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42 E. Cross Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Health Report - 06/30/2010 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The auto dishmachine was found not to be sanitizing due to suction line not being immersed fully into sanitizer bucket. Once primed, it is now dispensing too much sanitizer (>200ppm). Do not use until serviced and staff must be using test papers to check dishmachine on a daily basis. I will be back in to check this unit in 2 weeks.

(Critical) Observed the cook was consuming a beverage from an uncovered cup in the kitchen. Staff must have lids on drinks and using straws. Corrected by enforcing this.

(Critical) I found pulled pork, several cheeses, cooked portabello mushrooms at 46*f to 51*f in the prep cooler at the grill due to improper stocking on cold rail. You can't overstock product or store pans on top of pans in the top rail. Corrected by discarding out of temp foods and using unit properly.

(Critical) I found house made sour cream and fresh onion sauce out dated by 2 days. Staff need to audit dates on a daily basis and discard expired foods. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) Kitchen prep utensils, cutting boards, prep surfaces and shake wands are not being washed, rinsed and sanitized every 4 hours. Staff said they do it once per day. Develop sop's regarding this and implement immediately. Staff properly cleaned these items while i was present. I will be back in 2 weeks to verify implementation.

Foods cannot be stored on the floor. Must be at least 6" above floor. Observed on floor in walk in cooler.

Post handwash sign at grill area handsink.

All sanitizer solutions and the cloth towels were observed dirty. Keep them changed out and laundered.

You need to get shatterproof light bulbs for the light in the storage closet and the lights over the front sandwich prep station.

You folks need to clean more often. I observed the following items dirty: the exhaust hood, exterior of equipment and coolers, under the stove and coolers, interior of the microwaves.

There are several areas where the walls have holes in them. Replace these walls. Also, you need to put up approved walls at the window area that divides the kitchen. Replace damage floor tiles by the back door.

You must keep the window at the grill closed since there is no screen in this window.

Some of your cutting boards are excessively grooved and no longer cleanable. Sand out grooves or obtain new cutting boards.

You need to store clean utensils with the handles all in one direction and in container with lid to protect them.

Health Report - 12/17/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) There is still not a handsink installed at the new cook line. This must be done within 10 days. I will be back to verify it has been installed on 1/5/10/

(Critical) There is not a menu advisory on the breakfast menu for undercooked eggs. Correct this as verbally explained to you within 10 days. I will be back to verify it has been done on 1/5/10.

(Critical) The new walk in freezer and the ice machine that was moved have waste lines that are directly connected to sewer, both of these lines are required to be air gapped prior to entering the sewer line. Have this done by the time i come back (1/5/10)

Repeat violation 2 times. By 1/5/10 you need to eliminate the gap on the rear staff exit door.

Staff are not to hang dirty aprons on the dry goods racks. You need to purchase a linen container and have staff put them in there. Do not just throw dirty linens in a pile on the floor.

Please repair the hole in the ceiling in the paper goods closet and the hole in the wall. Also, put up wall plates around any exposed electrical outlets (one at the grill area)

You need to permanently install the frp board on the walls at the grill area. Also, paint the raw wood that the microwave is shelf is mounted on.

Repeat violation 2 times. By 1/5/10 you need to provide light shields for the lights in the ice cream freezer and the canned goods area in the basement.

You have several excessively grooved cutting boards that are discolored due to that. You need to replace them or sand the boards down to remove the grooves.

You need to get more storage racks in the new walk in freezer so all foods are stored at least 6" off the floor. Also, you need to raise up the bottom racks to be a minimum of 6" off the floor so you can sweep and mop under the racks.

You need to keep the water running in the dipper well when in use scoops are in there.

Health Report - 06/29/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Chafer fuels were found stored on a rack next to foods (ketchup bottles). Store toxic items seperated from foods or food contact items and on on bottom racks. Corrected by doing such.

(Critical) I found a block of feta cheese at 52*f on the rear prep table. Staff need to put phf's back in coolers after use to keep at safe temps of 41*f or less. Corrected by behavior change by staff and discarding the feta.

(Critical) Your store has drain flies. You need to contact a licensed pest control operator to come out and treat your kitchen for them. Save a copy of the reciept for me to look at when i come back in 3 weeks to see that they are gone.

You have several light bulbs that are in areas of food or food contact item storage that are not protected. You need light shields over these bulbs or use shatterproof light bulbs. Specific areas include: the bulbs in the ice cream display freezer, the energy saving bulbs over the rear storage racks and in the dry storage closet.

Within 3 weeks, you need to have new door seals (gaskets) put on the front beverage air cooler. Also, have it repaired so there are no leaks on the inside of the cooler.

Observed some damaged spatulas. You need to inspect your utensils and discard damaged ones. Corrected by discarding.

You need to move the exposed ice cream cones to a protected area away from exposurefrom your guests.

You need to put on a better door sweep on the rear exit door to eliminate the gap where insects and rodents can get into your store.

There was little sanitizer detected in the front sanitizer bucket. Keep at 200 ppm and change out often. You also need to wipe down your prep boards more often and clean the handle to the microwave. Keep a seperate sanitizer bucket for the shake machine wands.

Your store is not being thoroughly cleaned well enough and on a daily basis. This contributes to the problem with drain flies you are currently having. You need to better organize your store and remove things off of the floor so you can sweep and mop the floors. The following areas were found dirty and need to be cleaned better and more often: the mop sink, the mop buck was left with dirty water in it and the mop left in the dirty water, a bucket of grease with food debris was left by the back stove, the floor drain under the 3 compartment sink has slime mold growing in it, and the floor of the walk in cooler was dirty. I am going to come back in 3 weeks for a re-inspection. Please have store organized and cleaned by that time. You also need to start to clean out the basement and organize it better.

You need to repair the leaking faucet at the rear hand sink.