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Health Report - 05/13/2015 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the top of the roasting oven with a thick accumulation of grease and food debris. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis

At the main cook line observed the floors under the fryer with an accumulation of food debris and grime. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis

Health Report - 10/28/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

The back screen door has gaps between the door and frame, especially at the top. Correct by eliminating the gaps which can allow pests to enter the facility

In the restroom observed six cases of single service containers stored on the floor. Single service containers must be stored as outlined above. Pic corrected during inspection by relocating the containers to an approved area. Item corrected

Health Report - 04/16/2014 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed three large containers of hot rice to be covered while cooling them down. Corrected by uncovering them to facilitate rapid cooling in the walk in cooler

(Critical) Observed an employee washing his hands in the food prep sink. Corrected by having the employee wash his hands at the hand washing sink

(Critical) Observed potentially hazardous foods in the prep cooler (top and bottom) to be at 49 to 51f. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) Observed two plastic steaming baskets to be melted such that they cannot be easily cleaned. Corrected by discarding these baskets. Provide metal steaming baskets

Observed the cook line prep refrigerator to only be maintaining foods at 49 to 51f. Corrected by having a contractor recharge the refrigerant in the cooler. This unit was maintaining less than 41f prior to the end of the inspection

Observed a couple wiping towels stored on the counter. Only store these wiping towels in a container of sanitizer when not in use to prevent bacterial growth

Observed a bag of whole cabbage on the floor in the back of the kitchen. Corrected by placing on a table to elevate off of the floor

Observed a previously used single-use glove saved on the counter for re-use. Corrected by discarding this glove and discussing this issue with the owner

Health Report - 09/13/2013 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed a tray of cooked breaded chicken that was removed from the walk in cooler to be placed on the speed rack near the cooking area. This chicken was 51f. Corrected by discarding. 2) two bags of thawed meat were found in the bottom of the food prep sink at mid to upper 50f. Corrected by discarding. 3) cooked breaded chicken breasts and egg rolls in the top of the prep cooler at the cook line were at 54 to 55f. Corrected by discarding

(Critical) A kitchen worker prepared a bleach water solution for storing wiping cloths and did not verify the chlorine concentration was at a proper level with the test kit. Corrected by locating the test kit and discussing the need for each batch of sanitizer prepared to be checked by staff

(Critical) 1) the hand washing sink at the dish washing station was blocked by a large kitchen knife that was stored in the sink basin. Corrected by removing the knife. 2) the cook line area hand washing station was blocked by a fan on a floor stand. Corrected by removing the floor fan

(Critical) Observed extra fried rice to be stored in a covered pot on top of a covered bay of the steam table. This rice was at 89f. Corrected by placing in a large bowl to spread it out for cooling. After a short time the rice was relocated into the walk in cooler

(Critical) The chlorine sanitizer solution prepared was too strong. The test paper turned deep purple/black. Corrected by diluting the solution to 150/200 ppm

Observed the two floor sink drains and the plastic colanders inserted in them to catch food debris to be heavily soiled with old food debris. Ensure these colanders and the drain basins are cleaned at the end of each night

Observed the handles on the bulk food (salt, sugar, corn starch, etc. ) scoops to be soiled. Remove these scoops and thoroughly clean them

Observed bagged meats in the bottom of the empty food prep sink thawing. Two products were thawed and above 50f. These foods were discarded. The other foods were still frozen solid. They were relocated to the walk in cooler. Proper thawing under running water was described with the owner. Corrected

The exhaust hood filter sections over the cooking equipment are over-due for cleaning. Thoroughly clean these filters and any other areas of the exhaust hood system to remove oil build-up

The prep refrigerator was maintaining about 44-45f. The owner adjusted the temp control dial from 3. 5 to 4. Monitor this unit to ensure it maintains 41f or below.

Health Report - 03/14/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (5166) does not have any more information on it

This incident (35990) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 09/24/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a worker take the plastic pail and several utensils for scooping rice and only wash and rinse it prior to refilling it. Corrected by removing these items and properly washing, rinsing and sanitizing them with chlorine sanitizer

Observed a clear bag containing a few steamed buns resting on top of the white rice in the hot holding unit. This practice could contaminate the rice if the outside of the bag is not clean. Corrected by removing this bag from the rice warmer.

Post a no smoking sign at your entrance

Health Report - 03/14/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a household use only can of raid ant and roach insecticide in the back storage room. Corrected by discarding this spray. Only purchase and use insecticides approved for use in restaurants or hire a pest control contractor if needed

Observed a wiping cloth bucket with no chlorine residual in it. Corrected by adding additional chlorine to provide 100 ppm

Observed the chlorine test kit provided to be discolored and inaccurate. Purchase a new test kit and use it daily to verify the chlorine concentration of your sanitizer

Observed a gap at the top of the screen door at the back hallway. Provide a way to seal the top of the door to prevent the entry of pests

Health Report - 09/12/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a bowl of deep fried chicken resting on top of the food insert pans in the top of the prep cooler to be at 59f. Food stored this way will not maintain proper temperature. Corrected by relocating the chicken to the reach in portion of the cooler that was maintaining foods at 39-40f. The egg rolls were found to be at 45f. Provide a cover for the hotel pan (egg roll storage pan) in the top of this cooler to keep your egg rolls colder. Corrected by providing a pan cover. The owner is keeping a small working supply of garlic in oil out at room temperature for up to two days. Corrected by education and by the owner discarding the garlic at the end of each night. Garlic from the walk-in cooler will be portioned out into a clean container the next morning

(Critical) The owner only washed and rinsed the multi-use kitchen rice spoon, fork and container prior to returning it to use. These food contact surfaces must be sanitized after washing and rinsing. Corrected by re-washing, rinsing and then sanitizing this equipment

Observed peeling ceiling paint located above the back kitchen prep table to be peeling. Repair as needed and re-paint

The back screen door has gaps around the outside of it (especially at the top). Eliminate the gaps that can allow pests to enter the facility

Two bulk bags of rice are stored on 3/4" boards on the floor in the back hallway. Provide a way to store all foods at least 6" off of the floor (no bare wood)

Observed the inner portions of the cook line exhaust hood filter sections to have excessive oil build-up. Thoroughly clean these surfaces to reduce the chance of a fire

Health Report - 03/09/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a spray can of household use only raid ant and roach insecticide in the back storage room. Only insecticides approved for use in a licensed restaurant may be used in the facility. Corrected by removing the insecticide to the owners car to take home

Observed standing water in the floor sink basin located under the food preparation sink. Clear the blocked drain line asap

The test papers for testing the chlorine sanitizer have turned brown. Once these test papers discolor they no longer provide an accurate reading. Provide a replacement test kit

Walk in cooler: observed a small bare wood rack/shelf inside a plastic tub with water in the bottom of it. This rack is used to prop up a colander of food to allow water to drain out. This wood was moldy. Corrected by discarding this wood rack.

Health Report - 09/02/2010 (9 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a cook only rinse his hands off after handling raw shrimp while placing them into frying oil. Corrected by having the employee wash his hands with soap and water

(Critical) Mop closet: observed a bright blue liquid stored in two containers that originally contained grape juice and lemon flavored water without a new label as to what the chemical is. Corrected by providing a proper label with the chemical name

(Critical) The incoming food delivery (from a distributor in chicago, ill. ) was received by staff and there were phfs above 41f. Observed tofu (1 case), steamed noodles (5 pounds), and 30 pounds of bean sprouts to be 49 to 52f. Corrected by discarding these foods. Contact your delivery company for a credit of these items

(Critical) Observed employee medicines stored in several unapproved locations (stored above foods). Relocate all medicine to the medicine cabinet in the employee bathroom

(Critical) Observed on several occasions, two or three employees accidentally touching cooked rice with their bare hands when dispensing rice onto plates. Please use a different rice scoops with longer handles to prevent this bare hand contact. Also observed a cook touch cooked broccoli to reposition it in a to-go container prior to adding cooked chicken to the container. Please use a utensil to move ready to eat foods in this situation

(Critical) Observed a thick round cutting board with deep cracks and gouges in it from knives. Please plane this cutting board down to remove the damaged material and provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface

(Critical) Observed several damaged cans of food found in storage with good cans in the back of the kitchen. Corrected by removing these damaged cans from the good supply and marking them "do not use". You can return these cans to your food supplier

(Critical) Observed numerous house flies in the restaurant. Only one fly paper strip is hung up, however, this fly paper is so old it is no longer sticky. Provide replacement fly strips (only in locations away from food, clean equipment and single service items) to trap additional flies. Keep your exterior doors closed and properly sealed to prevent flies from entering the facility

(Critical) Observed evidence of a bird being held in the back storage area of the kitchen (bird feces on the floor and gray bird feathers in the vicinity and on the nearby shelving unit. Clean and sanitize these areas asap and do not allow any pets in your kitchen/restaurant. Also, bird seed, a container of water was observed on the pavement outside the back door and a stick is hung up just outside the back door in the corner of the building as a bird roosting area. Pigeons were observed roosting on this stick as well as electrical lines. Discontinue providing a roosting area and bird food/water to prevent these birds from being attracted to this location.

Observed a large plastic food container stored in front of the hand washing sink in the kitchen. Corrected by moving this container away from the sink

Observed a cook use the three compartment sink to wash/rinse his hands. Corrected by having him use the hand washing sink adjacent to the three compartment sink

Observed several wet wiping cloths stored on counters when not being used. Corrected by placing these towels in a container of chlorine sanitizer at 100 ppm

Observed items that do not pertain to the restaurant operation (automotive repair parts, fishing poles, etc. ). Please either take these items home or provide an outside storage cabinet for them so they don't need to be kept inside the facility

Observed the back screen door to not be properly sealed along the edge to prevent pest entry. Repair/replace this door as needed to keep out pests.

Observed the prep cooler to be operating at a slightly elevated temperature. Adjust this unit to maintain 41f and below. The owner adjusted the unit to a colder setting during the inspection

Observed the dish washing area hand wash sink to be located very close to the drain board that is used for some food prep & clean dish drying, as well as a storage shelf on the other side. Please provide a splash guard on both sides of the hand washing sink to prevent contamination of food when hands are washed

The door closer for the bathroom is disconnected. Reconnect/replace this door closer so it functions properly to keep the door closed

Staff are not using a chlorine test kit to verify the sanitizer is at the proper concentration. The test paper available is old, discolored and lacks a color chart. Purchase a new kit asap

Observed alcohol based hand sanitizer in the pump soap dispenser at the cook line hand washing sink. Corrected by replacing the sanitizer with liquid soap

Observed cook employees using single use gloves to handle food prior to cooking, then taking off the gloves and saving them for re-use. These gloves are to be discarded after each use, not saved for use again

The young children (2) of the owner were observed on multiple occasions to be in the kitchen area. All unnecessary people (non-food workers) must be excluded from the kitchen