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Health Report - 08/28/2012 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following foods in the walk in cooler without date marks: an open package of deli turkey, and open package of deli ham and a cooked chicken breast. These items were discarded. Ensure staff are providing date marks for these foods as well

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: five pairs of tongs, a spatula, the can opener blade, a potato masher, and a scoop, ice strainer and shot measurers from the bar. These items were sent to be re-washed. Ensure these items are inspected for cleanliness / washed when required.

(Critical) Observed an open container of dewars blended scotch-whiskey with a mesh pour spout to have two small flies (fruit/vinegar flies) in the bottom. Corrected by pouring this liquor down the drain

(Critical) Observed the following potentially hazardous foods to be out of temperature (sitting out on counters in the kitchen): partial carton of liquid eggs from the walk in cooler (52f), pre-cooked sausage links from the walk in cooler (72f), back-up container of waffle batter made this morning prior to breakfast service (70f), a partial can sausage gravy removed from the store room, partially warmed and left on the counter (90f), and a partial skillet of scrambled eggs cooked on-site, covered with a cutting board and located under the cook line warming element. These foods were discarded

Observed the following floor sinks (and the tips of the drain pipes discharging into the floor sinks) to be in need of cleaning at this time: the bar, the dish washing area and the one at the bottom of the basement stairs. The gm indicated a staff person had cleaned these drain areas prior to the end of the inspection

Observed the hot water valve non-functional at the kitchen hand washing sink near the ovens--repair as needed. The water supply valves for the following water using equipment were also turned off: the dish washing area hand sink, overhead spray nozzle and garbage disposal, the kitchen two compartment sink and the kitchen three compartment sink to be turned off. Ensure these pieces of equipment are provided with hot and cold running water

Observed multiple ports in the dish washing machine spray arms to be plugged with debris/seeds. Ensure these spray arms are back-flushed / cleaned nightly

Observed a supply of plastic knives, forks and spoons to be placed in a cup with the eating ends upward. Have an employee with clean hands invert these utensils so only the handles are extended upward to prevent the contamination of the eating ends when the utensils are dispensed

Health Report - 02/23/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed four chemical containers stored on a bottom shelf in the bar area dry storage room to be located next to beverages. Corrected by relocating these chemicals away from the beverages

Staff have indicated an employee does have a manager food safety certification, however, a copy has not been provided to this office. Asap provide me a copy of this certification

1) two ceiling lights in the kitchen area do not have a light cover. Provide a fixture cover or install bulb tubes and end caps on the individual light bulbs. 2) a heat lamp in a breakfast area hot holding cabinet (used for biscuits) is not shatter-proof. Provide a heat lamp with a shatter-proof coating

Observed the strainer insert for the floor sink located to the left of the bar area ice holding bin to be holding extra moisture and to be in need of cleaning.

Observed most of the water outlets on the dish washing machine spray arms to be plugged with food debris. Ensure these spray rinse arms are removed and flushed out at the end of each day

Observed the provided chlorine test papers to be discolored which indicates they have been stored improperly and/or that they are too old. Provide fresh test papers to verify the chorine sanitizer concentration

Observed no paper towel or paper towel holder to be provided at the bar area. Provide paper towel so staff can dry their hands after washing them

Observed both doors to be left open on the dumpster. Please keep these doors closed to prevent pest entry

Health Report - 08/31/2011 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed multiple metal food pans on a shelf in the kitchen with either an oily residue on them or with old food debris stuck on them. These items were sent to the dish washing machine to be re-washed

(Critical) 1) observed water shooting out of a bad rubber fitting on the discharge side of a sump pump in the basement. Asap eliminate this waste water leak. 2) the bar hand washing sink drain seal is leaking water. Repair asap as needed to eliminate the leak

(Critical) Observed numerous small flies (fruit flies) at the kitchen dish washing area, the bar, the server side stand, and at the breakfast buffet area. Additionally, an infestation of drain flies were observed in the basement. Contact your pest control company and have them make an emergency visit by the end of the day tomorrow. Utilize floor drying fans, eliminate plumbing leaks and keep the facility clean to eliminate breeding areas

(Critical) Observed a previously opened package of deli turkey in the one door upright cooler to have a date of 8-19. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed 5-6 bottles of liquor at the bar with pouring spouts attached to them to have small flies in the liquor. This liquor was poured down the drain. Ensure flies are prevented from entering the liquor bottles

(Critical) Observed evidence of equipment being washed at the bar hand washing sink (several inverted plastic containers, a plate and some glasses on the bar hand washing sink drain boards with moisture and soap bubbles on them). No provision is available for sanitizing these items. All equipment/dishes/utensils must be sanitized after washing and rinsing

Bar: observed the ice transfer pail to be stored upright on the tile floor under the bar ice bin. Properly store this pail inverted on a clean and sanitized surface such as a serving tray with bar matting to allow moisture to drain out, allow for air circulation and to prevent misc. Contamination

Observed evidence of the bar hand washing sink (small drain boards are located on either side of the basin) being used to wash dishes. This practice must be discontinued

Observed multiple foods out on the breakfast counter to be uncovered/unprotected, such as waffle batter, toppings for waffles, strawberries, candy, etc. Provide covers for the waffle batter in the cups, and a covered condiment dispenser with a spoon for your other foods

Replace inoperable light bulbs in the cook line hood

At the dish washing station hand sink

Observed the drain housing for the food trap screen of the dish washing machine to have old food residue on the sidewalls. Thoroughly clean this area now and every day it is used

Plastic food tubs on a shelf to the left of the tilt skillet

The following areas were observed to be unclean: the floor in the server side station, the floor sink for the dish washing machine, the trough drain at the cook line, the floor mat and the floor below at the dish washing station, the floor under the shelving units in the dry storage room, the two floor sinks at the bar, the floor under the stainless steel bar counter, the floor in the basement, and the sump basins in the basement. These areas need prompt attention to remove food sources for pests as well as breeding areas. Very regular cleaning of these areas is necessary to keep the facility sanitary

Observed an open trash can at the bar with food scraps in it from the previous day. Either eliminate all garbage at the end of the night or tightly cover/tie off garbage bag to prevent access to pests

Observed one cover and the sliding door on the dumpster to be left open. Keep the lids and doors closed to prevent access to the garbage by pests

Health Report - 03/03/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) None of the following sink basin drain lines are air gapped: the two left hand basins of the three compartment sink (rinse and sanitize), and the single drain line from the two compartment culinary sink. Any food prep must occur in a sink with an air gapped drain. Provide at least one basin with an air gapped drain line (consider air gapping the two compartment culinary sink drain line). The required air gap height (vertical free-fall distance of the waste water from the termination of the discharge pipe to the flood level/top of the receiving receptacle) must be two times the discharge pipe diameter (i. E. If the sink drain pipe is 2" the air gap height must be 4").

The interior of the true one door upright cooler has mold growth on the shelves and on the bottom of the cooler. Remove the small amount of containerized foods on the top shelf and place them in the walk in cooler, unplug the unit and thoroughly clean and sanitize the interior surfaces prior to returning this unit to service.

The floor in the atrium bar is in need of cleaning

The thermometer provided in the true one door upright cooler is damaged. Provide an accurate replacement

Observed wiping cloths stored in a solution of weak chlorine sanitizer. Corrected by adding more bleach to provide 100-150 ppm chlorine

There are a few water leaks in the ceiling of the kitchen. Repair the roof as needed once the weather allows

Health Report - 09/08/2010 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food to be moldy or rotten in the main kitchen walk in cooler: 1) moldy cheese cubes in three open bags of cheese, 2) rotten onions (delivered months ago), 3) moldy/rotten oranges, 4) rotten heads of lettuce delivered on 7-2-10, 5) rotten broccoli delivered 7-20-10, and 6) bags of rotten mixed lettuce. These foods were discarded. One door upright cooler on cook line: moldy swiss cheese slices in an open package. Cheese was discarded

(Critical) 1) observed packets of cream cheese in a counter top refrigerator located at the breakfast service area at 52-54f. The cream cheese was discarded. 2) observed coffee cream in a small glass pouring pitcher at 67f. The coffee cream was discarded. 3) observed sausage in the hot holding set-up (chafing pan) to be at 112- to 150f. The sausage was discarded

(Critical) Observed the pot used for hard boiled eggs was only rinsed off prior to placing it in storage on the shelf, and the tongs for the self service breakfast foods were only wiped off with a napkin/paper towel at the end of the service period. Corrected by placing these utensils and the pot in the dish washing machine to wash, rinse and sanitize

(Critical) Observed four open employee beverage containers (two foam cups with coffee and two open cans of soda--one of which was stored on the clean dish drain board). Discard all of these containers and only utilize covered containers such as handled insulated mugs with closable sipping tops

(Critical) Observed the following ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods in the main kitchen walk in cooler to not have use-by dates provided by staff: open bags of ham and roast beef deli meats, turkey sausage, and hard boiled eggs (in one door cook line upright cooler). These foods were discarded. Ensure staff are date marking required foods

1) observed several of the water spouts in the dish washing wash and rinse arms (top and bottom ones) to be plugged with debris. Corrected by removing the end caps on the arms and flushing them out. 2) observed the food trap screen on the dish washing machine drain to not be cleaned out after the last use. Corrected by removing food debris from this screen. Ensure the black plastic housing for this screen is maintained clean to prevent fly problems

Observed spilled food and mold growth on the aluminum foil shelf liner in the breakfast food walk in cooler. Corrected by removing the foil and providing a new layer of foil

Observed multiple single service items (hot dog & nacho chip/cheese containers in the store room), and bowls & plates at the breakfast service area are stored upright. Keep these food contact surfaces stored inverted to prevent contamination

Provide a trash can at the main kitchen area hand washing sink

Corrected by closing lid

Observed the kitchen delivery door to be propped open upon arrival. Corrected by closing the door

No paper towel is provided at the small bar in the atrium area

Observed cases of food delivered the previous day to be still located on the floors of both walk in coolers. The cases of food in the breakfast cooler were placed on the shelves during the inspection. Please place the food on the storage shelves in the main kitchen wic

Observed the dispensing spouts for the juice dispenser with food build-up on them. These spouts need to be removed at the end of your breakfast service and washed, rinsed and sanitized

The dish washing sink at the dish washing area had dirty dishes stored in it. Corrected by removing these dishes and placing them on the dirty dish drain board

Adjust the breakfast walk in cooler and the counter top cooler at the breakfast service station to maintain foods at 41f or below

The bulk milk dispenser spout has a length of 2 inches. The maximum length of this spout is to be 1". Please cut this spout with a clean and sanitized knife/scissors to be no longer than 1"

No air thermometer was provided in the small counter top cooler in the breakfast service area

Observed a small water leak on the water line from the back flow preventer to the garbage disposal at the dish washing machine. This plumbing is located near the wall under the garbage disposal

The floor and floor sink drains in the atrium bar area are over-due for a thorough cleaning (especially under shelves and equipment)

Health Report - 03/08/2010 (12 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed flies in the kitchen at the following areas: in the tilt skillet and under a loose metal cover over a sump pit (around the corner from the dish washing area in the short, dead-end hallway. Take necessary steps to eliminate/prevent access to these breeding areas

(Critical) Observed no air gaps for the drain line in the catering walk in cooler, nor for the kitchen ice machine/bins (drain to a floor sink in the basement). Provide required air gaps (vertical height = to 2x the discharge pipe diameter)

(Critical) 1) observed an employee with an open beverage cup on a prep table kitchen. Corrected by discarding. 2) observed an employee smoking in the breakfast prep area of the kitchen upon my arrival. Corrected by putting out the cigarette. 3) a couple of ash trays were observed in the kitchen

(Critical) Observed chemicals stored with and above foods in the dry storage room. Corrected by separating the foods from the chemicals

(Critical) Observed the walk in cooler for breakfast foods to be maintaining foods at 46 to 49f. Corrected by discarding phfs (cream cheese, sausage, milk, coffee cream, eggs (raw and hard boiled)). This unit may not be utilized until it can maintain 41f or colder. The small counter top breakfast area cooler: eggs and cream cheese found at 45 to 47f. These foods were discarded. This unit was adjusted to a colder setting during the inspection

(Critical) A total of three hose connection back flow devices (asse 1011) are missing again (two in the kitchen near the dish washing area, and one at the outside hydrant by the dumpster).

(Critical) Observed a couple inches of water in the bottom of the tilt skillet. Flies have been hatching out of this water. Thoroughly clean and sanitize this piece of cooking equipment

(Critical) Walk in coolers and dry store room: observed moldy bread, cherry tomatoes, old broccoli and old potatoes that had 4-7 inch sprouts coming out of them. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed employees not wash their hands after smoking, handling soiled items, after taking out the trash or dumping mop buckets, etc.

(Critical) The level of chlorine in the rinse cycle of the dish washing machine is weak. Contact your dish washing machine repair company and have them adjust the chlorine pump. Also, several food contact surfaces (dispensing nozzles for the juice machine) were not being sanitized after cleaning.

(Critical) Observed multiple metal kitchen pans on the clean dish storage shelf to still have food residue on them. Some water glasses for a banquet function were stored upside down on an unclean metal prep counter. Corrected by re-washing them. The can opener blade, dispensing spouts for iced tea/coffee dispensing pots and a cooking pot were observed to be unclean. These items were sent to be cleaned

(Critical) Based upon the findings of this inspection there is a lack of active managerial control of the food service operations being conducted at this facility. The banquet manager was recently certified in food safety, however, there are still too many food safety risks at this facility. Take necessary steps to ensure employees are trained in food safety and monitored on a daily basis

Observed the outside of the bulk milk dispenser at the breakfast area to be covered in a thick paper towel. Remove this paper towel so the front of the dispenser can be wiped down (stainless steel)

1) the floors, urinals and toilets in the bedrock's bathrooms are in need of cleaning. 2) the floor in the kitchen dry storage room are due for cleaning. 3) observed dust (residue from the tile workers) still to be present on many kitchen surfaces. 4) the grease trap area under the three compartment sink (the trap cover is not properly attached either). 5) the trough drain in front of the grill line

Provide chlorine test papers to verify the dish washing machine and hand-mixed sanitizer concentrations

Observed the roof to be leaking near the dirty dish area of the dish washing station. Repair roof as needed and replace damaged ceiling tiles

Observed the plastic knives stored jumbled in the dispensing basket. Correct by having an employee with clean bare hands organize the knives with the handles oriented all toward the customer

Observed the dispensing tube on the bulk bagged milk to be way too long. Always cut the drain tube as specified above (with clean and sanitized knife/scissors) so milk in this tube is not subject to warm temperatures

No paper towel was provided at the main kitchen hand washing sink, nor in the men's bathroom located outside the kitchen and breakfast areas

Provide a replacement door gasket for the breakfast walk in cooler--the current one is torn

Observed a recently obtained fish tank (small) that was placed on top of the counter top refrigerator at the breakfast area. Corrected by relocating the fish tank to a separate table

Dry storage room: observed multiple cases of food stored on the floor. Corrected by placing these items on the shelves

Observed the dish washing machine to be in need of cleaning (spray arms plugged with food debris, interior surfaces of machine with food debris accumulation, and food trap screen in the drain). The spray arms were disassembled an unplugged and the trap screen was emptied

Walk in cooler for breakfast foods: the entire evaporator coil was a solid block of ice. Defrost this unit asap. The breakfast area counter top cooler was operating at too warm of a temperature. This unit was adjusted colder

Observed multiple wet wiping cloths stored on the prep table counter in the breakfast prep area of the kitchen. Only store these wet wiping cloths in a solution of sanitizer to prevent bacterial growth between uses

Provide an air thermometer for the breakfast area one door cooler.

Observed a leaky water valve on one of the toilets (in corner on right) in the unused men's bathroom for bedrock's. Repair to eliminate the leak

Observed some single service/use food containers in the dry storage room to be store upright. Corrected by inverting them and/or placing them back in their storage bag

Observed two ice machine ice scoops stored on the top of the ice machine. Corrected by sending these scoops to be washed. In the future, these scoops will be stored in a clean pan