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Health Report - 06/17/2015 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed no date marking on the following items for an unknown amount of time: 1. Cooked cauliflower. 2. Cooked potato's. 3. Chili. Beady-to-eat, potentially hazardous food (time/temperature control for safety food) prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded when held at a temperature of 5�c (41�f) or less for a maximum of 7 days. (pf) to correct discard the noted items into the garbage and make sure to date all potentially hazardous foods. Corrected: person in charge had the items discarded into the garbage

(Critical) Observed the following soiled food contact surfaces: 1. Can opener blade. 2. Pop corn popper bowl and lid (where kernels are put to pop). 3. Ceiling of the popcorn machine. Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be cleaned: (1) except as specified in # (b) of this section, before each use with a different type of raw animal food such as beef, fish, lamb, pork, or poultry; (p) (2) each time there is a change from working with raw foods to working with ready-to-eat foods; (p) (3) between uses with raw fruits and vegetables and with potentially hazardous food (time/temperature control for safety food); (p) (4) before using or storing a food temperature measuring device; (p) and (5) at any time during the operation when contamination may have occurred. (p) to correct wash, rinse and sanitize the noted items. Corrected: person in charge had the noted items washed, rinsed and sanitized

Health Report - 12/12/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed unwrapped single service knives and spoons out for use with the food contact portions facing various directions, single-service and single-use articles and cleaned and sanitized utensils shall be handled, displayed, and dispensed so that contamination of food- and lip-contact surfaces is prevented. (b) knives, forks, and spoons that are not pre wrapped shall be presented so that only the handles are touched by employees and by consumers if consumer self-service is provided. To correct wash hands, put on gloves and arrange the noted items so that they face all the same directions. Corrected: person in charge washed hands, put on gloves and correctly arranged the noted items

Health Report - 06/19/2014 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed the following: 1. Top loading beer cooler by the ice machine is pooling water. Note: cooler is holding at 41f or below. 2. Walk-in cooler door gasket is torn on the side and bottom. Equipment shall be maintained in a state of repair and good condition. Correct by: 1. Repairing the noted cooler to eliminate the pooling of water. 2. Replace the noted gasket

Observed the following non-food contact surfaces soiled with a build up: 1. Walk-in cooler condenser back. 2. Top loading beer cooler has yeast and water build up in the bottom, nearest to the ice machine. Non food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil residues. Clean the noted items and clean at a frequency that maintains them free of soil accumulation

Health Report - 12/10/2013 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found an unlabeled spray bottle of what was determined to be straight, undiluted bleach at the mop sink behind the bar. Corrected - spray bottle was labeled at the time of this inspection. Care must be taken to ensure clear labeling of all spray bottles with common name of their contents

(Critical) Found an open jar of commercial jalapeno peppers in the wic that had mold on the label and heavy mold on the lid and threads of the jar. Corrected - jar of peppers was discarded at the time of this inspection. Usually, situations such as this arise from low use items. Perhaps the use of a smaller container of this item would help ensure the product gets used before mold growth appears

(Critical) Found a bowl of cole slaw in the wic that had no datemark. Corrected - cole slaw was discarded. All housemade phf items must be dated with a 7 day discard date. All commercially prepared phf items must be dated upon opening and discarded within 7 days.

Found the bottom of the bottled beer cooler under the sierra nevada pale ale to have an accumulation of spilled beer/liquid. To correct - clean this area now and keep on a more frequent schedule of cleaning

Health Report - 06/28/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

Found the bottom of the reach-in beer coolers at the bar with an accumulation of debris under the bottles. Corrected - bottles were removed and cooler cleaned at the time of this inspection

Health Report - 12/20/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (34559) does not have any more information on it

Health Report - 06/13/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the sinks in the women's restroom to have slow running drains. To correct - maintain sink drain lines to promote good drainage

(Critical) Found the pop gun nozzle to have an accumulation of debris around the inside of the nozzle. Corrected - pic thoroughly cleaned the pop gun nozzle at the time of the inspection

Founded cased beverages stored directly on the floor in the wic. To correct - provide shelving to store all cased beverages

Found wet mop to be stored in an upright position with the mop head draping over the handle which will lead to drainage along the mop handle and subsequent contamination of the handle. Corrected - mop was inverted and allowed to drain above the empty mop bucket

Found single service utensils stored uncovered on shelf by popcorn machine. To correct - please cover the utensil caddy with plastic wrap or other cover to provide protection from misc. Contamination

Found the floor sink under the sink in the bar to have an accumulation of dirt, greasy debris. To correct - clean now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule

Found an apple cider jug in reach-in cooler with contents that were not apple cider but some sort of alcoholic product. That belonged to an employee. Corrected - pic discarded the apple cider jug. Storage of items that are not for general consumption must be labeled and stored in a designated area in the cooler

Found container of commercially prepared cole slaw dressing that had dripped product all over the outside of the container and had several pieces of food debris inside on the remaining product. Corrected - pic discarded cole slaw dressing. In the furture, take care to keep working containers of product free of drips and food debris inside and out

Health Report - 12/05/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found rte foods; cole slaw, mayo (not in original container), corn without a date in reach-in cooler. All in-house prepared foods, and those not in their original container must have identification of item and prepared date or discard date. Pic correceted by discarding food items

Found "not for sale" labeled beef hearts and liver in reach-in freezer. It was stated that these items belonged to employees. To correct - such items must be located in a designated area of the freezer that is labeled for employees only. Also found frozen hams that had no marking as they were in "foodsaver" vacuum bags. Pic verified they were from an approved source by producing reciepts for the meat (a&a meats of jackson, mi)

No anti-choking poster found in establishment. To correct - obtain anti-choking poster from american red cross and display in bar area

Health Report - 06/15/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed floor in utility room with an accumulation of debris (bag of sunflower seeds for outside birdfeeder has spilled). To correct, please clean now and on a more frequent schedule

Health Report - 01/06/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

This incident (34563) does not have any more information on it