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Health Report - 04/24/2014 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The alarm for the chlorine sanitizer has been by-passed. Repair or replace this alarm so it functions as intended

(Critical) Ensure bar staff are performing checks of the iodine level in the glass washer rinse water upon start-up, at a minimum

(Critical) The bar tender was not aware if there were any iodine test papers available for use. Another employee was able to locate the test papers. Ensure test papers are always available and that bar staff know where they are stored so they can be used

(Critical) The following foods were expired: melon (4-19), potato soup (4-22). Ensure staff check for expired foods at the beginning of the work day

(Critical) The following rte, phfs were lacking last day of use dates in the kitchen: meat balls, pulled pork, artichoke hearts, sliced turkey, whipped cream, feta cheese. Bar: open gallon container of milk and a pint of 1/2 & 1/2. Ensure staff provide last day of use dates for required food items.

(Critical) The bar glass washer, already in use for the evening, was not dispensing iodine sanitizer in the rinse water. The one gallon container was empty and the check sanitizer light was flashing. Corrected by providing a full container of iodine sanitizer and priming the system. The glass washer was then providing between 12. 5 and 25 ppm iodine.

(Critical) **a new bar is being added in the banquet room. Asap, submit plans and the required application & processing fee for this department to review and approve. **if no building/plumbing/electrical plans have been secured, contact the washtenaw county building department asap to apply for required permits. **also, contact the liquor control commission if you haven't yet and apply for another bar license

The door gasket is torn and needs replacement for the low-boy one door freezer on the cook line

Two separate containers in the kitchen were found with spoons stored with the eating end sticking up. Corrected by inverting these spoons so only the handles are extended up for dispensing

This incident (44624) does not have any more information on it

The hobart floor mixer gear box is leaking oil. Repair as needed to eliminate the oil leak

Observed two ice transfer pails stored on a bottom shelf in an upright position. Please keep these pails stored inverted on a clean and sanitized surface to allow drainage and to prevent debris from accumulating in them

Health Report - 10/17/2013 (6 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Small flies (fruit/vinegar flies) were observed in five to six of the open liquor bottles at the bar. Corrected by discarding this liquor

(Critical) Several foods in the walk in cooler were held beyond their expiration date: cooked sausage, cooked shrimp, and carmelized onions--10/15, pumpkin whipped cream 10-12, pot roast and pot pie filling 10-16. Corrected by discarding these foods.

(Critical) No paper towel was provided in the employee kitchen rest room. Corrected by providing paper towel

(Critical) The electric kitchen food slicer and the interior surfaces of the ice making machine were observed to be unclean. Thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize these surfaces

(Critical) Two spray bottles at the dish washing area and one at the bar were found to be unlabeled. Corrected by properly labeling these chemicals as to their contents

(Critical) The dish washing machine (already in use for the day) was not providing chlorine during the rinse cycle. Corrected by priming the system to provide 75 ppm chlorine

Many floor and floor drain areas in the facility are over-due for a cleaning: the floor and floor drains at the bar, the floor under the ice machine, the floor in the walk in beer cooler, the floor under the kitchen server station/counter area, the floor sink under the food prep sink, under the dish washing area, etc. Ensure these areas are cleaned regularly to prevent odors and the attraction of pests

The clean dish drain boards of the dish washing machine are in need of cleaning to remove debris accumulation

The chlorine alarm for the kitchen dish washing machine was inoperable. It apparently need a replacement battery. Repair as needed

Observed some food containers on the floor in the dry storage area under the shelving units. Elevate these foods off of the floor by six inches for protection

A small rolling cart kept in the walk in cooler had a lot of mold on it. Also, the shelving in the bar walk in cooler has mold growth accumulating. Thoroughly clean and sanitize these items

Health Report - 04/02/2013 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed expired white chocolate cream cheese (3-14 last day of use marked) in the pantry prep cooler. Corrected by discarding. Ensure foods are discarded when they expire

(Critical) No paper towels / towel holder was provided at the bar area hand washing sink. ,

Health Report - 09/27/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Walk in cooler: observed two instances of raw animal foods (salmon & in-shell chicken eggs) to be stored above ready to eat foods (cooked chicken pieces, butter and caned/bottled beverages). Corrected by properly relocating the salmon and eggs to locations below rte foods

Observed multiple ice sticks/wands to be stored in the walk in freezer under a leaking water drain line. Many of these ice sticks are surrounded in ice. Remove these ice sticks, clean and sanitize them and re-freeze them in a manner that provides protection for the exterior surfaces that will be placed in hot foods at a later time. Consider using new clear bags (one time use only), placing them on a sheet tray on the top shelf or in a container that provides protection from misc. Contamination

No test papers are provided (at least no one knew where they were located) for the bar glass washer. Provide and use iodine test papers to check the sanitizer at this glass washer

Observed icicles hanging down from the cooling system in the walk in freezer. Repair as needed to prevent water from leaking down during the defrost cycles

The following floor sinks are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: under the two compartment kitchen sink, under the bar four compartment sink and glass washer, and under the hand washing sink by the one door upright cooler for condiments

Health Report - 03/01/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed eleven open liquor bottles at the bar with small flies in them. Corrected by discarding the liquor from these bottles. In the future, consider the use of pour spout covers (kept in place 24 hrs per day except when a bar tender is pouring the liquor) to prevent flies from entering the pour spouts

(Critical) Observed an incomplete consumer advisory provided on the menu (two options are available to provide this information to your customers). 1) a disclosure and a reminder statement--only a reminder statement is currently provided (the disclosure involves adding an asterisk by the menu items that are served raw or can be cooked to order and providing the statement "these items can be cooked to order" prior to the existing footnote; or 2) provide a statement indicating your customers to ask their server about menu items that can be served raw or cooked to order--i can provide you the specific language if you desire to use this option

(Critical) Observed no chlorine sanitizer in the siphon tubes from the bulk container to the pump or from the pump to the machine inlet. Apparently the siphon tube was not all the way to the bottom of the pail so the last 1. 5 inches of sanitizer was not being pumped out. No chlorine residual could be detected in the rinse water. Corrected by inserting the siphon tube to the bottom of the pail and priming the system to provide 150 ppm chlorine in the rinse water

Observed the two floor sinks at the bar to be in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future (1-2 times per week). The floor under the floor mats at the kitchen dish washing station are in need of cleaning at this time

Observed two ice transfer pails stored upright on crates in the back bar room. Please keep these pails stored inverted on a clean and sanitized surface to allow moisture to drain out and to prevent debris from entering the pails

Provide chlorine test papers for the dish washing machine in the kitchen and iodine test papers for the bar glass washer

Observed the two soda guns at the bar to be in need of more frequent cleaning

1) observed the door gaskets on the continental two door prep cooler on the cooking line to be in need of cleaning at this time. 2) the outsides of the stacked large plastic tubs (some clear and some white) stored on a bottom shelf of a counter where the desserts are assembled need cleaning

Provide a visual or audible indicator to let staff know when the sanitizer and detergents are not being provided

Health Report - 08/25/2011 (7 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Hamburger buns and the restaurant table bread is made by an employee at her home. All foods served in this licensed establishment must come from an approved source. Corrected by discarding these foods and by educating staff on food source requirements

(Critical) Observed one unlabeled chemical spray bottle, and one that contained a general purpose cleaner/degreaser that was labeled sanitizer. Corrected by labeling both bottles as to their contents

(Critical) Observed the bar tender not wash her hands when required: after providing replacement glass washer detergent and before serving drinks to customers. Corrected by discussing this issue with the employee and by the employee washing her hands.

(Critical) Observed the dish washing machine to not be sanitizing. The sanitizer siphon tube was sucking air inside the bulk container because the tube was not extended to the bottom of the bucket. Corrected by pushing the siphon tube to the bottom of the container and priming the system to provide +/-150 ppm chlorine

(Critical) Observed the following foods to be old/spoiled: portioned deli ham in the snack bar cooler that had some gray discoloration to it; a previously opened quart of 1/2 & 1/2 at the server cooler with mold growth inside of it; and moldy leftovers in the bar refrigerator. Corrected by discarding the above foods

(Critical) Observed the following rte, phfs in coolers without required dates: portioned deli meats, cut melon, spinach dip, milk, chocolate milk, fresh mozzarella, cooked rice, lasagna, etc. Rte, phfs must be provided with a date mark when prepared (in-house items) or when opened (commercially prepared). Also, rte, phfs that are frozen must be date marked when thawed (less the number of days prior to freezing)

(Critical) Observed phfs (ranch dressing, diced tomatoes, cheese chicken & tuna salad) in the salad prep cooler to be at 55 to 57f. Corrected by discarding these foods. This cooler may not be used for storing any phf until it can be repaired to maintain 41f or below

Locate and post your current food service license (expired 4-30-2012) at the bar with your other licenses

This incident (44665) does not have any more information on it

The container of bulk glass washer detergent at the bar was empty. Corrected by providing additional detergent

No test papers were available to staff for any of the three sanitizers in use at this facility (chlorine, quat and iodine). Asap obtain and use all three test kits (chemical specific) to ensure proper sanitizer concentrations

Observed no paper towel provided at the following locations: the main level men's bathroom, the server station in the kitchen, and at the bar. Ensure paper towel is always available

Replace the torn door gaskets on the salad prep cooler to keep the cold air inside and to provide a cleanable surface

The two door salad prep cooler was not maintaining proper temperature. Place a call for service of this unit. It was noted that a moderate amount of dust has accumulated in the compressor coil. Repair and as needed. Ensure the entire top of the unit is sealed off to the warm kitchen by keeping additional empty pans inserted into the prep top space

The following out of the way areas are in need of cleaning now and more frequently in the future: the floor under the kitchen server station (at the wall); the floor sinks (two of them) at the bar for the four comp. Sink and the glass washer; the floor under the bar glass washer/ice bin; and the floor sink drain serving the snack bar hand sink & beverage station.

Observed two ice transfer pails stored upright along side the ice machine. To correct find a way to hang them upside down, or store them on a clean and sanitized surface such as a sheet tray or serving tray

Health Report - 02/16/2011 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be unclean: the can opener blade, the kitchen ice bin, the mounting base surfaces for the soda diffusers and spouts in the kitchen, the electric food slicer, the bar cutting board, a bar blender, and several bar knives. ,

(Critical) 1) no chlorine residual is detected after the rinse cycle for the kitchen dishwashing machine. Contact your service provider to adjust as needed. As an interim measure the dishes will need to be manually sanitized in the three compartment sink. 2) three spray bottles labeled sanitizer (two in the kitchen and one at the bar) were not registering any chlorine or quaternary ammonia sanitizer. Corrected by dumping the liquid out of these spray bottles. Provide sanitizer in these bottles at the required strength (see sanitizer label directions for non-porous food contact surfaces). ,

(Critical) Observed raw hamburger patties and raw, in-shell eggs stored above ready to eat foods in the walk in cooler. Reorganize this cooler such that your raw animal foods are stored below any ready to eat foods (produce and all cooked foods). ,

(Critical) The following rte, phf items in the kitchen were not provided with date marks: open container of milk in the one door upright cooler, sliced tomatoes in prep cooler, in-house prepared sauces, macaroni & cheese, feta cheese, soup, etc. Begin date marking these foods with 7 day use-by dates. , ,

(Critical) The following drain lines lack a required air gap: the kitchen ice bin drain line, the snack bar ice bin drain line, bar ice bin drain line, bar ice machine drain line. Provide an air gap (vertical gap height = 2x the discharge pipe diameter) for these drain lines to protect these food handling pieces of equipment from potential wastewater line back-ups. ,

Observed severely torn door gaskets on the two door prep cooler located closest to the bar. Replace these gaskets to eliminate the loss of cold air and to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface

Observed a couple "paint bush" style brushes on the cook line. Only utilize commercial food grade brushes

Dish washing machine: the food trap screen and the housing located below need to be maintained cleaned to prevent a food source/breeding area for pests

Ensure staff are testing the concentrations of your sanitizers (spray bottles, wiping cloth buckets, and dish washing machines) with the provided test papers. Provide staff training as needed

The following areas were observed unclean--please increase the cleaning frequency of these areas: the floor under the mat at the dish washing station, the floor at the bar under the four compartment sink, bottled beer cooler and glass washer/ice bin station

1) observed shut-off valves (in the "y" splitter) located downstream from the atmospheric vacuum breaker on the mop sink. Install an "eco-lab side kick" unit, or equivalent on the mop sink spout prior to the "y" splitter. 2) an electric water shut-off valve is located down stream from the atmospheric vacuum breaker on the water line to the garbage disposal. Relocate the solenoid valve to the up-stream side of the atmospheric vacuum breaker

The floor in the back bar room is painted osb. The paint is peeling off, and the floor is sagging under the ice machine/bin. Provide replacement flooring or cover this osb with a durable commercial flooring material that is smooth and easily cleanable (quarry tile, commercial vinyl tile, sealed concrete, etc. )

Observed three ice scoops stored on the top of the ice machine in the back bar room. Either provide an ice scoop holder in the vicinity, or utilize the ice scoop holder located inside the ice bin (likely requires a large plastic scoop with a flat bottom). Observed three knives stored in a gap to the left of the glass washer at the bar. Only store clean knives in a manner that won't contaminate them such as a covered storage tub or drawer

Kitchen: observed multiple stainless steel pots/pans above the clean dish drain board at the dish washing sink to be stored upright. Also some single service items located on a cart/shelving unit at the entrance to the kitchen from the bar are stored upright. Please turn these items up-side-down

At least one manager must obtain a food safety certification from an accredited testing program within 90 days

Health Report - 08/10/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Gloves were not available for use in the basement snack bar nor did food employee know she was supposed to use them when handling ready to eat foods. Provide gloves to minimize bare hand contact with ready to eat food such as hotdog buns. Corrected by providing gloves and discussion

The ovens are in need of cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The pop spray guns are in need of cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning: the hood filters, frame for filters and the sides of equipment and outside of equipment and pizza oven and ledges, pop gun holsters at the bar. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.

The thermometer is missing for the left side prep unit on the make line and the reach in cooler where candy and sandwiches are stored in the basement snack bar. Provide thermometers for these units in order to properly monitor the temperatures for these units.

Health Report - 02/12/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Insect infestation observed in the dry storage area specifically in the bulk powdered foods, flour and sugar and other exposed dry powdered foods - corn starch. Facility undergoes routine extermination. Discard foods and clean up spillage on floor to eliminate harborage areas and continue extermination practices. If foods spill clean immediately to eliminate attraction for insects. Corrected by discarding foods at tthe time of the inpection.

The vulcan oven is in need of cleaning. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule

The following non food contact surfaces need cleaning. The shelving and roll carts throughout facility, the pop spray guns at bar and holders, the fryer cabinets, the interior of the ice cream freezer in the basement snack bar. Clean now and place on a more frequent cleaning schedule.