College Inn Pizzeria (Gharabali Ent, Inc

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530 N. Huron
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Health Report - 04/20/2010 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed phfs (deli meat, ranch dressing, etc. ) in the one door salad prep cooler to be at 48 to 53f. Corrected by discarding these phfs. Please monitor your food temperatures daily

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be unclean: the can opener blade, a couple metal food insert pans, multiple utensils in a tub on the storage rack above the dish washing sink. Please ensure your equipment/utensils are thoroughly cleaned (inside and out) and inspected for cleanliness prior to placing in clean storage

The one door pizza prep cooler was not operating at 41f or below. Have this unit serviced as needed to maintain foods at 41f or below

Provide food labels for your cake, cheese cake and the baklava that is packaged and available to your customers

No air thermometer is provided in the one door upright pepsi grab and go cooler in the dining room

The manager indicated she is registered for a food safety training course. Provide a copy (fax) of your food safety certificate to me once you receive it in the mail

Observed an open pizza box being used as a shelf liner near the dough area, and stacks of pizza boxes near the salad prep area that are used as visual barrier that are soiled. Please do not use cardboard as a shelf liner or a semi-permanent wall as they are not cleanable and can harbor insects

Observed a case of olives and a case of salt packets to be stored on the floor. To protect your foods and to facilitate cleaning of the floor, only store your food at least 6" off of the floor

Observed the following areas of the facility to be unclean: the walls at the dish washing sink/hand washing sink, the wall at the pizza prep cooler station, the walls at the deep fryer, the floors of the entire kitchen (out of the way areas), the spice shelf above the pizza cutting table, etc. Please clean these areas now and on a frequent schedule in the future to eliminate food build-up that can attract pests.

Health Report - 10/05/2009 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed feta cheese in the pizza prep cooler without a use-by date, and a plastic container with a date of 10-10 containing at least two types of deli meat (ham and salami). Corrected by providing a use-by date on the feta, and on the different packages of meat

Observed no liquid soap in the kitchen hand washing dispenser and nearly no hand soap in the bath room soap dispenser. Please ensure hand soap is always available. Corrected by refilling the soap dispensers. The lack of and/or improper hand washing is one of the top five reasons for foodborne illness

On a couple occasions there were cardboard boxes stored in front of the hand washing sink preventing access to the hand washing sink. Corrected by removing the boxes

Observed an unprotected light bulb in the display unit at the front counter. Please purchase and install a bulb tube and end caps or purchase a light bulb with a shatter proof coating

Observed the metal stem food thermometer to be reading about 4-5 degrees too low. Please calibrate the thermometer to be accurate

Observed a wet mop head hung up not over the mop sink (moisture was dripping on tools in the mop closet. Please either hang wet mop heads over the mop sink or provide a catch bucket below the wet mop. If a bucket is utilized it must be maintained clean

Observed no paper towel in the bath room paper towel dispenser. Corrected by refilling the dispenser

Health Report - 04/07/2009 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple food contact surfaces to be stored unclean: the food processor attachment for mixing pizza dough, a kitchen knife, a pizza cutting wheel, and a food pan. Corrected by cleaning and sanitizing

(Critical) Observed pizza by the slice (less than 135f) stored on a shelf under a turned off heating element. Corrected by discarding. In the future, if you plan to store your pizza by the slice in a cardboard pizza box under the warming element, a time as a public health control policy must be in place prior to storing pizza in this manner

(Critical) Observed evidence of employees smoking in the back kitchen area (cigarette butts in an ash tray on the desk in the back of the kitchen). Corrected by removing the ash tray and cleaning the desk/table of ashes

(Critical) Observed rte, phfs in the facility with out use-by dates (feta cheese, turkey & ham). Staff must begin to provide use-by dates for these foods by adding 6 days to the day of preparation--place the month and day of month on the food containers/packaging. Any foods (i. E. Salads prepared in advance) created out of multiple rte, phfs held over 24 hours must be marked with the date of the earliest expiring ingredient(s). I will perform a follow-up inspection to verify the date marking process has been implemented

Observed two bags of whole onions stored on the floor of the walk in cooler. Corrected by placing the bags of onions on one of the storage shelves

Observed a wet mop head resting on the floor in the mop closet. Please provide a way to hang up the mop head above the mop sink to allow the mop head to air dry between uses

Observed a red alcohol thermometer in the front counter display cooler to be reading inaccurately. The thermometer was reading 45f and the food was observed at 36/38f. Corrected by discarding the thermometer (another accurate thermometer was also in the unit)

Observed several single service items (paper plates and to-go salad containers) to be stored upright. Please keep these items stored inverted to prevent dust/debris accumulation. Corrected by inverting and covering these items to protect them

Observed the rear delivery door bracket to not be mounted to the door frame. Please reattach this bracket to allow the door closer to function