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Health Report - 12/11/2012 (10 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two metal stem food thermometers located in a drawer under the prep counter to be out of calibration (one was 10f too low and the other was 6f too high). Corrected by re-calibrating these two units

(Critical) The pizza prep cooler is not functioning properly to maintain foods at 41f or below. Repair as needed to maintain proper temperature. Currently staff are using dry ice to keep proper temperature.

(Critical) Observed an employee cooking small pieces of raw chicken to less than 165f. Corrected by cooking the chicken further on the grill to achieve 165f+

(Critical) Observed an employee handle recently cooked chicken with bare hands during a cutting process. Ensure staff are using single use gloves (or other suitable means) when handling ready to eat foods. Ensure staff are reminded to use gloves for these tasks

(Critical) Provide a testing kit (specific to the type of sanitizer available) for staff to verify sanitizer concentrations

(Critical) Observed the following prepped ready to eat, phfs to be stored in the walk in cooler without use dates: hard boiled eggs, salami, diced ham, and feta cheese. These items were discarded

(Critical) Staff were again observed to not be sanitizing food contact surfaces after washing and rinsing them. Provide necessary training and tools for staff to properly sanitize your food contact surfaces

(Critical) Observed a container of sliced tomatoes in the walk in cooler marked with a date label indicating these tomatoes were prepped on 12-4. Dec. 10th would have been the last day to use this food. Corrected by discarding.

(Critical) Pizza cooler: observed phfs in the top rail section of this unit to be at 50 to 52f, and phfs in the reach in section to be at 52 to 54f. These phfs were discarded.

(Critical) This incident (44756) does not have any more information on it

Observed no air thermometer located in the two door coke cooler (where some desserts are stored). Provide an accurate air thermometer in this unit so staff can observe temperatures

This facility has not provided a food safety certificate for a full time employee within the required time frame (90 days from the previous inspection). An administrative conference will be necessary to discuss the non-compliance with this requirement

Observed several employee coats to be hung over corner posts of shelving units that contain food and/or single use items. Utilize appropriate areas away from food, clean equipment and single use/service items to store coats and personal belongings

Health Report - 06/19/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Staff are not sanitizing equipment after washing and rinsing them. Ensure staff are provided with both adequate training on how to set up the three compartment sink to wash, rinse and sanitize, as well as sanitizer and sanitizer test papers at the dish washing sink station to perform this task

(Critical) Observed phfs in the top and bottom of the pizza make line cooler to be at 45f. All phfs need to be maintained at 41f and below.

Observed condensation dripping from the exposed refrigerant line (copper) behind the walk in cooler evaporator coil. Provide insulation for this line to eliminate the dripping water

Observed two wet mop heads improperly stored at the back mop sink area. One mop head was resting in the bottom of the sink, and the other one was in the mop wringer. After thoroughly wringing out mop heads hang them up to facilitate faster drying

Asap adjust/repair the pizza prep cooler to maintain 41f or below. If this unit cannot reliably maintain foods at 41f and below the unit must be replaced

Observed a white tray in the walk in cooler to be have some spilled food on it and some mold growth. Remove this tray at this time for cleaning. Consider replacing this tray at least once per week

Within 90 days, provide a full time manager (min. 30 hours per week) that has passed an accredited food safety exam for managers

Observed the pizza oven exhaust hood filters (two at each end) to not be installed correctly. Corrected by lowering the filter sections into place as intended by the manufacturer

Provide an air thermometer for the two door coke cooler

Health Report - 12/08/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Since the last inspection a new mop sink faucet and chemical dispenser was installed. The mop sink faucet does not contain an atmospheric vacuum breaker. Purchase and install an atmospheric vacuum breaker (an asse 1011 device) directly on the mop sink faucet threads then attach the existing bleed-off valve with the "y" splitter connected to it

(Critical) Observed pizza in the merchandiser to be at 120f. Corrected by discarding. This unit may not be used for pizza until it can be repaired to maintain 135f and above. Have the unit serviced as needed

(Critical) Observed an open employee beverage stored on the onion slicer and an employees sandwich on the kitchen prep table with onions that were being sliced. Ensure all employee drinks are stored in a location that can't contaminate food/clean equipment and that are properly covered. Additionally, staff must eat their employee meals either in the dining room, in the office or at the back hallway desk. This beverage was relocated to a non-food area and the food was discarded

(Critical) Observed an open package of raw ground beef stored on the top shelf in the walk in cooler above other rte foods. Corrected by relocating the beef to the bottom tray of a tallboy cart

(Critical) Observed an employee prepping onions with bare hands. A portion of your onions are reserved for making salads. Bare hand contact must be prevented with ready to eat foods. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and by utilizing single use gloves

1) the pizza make line cooler was operating at a slightly elevated level. Repair/adjust as needed to maintain food at 41f and below. 2) the pizza merchandiser is maintaining pizza at 120f. Repair as needed (the temperature dial is at its maximum currently)

Observed a couple employees involved in food prep to be wearing bracelets and a non smooth ring with jewels. This jewelry and watches need to be removed prior to working with food to prevent any jewelry from falling into food and to prevent food from contacting jewelry that may be unclean

Observed the drawer of plastic forks to be stored jumbled. Have an employee with washed hands organize these forks so the handles are all extended toward the front of the drawer. This way employees only touch the handles when forks are being dispensed

Observed handle-less dispensing containers stored in the two bulk flour containers. Provide handled scoops for dispensing this food and insert them with the handle above the flour

One of the two air circulation fans inside the reach in portion of the pizza make line cooler is missing. This is likely the cause of the slightly elevated temperature in the cooler. Replace the fan components as needed and provide a fan guard

Observed one wet and one partially dry mop head stored on the floor by the mop sink. These mops were hung up on the provided mop hanger. Ensure staff hang your mops up after each use to facilitate quicker drying

Health Report - 06/24/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed numerous foods to be lacking date marks, and some only had day of the week stickers (example: "friday"). Your ready to eat foods that last more than 24 hours once they are opened are required to have labels with either prep dates or last day of use dates on the containers. Ensure staff are providing these date labels

(Critical) Observed an employee at the pizza cutting station touching cooked bread sticks and subs with his bare hands while boxing and wrapping them. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and the manager. The employee was observed using single use gloves later during the inspection

(Critical) Observed three open employee beverage containers (one on a shelf for clean equipment above the clean drain board for the three compartment sink, one on the prep counter and one on a dry goods food storage shelf) to be improperly stored. Corrected by discarding these cups and by discussing this issue with the day manager and one employee

(Critical) 1) pizza slice merchandiser: observed pizza slices one shelf down from the top to be at 119 to 120f. Corrected by discarding. 2) observed foods in the top and bottom of the pizza prep cooler to be at 50 to 58f. An employee purchased some dry ice to help maintain proper temperature in this unit until the repair contractor arrives. All food in this unit is removed at night and placed in the walk-in cooler. Staff turn this unit on in the morning and re-stock the foods, so these foods have not been out of temperature for too long.

(Critical) Observed the following foods in the walk in cooler to be too old: roast beef (opened on 6-5), radish sprouts dated 5-27, 5-30 & 6-1. The following foods were observed without use-by dates: spam, roast beef, two open packages of hard boiled eggs, turkey. Corrected by discarding these foods. Staff need to look through the two coolers every morning to purge expired foods

This incident (44791) does not have any more information on it

Observed a george foreman grill unit being used to cook raw rib eye steaks. This equipment is not an approved piece of commercial equipment. Discontinue the use of this grill

Asap have the pizza prep cooler repaired so it maintains foods at 41f and below

Observed multiple squeeze bottles of sauces, etc. At the pizza cutting table. Provide labels for these bottles indicating what food is inside