Burger King #889

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2170 Rawsonville Road
Belleville, MI 48111

Health Report - 06/17/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed an employee at the drive through window to be wearing artificial fingernails. Staff who are involved in food activities (making beverages in this case) may not have artificial nails/nail polish or they must properly wear single use gloves. Corrected by discussing this item with the employee and the manager. The manager will ensure the nails are removed or gloves are worn

Health Report - 12/17/2013 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) observed two plastic food containers in the back equipment storage area with severe cracks in them. Corrected by discarding. 2) ice machine interior: the slotted, sloped ice deflector tray has some missing pieces in the rear portion of the tray; and a section of plastic beyond the sloped tray mentioned above is cracked and has a piece of plastic missing. Replace this sloped tray and repair the damaged area to be smooth and easily cleanable

Health Report - 06/17/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed sliced deli ham for breakfast foods stored out on the counter without the required time control sticker indicating the four hour discard time. Corrected by providing this sticker with the discard time representing the discard time four hours past when this product was removed from the cooler

(Critical) 1) observed the two metal vegetable cutting devices (for lettuce and onions) to still have lettuce and onions stuck in the push plates of these devices. These two units were sent back to the 3 comp. Sink to be re-washed. 2) back kitchen equipment storage cart: seven to eight of the yellow plastic hot holding food pans to be unclean (food residues and grease). 3) the clean-in-place mounting surfaces for the soda dispensing machine spouts and diffusers are unclean. Clean these surfaces now and on a daily basis in the future

The following areas are in need of cleaning to eliminate debris build-up: the floor sinks at the drive through station and the smoothie station; the floor under the ice making machine; the area below the drain cover (white plastic grate) of the dining room soda system trough drain receptacle in the base cabinet. Maintain these areas clean to prevent the attraction of pests

No air thermometer was provided in the one door salad prep cooler unit.

Health Report - 12/07/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the drain pipe (pvc) for the ice bin to be broken off. Repair as needed (maintaining the previous air gap). Correct w/in 10 days

Health Report - 06/25/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Upon my arrival there were three pans of sliced tomatoes at the sandwich make line (one in use and two as back-ups on the bottom shelf). All three pans were marked with a four hour discard time of 3 pm. Later in the inspection (3:30/3:45 pm) only two pans of tomatoes were left (no tomatoes were sliced during the inspection). The pan in the top of the make line had been relabeled with a discard time of 5:30 pm. The other pan of sliced tomatoes on the bottom shelf still had the 3 pm discard time. Once removed from temperature control and sliced these tomatoes have a 4 hour use time and must be discarded once the discard time is reached. To minimize waste implement one of the following options: 1) slice fewer pans of tomatoes more frequently, or 2) place one of the three pans of freshly sliced tomatoes in the walk in cooler to prevent the 4 hour use time from starting. Once the first in-use pan of tomatoes is nearly empty pull the third pan and add a label that is 4 hours from the pull time. This way the third pan can warm up while the second pan is placed into use. Corrected by discarding the tomatoes that expired at 3 pm and slicing two new pans of tomatoes.

(Critical) Observed a full case and an opened bag of raw bacon stored up against a perforated cardboard box containing whole tomatoes. Corrected by relocating the bacon to another location away from ready to eat foods

Observed the following to-go food containers to be stored upright: most of the plastic salad container tops and bottoms, and the paper sandwich containers. Please store these containers inverted for protection

The dish washing area is not well lit due to the ceiling light fixture (4' florescent tubes) being located behind where the employee stands when at this station. Provide an additional light above this station or relocate the light to be above this station if possible

Observed the light fixture bulb guards in the walk in cooler and freezer to be damaged (cracked and missing pieces). Provide replacement covers

The following items are in need of cleaning at this time and more frequently in the future as needed: all of the floor drains/sinks, the mops sink (under the sheet metal insert, the floor under the ice making machine

Health Report - 01/10/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Vegetables are being washed in the right hand basin (labeled sanitize) of the three compartment sink. This basin is hard plumbed to the wastewater drain lines (goes to the grease trap). To correct, reverse the order of the dish washing. Washing of dirty dishes in the right basin and sanitize in the left basin. Provide new stickers on the sink basins to reflect this change and lengthen the hose for the soap dispenser so it will reach the right basin. All food prep must occur in the middle (rinse) or left basin (sanitize)

(Critical) Observed several food contact surfaces not clean to sight and touch: the divider grate for the new egg cooking equipment, the tomato slicer, the onion chopper and several food pans. These items were sent to be re-washed. Ensure staff are thoroughly inspecting equipment after cleaning to verify all foods/oils are removed. Also, most of the soda dispensing unit mounting surfaces were observed unclean. Thoroughly clean and sanitize these surfaces (clean in place) on a daily basis using appropriately sized brushes

Observed a manager with nail polish on her fingernails dispensing french fries, etc. Without utilizing single use gloves. To correct either do not wear fingernail polish while working at a restaurant or utilize single use gloves when handling/dispensing food or drinks

Observed water leaking out of the threaded union for the hot water heater tank. Repair as needed

Observed the floor sinks at the drive through and the ice machine to be in need of more regular cleaning (2-3 x week) to remove debris build-up.

Health Report - 07/12/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the floor sink at the drive through soda station, the one under the dining room soda dispensing station, and the one under the ice machine to be in need of cleaning at this time. Please clean these areas at least two times per week

Observed the mounting surfaces for the soda dispensing nozzles and diffusers (both dining room and drive through) to be in need of daily cleaning. Ensure staff are made aware of this area that needs cleaning and sanitizing and that they have the proper tools to accomplish this task

Observed a rack of hamburger buns (still in their unopened plastic bag) stored adjacent to the back kitchen hand washing sink. This packaging is being splashed on when staff use the hand washing sink. Corrected by relocating the rack of buns to a safer area in the kitchen

Observed a gray heat shield from the phu hot holding unit, the drum from the french fry dispenser, and a plastic pan used for temporary storage of breakfast utensils on the make line to be slightly damaged. Replace these items

Health Report - 01/13/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

1) observed multiple holes in the bottom of the mop sink. Some of these holes have been patched in the past. It is time to schedule the replacement of this mop sink to provide a smooth and easily cleanable basin. 2) observed a puddle of water that has accumulated under some of the soda lines in the base cabinet under the right-hand soda dispensing system in the dining room. Repair as needed

Observed a case of french toast on the walk in freezer floor. Ensure all foods are kept off of the floor. Relocate this case of food to a shelf

Observed some oil droplets on the ceiling of the deep fryer exhaust hood and on the handles of the removable filter sections in the hood. Have an employee wipe down these surfaces to eliminate this oil that could drip onto food

Observed some spilled food and miscellaneous debris accumulation under the drive through window soda dispensing station. Maintain this out of the way area clean