Cafe Ollie

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42 E. Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Health Report - 09/09/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) All foods in the front reach in cooler found at 52*f. Must be holding 41*f or below at all times. Do not use this cooler until repaired and holding product continuously at 41*f or below. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify this. All phf's were discarded. I want you to use the cooler charts i left you and begin taking temps and recording them on a daily basis.

Food prep staff are not wearing hair restraints. You need to enforce this please.

The auto dishmachine has a broken switch that does not allow machine to cycle through automatically. New part on order is due in this coming tuesday. Do not use machine until new switch is installed. Manually wash, rinse and sanitize in the 3 compartment sink until fixed.

Boxes of food observed stored on the floor in the walk in cooler. All product must be stored on racks at least 6" off the floor.

Please paint the wood food storage shelves in the storage closet.

The front display cooler compressor is iced up and holding at 49*f. No phf's were stored in this unit. Repair within 10 days. Also, repair the broken walk in freezer.

You do not have the means to safely cool your soups due to lack of space in your small walk in cooler. You are not permitted to cook soups or sauces ahead of time that require any cooling. You are only approved to cook for the day of and keep hot foods hot (above 135*f).

Health Report - 03/03/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) I found raw sausage in the prep cooler, raw bacon in the upright glass door cooler and raw shell eggs in the walk in cooler stored above ready to eat foods, creating a cross contamination potential. Always store raw animal product below ready to eat foods. Corrected by doing such

(Critical) Date marking was found to be not in compliance. The following items must be date marked: all deli/salad meats, ranch dressing, feta and soft mozzarella cheese, tuna, chicken and potato salad, opened cream cheeses, half and half, and whipped creams. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify you a permanently in compliance with date marking. Plans are to post the use by dates.

(Critical) The meat slicer was not cleaned properly and was observed very dirty. Staff must be taking the unit apart and thoroughly washing, rinsing and sanitizing all parts of this unit after each use. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) The spray rinse arm is not air gapped. You need to have is repaired so it terminates at least 1 inch above the top of the spill rim of the sinks. I will be back to verify this has been done in 3 weeks.

(Critical) Observed an in-use uncovered beverage cup on the main prep line. Must be using cups with lids and straws. Corrected by enforcing this.

Have soap dispensers up and stocked at all handsinks.

Your store was found to be very dirty and disorganized. The following areas need to be cleaned and organized: the main cook area, including the inside of the coolers. You need more racks in your coolers so you can store things safely. Have more racks within 2 weeks. You need to organize your storage shelves. Don't store dirty dishes and cleaning agents on top of the dishwasher. Clean up the mop sink area and get things off the floor. Be sure to flip your food pans in your prep cooler every 24 hours to clean ones. Store pans properly in cold rails.

Post handwash signs at all handsinks, including the restroom.

You need to re-arrange your prep table at the grill so access to the handsink is not blocked. Have done by end of today. Also, you need to repair the broken handsink in the kitchen. Do not use handsinks for any other purpose than handwashing

You must finish the work on the walls and ceilings, including painting and install base molding where missing where the walls meet the floors.

You need to have a standpipe for your dipper well to work properly. Keep ice cream scoops in freezer between uses until dipper well is properly set up.

You need to always have sanitizer buckets made up and in use at all prep sites, front and back. Have seperate one made up for dining tables. Keep at 50-100ppm chlorine and keep cloth towels in solution between uses.