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Health Report - 06/11/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Hot water at handsinks in both men's and women's restrooms are maintaining a temperature of 100f or above. Corrected

Health Report - 03/13/2015 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Food on the buffet line is not being placed outside of the sneeze guard area. Cottage inn management has a larger sneeze guard ordered. Please e-mail a picture of the new sneeze guard after installation. Corrected

(Critical) Quat sanitizer solution in wipe cloth buckets measuring at 200 ppm. Corrected

(Critical) A time control policy stating that pizza needs to be discarded at 2:30pm has been posted. Corrected

(Critical) Hot water at the handsinks in both the men's and women's restrooms are still maintaining temperature below 100f. These restrooms are under juristiction of the management company of the shopping complex. Per pic, the complex management has been made aware of the water temperature not meeting the requirement of 100f, and have plans to repair this.

Health Report - 02/25/2015 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Sneeze guard on pizza buffet is inadequately sized to cover all pizza and bread sticks on the buffet line. Expose foods may be subject to coughing and sneezing by the customer. To correct, replace with a larger sneeze guard that can cover entire buffet.

(Critical) Quat sanitizer solution concentration in wiping cloth bucket found above 500 ppm. Quat sanitizing solution needs to be 200 ppm for proper use. A high concentration of sanitizer increases the potential for leaving behind a toxic residue. To correct, prepare sanitizing solution so that it meets the manufacturer's instrcutions of 200 ppm. Use test strips to confirm correct sanitizer concentration.

(Critical) Found pizza on the buffet line at temperatures 105-131f. Per pic, pizza on buffet line is under a temperature control policy as opposed to a time control policy. Under a temperature control policy, foods must be held hot at 135f or above. Buffet line is open from 11am to 2pm. Pizza is usually discarded hourly if not consumed, as well as all remaining pizza at 2pm. A time control policy may be implemented as a correction. Policy needs to be written as well as posted, and the time of operation for the buffet including maximum time to consume and discard must be included. Food is to be consumed or discarded by 2pm.

(Critical) Several dented cans and one slightly bulging can found on stock shelf in back kitchen area. Designated area for dented cans not readily available. Dented/damaged cans need to be placed in separate area designated for non-use to minimize potential for service to the customer. Pic corrected at time of inspection by relocating dented/damaged cans to approved location

(Critical) Restrooms for facility are located in the lobby of the common area of shopping complex. Water at handsink in women's restroom reaching a maximum of 72f and reaching a maximum of 85f in the men's restroom. Water temperature at all handsinks needs to reach 100f or above for proper handwashing. To correct, adjust or repair plumbing to provide proper water temperature

Found several non-food contact surfaces soiled including non-food contact surfaces of the can opener, hood filters and canopy, light shields under the hood canopy, pizza pan storage tubs near pizza oven, pizza oven and ledges. Non-food contact surfaces need to be kept clean to sight and touch to minimize contamination of foods. To correct, clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule. Replace pizza pan storage tubs, as they need to be smooth and cleanable.

Health Report - 08/18/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Paper towels found missing from the handsink in the dishroom. Provide paper towels for proper hand drying. Corrected by providing paper towels

The mop sink with associated brooms and mops and mop bucket is stored adjacent to and in the middle of two storage shelves which are used for food storage and utensil storage. Either relocate the shelves and food and utensils to the back room away from the mop sink or install splash guards to enclose the mop sink and mop/broom storage area to minimize potential for splash to get onto clean utensils and foods.

Sliding door tracks found with food debris on the pop upright display case. The outside and top of lid of the flour container needs cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 02/05/2014 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Spray bottles with unidentified cleaners found hanging on shelf above and next to foods. Vitamins, moisturizer and hairspray gels found stored on sehlf above dough. Keep all cleaners, sanitizers, vitamins and personal items such as moisturizer and hairspray gel stored so that they cannot contaminate foods. Corrected by relocating these products to a separate designated location away from foods

(Critical) Improper manual dish wash set up observed for 2 step process of wash and sanitize. The rinse compartment was not set up to include the 2nd step of rinsing. Corrected by setting up manual dishwash in 3c sink for wash rinse and sanitize

(Critical) Several spray bottles with different color liquids found to be unlabelled. Properly label all spray bottles as to their contents to identify the cleaner or sanitizer to avoid mix up and misuse. Corrected by labelling spray bottles at time of inspection

The rollers for the conveyor on the pizza oven need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning: the hood filters. Clean now and place n a more frequent cleaning schedule

Health Report - 08/12/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Several of the small cutting boards in the facility need to be replaced. They are grooved and no longer cleanable. Replace cutting boards as needed so that they are smooth and cleanable.

Lids for the top rial of the prep unit found sitting on the floor on an end. Do not keep lids of prep unit on the floor. Floors are dirty and may contaminate the lid which may then come in contact with the food.

Empty containers for gasoline are being stored on a ledge above the cartons of pizza sauce. Store the gas containers in a separate designated location away from foods

Assorted containers of foods stored on the floor in the walk in cooler. Keep all foods a minimum of 6" above the floor to allow access for routine cleaning.

Food in the prep unit on top rail without the lid to protect from possible contamination. Lids found sitting off to side of prep unit on the floor. Keep foods covered for proper protection

Some of the ledges and rollers of the pizza oven need cleaning. Clean now and palce on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 02/14/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (36594) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 08/22/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Feta and shredded cheeses found in the salad buffet at 50 - 52 degrees f. Corrected by consuming or discarding within 4 hours of removal fromtemeprature. Control. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41 degrees f or below. The employees forgot to turn on the salad cooler prior to putting food in it. Makd sure cooler is turned on enough in advance to keep food at 41 degrees f or below. As an alternative you may add the salad buffet to the time control policy and discard all foods at end of lunch buffet which runs daily from 11 - 2 p. Corrected at time of inspection. If addint to time policy do so at time of risk control plan review. A risk control plan is required due to 2x violation.

Food employees do not have hair proeprly restrained. Provide hairnets for proper hair restraint or other acceptable means of hair restraint.

The non food contact surfaces need cleaning: the non food contact surface of the canopener and holder, the outside of the utensil storage tub. Clean now and place ona more frequent cleaning schedule.

The faucet at the 3c sink has water dripping/running when knob is turned off. Repair leak

Paper towels missing from the handsink due to paper jam. Paper towels are required for proper hand drying. Correct by providing paper towels. They were provided but dispenser was not unjammed by end of inspection

Thermometer missing for the new pepsi cooler which also stores prepackaged dressings, etc. Provide a thermometer for this unit in order to properly monitor the temperature for this unit. Thermoemter is on order

Torn gasket onthe prep untidoor. Replace split gasket. Once torn gaskets are no longer cleanable

Employees forgot to turn on the salad buffet cooler. Turn on enough in advance to keep foods at 41 degrees f or below. The feta and shredded cheeses were found at 50 - 52 degrees f

Health Report - 02/13/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Cleaners stored in the rear next to carton of dessert toppings for breadsticks. Store cleaners in a separate location away from foods in order to minimize potential for the contamination of these foods. Corrected by relocating chemicals to a separate location away from foods

(Critical) Improper hot holding of some of the pizza on the pizza buffet. Pizza was found at 109 - 117 degrees f. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 135 degrees f or above. Corrected by discarding pizza. You must maintain a minimum of 135 degrees f or above or establish a time control policy for the pizza which includes a policy in writting indicating the buffet time that the buffet is available and a log or chart for documenting the time that the pizza is removed from temperature control.

(Critical) The facility is out of sanitizer. One compartment of the sink was full at onset of inspection. Bucket with water did not have any sanitizer in it. Provide sanitizer for the facility in order to rpoerly sanitize utensils, wiping cloths etc.

Jacket found hanging on the dough storage rack, relocate jackets to a separate location away from foods to minimize potential for contamination of the foods.

The gasket on the door of the prep unit is torn. Once torn it is no longer cleanable. Replace split gasket.

Health Report - 08/15/2011 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) At onset of inspection the only handsink in the facility was bone dry and appeared not to have been used at all. Employees start working at 8 and 9 am. At 11 the sink was dry and appears not to have been used for proper handwashing of employees hands prior to onset of doing food prep. Retrain all employees on proper hand washing and when to wash hands. After retraining, monitor employees for proper handwashing.

(Critical) The concentration of chlorine found in the 3rd compartment of the triple sink and in the wiping cloth solution was found to be way in excess of 400ppm cl. The proper concentration of cl is to 50 ppm cl. See chart for other approved concentrations. Retrain employees for proper sanitizer set up in the 3c sink and the wiping cloth solution. Use test strips to check for proper concentration. Corrected by proper set up at 50 ppm cl.

(Critical) Pinesol and sure fist cleaner found store don shelf with food and oil in reat storage area. Store cleaners in a separate designated location away from foods etc. Corrected at time of inspection by relocating the cleaners to a separate designated location

(Critical) Three severely dented cans of olives found on the can storage rack. Dented or damaged cans are to be discarded or returned to the supplier for credit. Establish a separate designated area away from the can storage rack to store damaged cans

The non food contact surfaces of the canopener need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The domestic chest freezer in the food service establishment is not approved. Replace with a commercial unit when in need of repair

Chlorine test strips not used for checking proper concentration of wiping cloth solution and for sanitizer in the 3rd compartment of the 3c sink. Provide and use chlorine test strips for proper concentration of sanitizer.

Health Report - 02/24/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Unknown cleaner in a spray bottle labelled as sanitizer. Properly label all spray bottles as to their contents to avoid mix up and mis use. Corrected by discarding unknow cleaner contents.

Handsinks must be utilized when washing hands. Do not use the 3c sink for handwashing. Make sure hands are frequently washed with soap and dry with paper towels. Corrected and manager will retrain employees in proper handwashing procedure/location

Hte pizza oven ledges need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The floors behind the pizza oven need cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The hood filters need cleaning. The dry storage racks need cleanining, light covers above pizza oven need cleaning and the sides of the pizza oven. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 09/07/2010 (0 critical incident(s))

Top missing on sneeze guard. Sneeze guard does not cover all the food on the buffet table. Correct by replacing sneeze guard to provide coverage for the food. Guard should be a fix guard at does not move

Missing coving, cracks in wall covering , and broke floor tiles around mop sink area. Correct by repairing broken areas on walls and floor

Prep. Cooler in bottom at 56 degrees f. Correct by repairing or replacing prep. Cooler. Food is being stored in walk-in-cooler unit until repairs / replacement are made to prep. Cooler

Mop stored in bucket. Correct by hanging mop up to air dry between uses

Leak in plumbing under pop machine. Correct by clean-up spill and repairing leak

Lights burnt out under hood. Correct by replacing burnt out light bulbs

Soiled floor drains at three compartment sink area. Correct by clean drains to prevent sewer flies and insect problems