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3030 Lohr Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Health Report - 07/14/2009 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed pan of leftover soup (from last night) in wic with internal food temperature of 55f. All phf must be rapidly cooled from 135f to 70f within 2 hours and from 70f to 41f or below within 6 hours. Facility does use shallow pans and ice baths to cool soups, but appears cited container was not completely immersed in ice bath from last night. To correct, please remind all employees on proper cooling procedures and retrain as needed. Pic corrected by discarding soup. Critical corrected

Observed several wiping cloths not completely submerged in several sanitizer buckets in kitchen. All wiping cloths must be completely submerged in sanitizer buckets at all times to prevent bacterial growth

Observed two holes in the wall in employee restroom. To correct, please repair as soon as possible

Observed back door to kitchen not tight fitting and gaps present along side of door. To correct, please repair door so door is tight fitting and does not allow entry of unwanted pests and insects

Observed produce knife in back prep area being stored in a wiping cloth bucket (blade only partially submerged in sanitizer). To correct, please wash, rinse and sanitize knives after every use or store knives in approved manner

Observed missing ventilation filter above range oven in back prep area. To correct, please replace filter as soon as possible

Health Report - 01/22/2009 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed no soap at handsink in back kitchen area across from dishwashing area. All handsinks must be stocked with soap and paper towels at all times

Observed interior of oven in back kitchen area with a heavy accumulation of debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule

Observed ceiling fan housing vents in all restrooms dusty and with an accumulation of debris. To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule. , observed no missing ventilation filter above grill in back kitchen area. To correct, please replace missing filter as soon as possible.