure, the ductwork and lighting, etc. Above the dining room is due for cleaning/vacuuming to remove the dust accumulation. Schedule this work after hours or on a day the restaurant is closed

Observed the possibility for food on the steam table assembly line to be contaminated. An employee had taken a pitcher, set it in the bottom of the hand washing sink to fill it up with hot water. A 1/6 pan in the middle of one of the steam table bays was removed to pour in the water. Water on the bottom/outside of the pitcher, if contaminated could drip into the pan of rice, etc. From the outside of the pitcher. Instruct staff to use the food prep sink or the three compartment sink (do not rest the pitcher in the bottom of the basin when filling) to obtain water for refilling the steam table. Also the cover was left open on the plastic tub for the bulk rice. Corrected by closing the cover

Health Report - 02/27/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee not wash his hands after touching the surface of a floor sink drain, nor after picking up something off of the floor. Corrected by reminding the employee to wash his hands after they touch a soiled surface and by the employee washing his hands

(Critical) Observed the following equipment to be unclean in storage: six deep full hotel pans used for cooking beef and storing chips, 5-6 1/3 pans for hot holding foods, a dispensing spoon handle, and the dispensing spout for the iced tea dispenser. These items were sent to be cleaned. Ensure equipment is inspected for cleanliness after air drying

Provide a no smoking sign for the entry to your facility

Observed a few of the spoons at the customer self service station to stored jumbled. Corrected by inverting all spoons so the only the handles are extended

Observed most of the metal kitchen food storage pans that were washed last night to be stacked while still wet. Allow sufficient time for these items to air dry prior to stacking them for storage

Observed the following areas of the facility to be in need of cleaning at this time an more frequently in the future: the floor sinks located under the serving line and under the beverage station; the floor in the back storage room--especially around the base of the water heater); the floor around a white support bracket holding up a short wall at the quesadilla press station; the floor drain grate and a recessed drain cover in the floor in the back dish washing room.

Observed the floor drain in the back storage room to be plugged. Unclog this drain as needed to accept mop water and condensate from the hot water heater exhaust pipe

No food service license is currently posted. Locate and post your food service license in a location that is viewable by the public

Health Report - 08/23/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed an employee cutting red and green peppers without washing them in the food prep sink first. This employee washed off the remaining peppers from the box prior to prep, however, the labels were still on the peppers. In the future, remove all stickers prior to washing vegetables

Observed wastewater leaking out of the connection on the discharge side of the pre-rinse station food trap screen housing. Repair this connection as needed to eliminate the leak

Ensure management is performing inspections to look for the presence of pests. A couple small flies were observed in the back kitchen. Take necessary action to eliminate flies, breeding areas and regularly monitor the facility for pest activity

The floor sink serving the beverage dispensing station in the dining room is overdue for cleaning. Clean this drain now and several times per week in the future.

The interior of the dish washing machine is due for a thorough cleaning to remove food debris. The drain basins that hold the food trap screens for the dish washing machine and the pre-cleaning station to have excessive amounts of old food debris build-up. Thoroughly clean these areas now and several times per week to eliminate odors and a fly breeding area

The cleaning frequency of the ice making machine needs to be increased. Clean now and schedule the next cleaning

The walk in cooler shelves are due for cleaning. Please clean the shelves now and place on a regular cleaning interval

Health Report - 02/22/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a couple spatulas (one large, one small) that were cracked and had some peeling layers, a plastic 1/3 pan with cracks, rough melted surfaces, multiple large square food storage tubs that are cracked part way down from the top, an aluminum ice scoop that was cracked, and a metal 1/3 pan with severely dented bottom corners making it difficult to clean. Corrected by discarding these items.

Observed the sanitizer concentration in both of the front kitchen area and the one back kitchen wiping cloth buckets to be too weak. Corrected by emptying and refilling these buckets with fresh sanitizer at +/-300 ppm quat

Provide a door sweep for the front entry door to prevent the entry of pests (consider the nylon bristle type for better longevity)

Observed the metal ice scoop laying in the ice bin with the handle contacting the ice. Corrected by removing the ice scoop for washing. After washing, the scoop was inserted into the ice with the handle extended

The following items need repair/replacement: 1) the walk in cooler door closer, 2) the caster wheels for the back kitchen prep table, 3) the metal cover for the right-hand make line cooler that is currently held in place with duct tape

Provide a splash guard for the back kitchen hand washing sink (right side) that is located adjacent to the food prep counter

The following areas of the dish washing machine are being neglected again: the dish washing cavity, the washing spray arms (orifices are plugged with food debris), and the drain pans for the dish washing machine, plus the drain pan for the spray rinse station. These areas need daily cleaning to eliminate this excessive food debris build-up that is an excellent breeding area for flies

Walk in cooler: observed a tub with bags of pinto beans in an ice water bath. One of these bags was not properly sealed as evidenced by discolored water in the tub. Correct by discarding the one bag of improperly sealed beans

Health Report - 08/26/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple bags of cooked black beans (made 23 hours prior) to still be at 44f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure your staff continue the ice bath for at least 1/2 hour longer than they currently are. The finished beans need to be stored in more than one buss tub when they are placed in the walk in cooler. Have staff add more ice to the buss tubs when they place the beans in the cooler.

(Critical) Observed small flies present in the back prep kitchen area, the dish washing room and in the chemical/linen storage area. Utilize vinegar bait stations, fly paper (only in areas away from food, single service/use items and clean equipment), keep your drains clean, the floor tile clean and dry and maintain the dish washing machine & and pre-rinse station food trap devices clean

The door gaskets for the three door cooler are torn. Provide replacement door gaskets to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface. Provide a door sweep for the bottom of the back door

After cleaning and drying, re-seal the bottom of the frp board where it meets the back of the mop sink to keep moisture from behind the frp. The floor drain in the chemical storage room needs some grout work under the cover to provide a sloped and smooth surface so debris doesn't accumulate

Observed the interior of the dish washing machine, and the food trap screen housings for both the dish washing machine and the pre-rinse station with old food debris build-up. Please ensure staff are cleaning these areas nightly at closing time