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Health Report - 12/20/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 07/10/2012 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The manager described the cleaning process for the broiler feed tray and chutes to be the following: every four hours wipe down these parts with a sanitizer towel and at the end of the day remove these parts for washing, rinsing and sanitizing in the three compartment sink. At least every four hours, the removable food contact surfaces of the broiler need to be sent to the three compartment sink to be washed & rinsed prior to sanitizing, air drying and re-installing. Please reference your standard operating procedure manual on this topic

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces to be unclean: many interior surfaces of the ice machine, the ice scoop, the soda dispensing spouts/diffusers (and the surfaces they attach to), the egg cooker divider grate, and several small-wares. Thoroughly soak and clean these items. Those items small enough were sent to the three comp. Sink to be washed.

(Critical) Observed tomatoes on the make line with a time sticker, however, the employee who removed the tomatoes from the refrigerator did not mark the sticker with the four hour discard time. Corrected by discarding the tomatoes and providing a new supply from the refrigerator and marking the four hour use time

Observed the clear plastic ice scoop to not be durable--cracked. Provide a replacement scoop

The floor sink serving the customer self service beverage station has excessive slime growth on it. Thoroughly clean this area now and 2-3 times per week to prevent odors and a pest breeding area

Observed excessive oil residue accumulated on the deep fryers (located behind the front cover of these units). Clean as needed to maintain clean

Observed the following items to be stored upright: salad bowl containers, burger boxes, and the metal ice pail and shake mix pail. Store these items inverted (on a clean and sanitized surface) to prevent misc. Debris accumulation and to allow drainage of moisture as needed

Observed the clear plastic ice scoop to be stored on the top of the ice holding bin. This surface was not clean. Only store your scoop in a protected manner and in contact with a clean & sanitized surface

After removing the old sealant and cleaning provide a new bead of silicone sealant to prevent moisture from seeping between the ice machine and ice bin

Health Report - 03/15/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two of three pieces of chicken in the hot holding unit to be below 135f at about 11:45 am (in the 120-125f range). The holding light was off for this pan of food and the manager indicated the holding time had been exceeded for this food. Corrected by discarding the chicken

(Critical) At approximately 10:15 am, two pans of sliced tomatoes were observed to be marked with a discard time of 3 pm. Staff indicated the tomatoes were sliced at around 10 am. Corrected by providing a new label indicating a 2 pm discard time. For public health purposes it is important that staff do not exceed the four hour use time of a potentially hazardous food stored at room temperature. After the four hours has elapsed any remaining sliced tomatoes must be discarded

The cleaning frequency of the interior of the ice machine and ice chute area needs to be increased

Observed the atmospheric vacuum breaker to be leaking at the mop sink faucet and the connection located just below the vacuum breaker to be leaking as well. Replace the interior vacuum breaker components and repair the connection below to be leak free

Observed the ice transfer pail to be stored upright along side the ice making machine. To prevent debris build-up and to allow moisture to drain out of the pail(s) please store them inverted on a clean and sanitized surface

Observed the following areas to be in need of cleaning at this time: the floor sink under the 3 comp. Sink, the floor under the shake machine (low area where mop water has accumulated), under the drive through beverage station ice bin and adjacent shelving unit, and the tile walls at the mop sink area

Observed the top cover surfaces of the new smoothie station ice bin to be soiled. This is occurring due to its proximity to the dirty dish drain board (slightly below and adjacent to the drain board) and the trash can stored there for the disposal of waste food. The gm indicated the flow direction of the dish washing process will be reversed shortly so the clean/sanitized dishes will be located next to the smoothie station

Observed the door gasket on the front counter cooler to be torn and overdue for replacement. Provide a new door gasket

Health Report - 01/12/2012 (0 critical incident(s))

1) observed one of the sliding covers for the burger freezer in front of the broiler to be cracked and repaired with tape. Provide a replacement cover so this item is smooth and easily cleanable. 2) observed the top set of blades for the onion slicer to be damaged (dull and bent over). Provide a replacement set of blades

Observed several pieces of equipment put away after sanitizing while still wet (lettuce spinner, the tubs for chilling lettuce, some clear plastic kitchen pans, etc. ). Corrected by inverting these items to air dry on the clean dish drain board

Health Report - 09/27/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following surfaces to be unclean: excessive oil accumulation on the french fry/hash brown scoop; the ice bin and the ice bin deflector shield; the mounting bases for the soda system dispensing spouts at the drive through; the interior surfaces of the ice making machine (including the interior of the water hoses). Thoroughly clean and sanitize these surfaces at this time and more frequently in the future

(Critical) Observed exposed foam insulation on some of the edges of the adapter plate located between the ice machine and ice bin. Provide additional stainless steel covers over this exposed insulation that are sealed in place with food grade silicone. This repair should be performed with the ice machine removed from this adapter to allow for proper access to these areas. Additionally, obtain an abs plastic repair kit from your ice machine manufacturer to repair the damaged area below the ice production area. This surface needs to be finished smooth for easy cleaning

The floor in the following out of the way locations are in need of a thorough deep cleaning: the floor under the drive through soda dispensing station; the floor sink located under the bun toaster area, the floor drain and floor sink located at the back of the facility near the bag in a box soda station

The ceiling light in the dish washing area is non-functional. Repair to provide adequate lighting for washing dishes

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Health Report - 07/08/2011 (0 critical incident(s))

Observed three floor sinks to be overdue for cleaning (under the customer self-service beverage station, under the drive through beverage station and the one between the broiler and the sandwich make line--this basin was cleaned during the inspection). Clean the other two basins today and maintain them clean by placing them on a 2x per week minimum cleaning schedule.

Health Report - 04/07/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) 1) +/-11:15 am--observed a previously opened package of deli ham (from breakfast menu) in the walk in cooler at 47f. Ensure your phfs are maintained refrigerated at 41f and below. Corrected by discarding the few slices of ham. 2) observed an opened bag of a new version of whipped topping product from rich's to be out at room temperature. This product contains milk and soy (the previous version of this whipped topping was non-dairy) and the packaging does not indicate it is safe to be stored at room temperature after opening. The g. M. Contacted burger king corporate about this matter. Documents were faxed to the store, however, the product codes in the document do not match the product in question at the store. The provided documents do not indicate a third party has evaluated this newer whipped topping to be non-potentially hazardous. As an immediate correction staff are keeping this product in the reach in cooler at 40f.

Observed the door gasket on the one door, low-boy cooler at the front counter to be in need of replacing due to the rubber cover being torn

Observed the remote access drain for the waste oil reservoir outside the building (east side) to have excessive oil accumulation on the cap and also dripped oil on the soil/leaves below and the adjacent side walk. Clean this area to remove this oil build-up

Health Report - 01/11/2011 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed 18 to 22 phu pans that had been cleaned and placed on the wire storage rack for use to be unclean. Also a couple pair of blue tongs and a few squeeze bottle spouts (stored above the three compartment sink) to be unclean. These items were sent to the dish washing sink to be soaked and washed. Staff must thoroughly clean these pans using a scrubbing pad and after air drying them inspect them for cleanliness. Only clean and dry equipment may be placed on the wire storage rack for future use. Management also needs to frequently inspect the dishes for cleanliness and inform staff if the equipment needs further cleaning.

Observed the mounting bases for the removable soda dispensing spouts to be in need of cleaning. Use a small bottle brush to clean these difficult to access surfaces prior to rinsing and sanitizing

Kitchen: re-establish the drain line air gap for the ice holding bin. The end of the drain pipe must be suspended above the floor level by a height that is 2x the diameter of the discharge pipe

Observed 1) the bottom surfaces of the french fry dispenser chute and dispensing chute door. Please ensure this unit is thoroughly cleaned. 2) the walk in cooler evaporator coil has a piece of packing tape and a significant amount of dust accumulated on the back side of the coil fins

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Observed the floor tile grout to be worn down at several work stations. Remove the remaining grout and apply a full thickness layer to eliminate the depressions that allow food debris and moisture to accumulate

Health Report - 10/25/2010 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a high percentage of the plastic duke pans and in the insert trays on the clean equipment storage shelf to have oil and old food residues remaining on them. Ensure staff are made aware of the techniques required to thoroughly clean these items (minimize the duration these pans are in the hot holding units, thorough pre-cleaning, fresh hot soap water, air-drying after cleaning, and an inspection for cleanliness prior to placing them in storage)

Observed multiple areas of missing or worn tile grout (mainly in the kitchen (such as under the three compartment sink, between the ice machine and the icee machine, under the beverage station at the drive-thru window, etc. ), but also around the floor sink located in the base cabinet for the dining room soda station). Remove any old grout in these areas and apply a full thickness layer of new grout after thoroughly cleaning and drying these areas

Contact your solid waste hauling service to repair/replace the dumpster that has a damaged hinge for the right side top cover

Observed spilled food, misc. Debris accumulation under equipment in the kitchen. Maintain these areas clean to prevent the attraction of pests

Observed the mounting bases for some of the soda dispensing spouts to be in need of daily cleaning with a brush to remove debris build-up

Drive through window area: 1) the drain tube for the iced tea & hi-c beverage dispenser spill tray is routed to the tile floor--re-route the drain pipe to the floor sink for proper waste water disposal. 2) the spill tray for the above mentioned dispenser appears to have a leak--repair as needed.

Provide a replacement door sweep for the bottom of the door on the front of the store to prevent pest entry/heat loss

Health Report - 04/14/2009 (3 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed two small (+/-1/4") flexible drain lines that are routed down into the floor sink located between a beverage dispenser and the ice machine ice bin (one is blue--from the water filtration system, and the other is clear--from the ice making machine). These drain lines must be trimmed and secured to something that can maintain the required air gap of 1" minimum above the flood rim of the receiving basin

(Critical) Observed the following items to be unclean: all of the duke hot holding food pans (especially the four corners, around the dimple in the center of the pan, the pan bottoms and along the narrow ledge around the perimeter of the sidewall), and the dispensing nozzles and mounting bases for the juice machine at the drive through window. These items must be soaked, cleaned and sanitized asap. In the future, all of these items need a thorough daily cleaning. Also, during the inspection it was discovered that several of the plastic duke pans are being left in the hot holding unit without any food in them--this practice really bakes old food on the pans and makes them difficult to clean

(Critical) Observed a plastic container of sliced deli ham (+/- two portions) with a use-by time of 11 am that was previously out on the counter during the breakfast service period that was placed back into the walk in cooler. Corrected by discarding the ham. In the future, ensure that all employees are aware of the requirement to discard phfs that have been out at room temperature and/or gone past their four hour use-by time

Observed too many areas of the back kitchen flooring to be excessively unclean (food debris, kitchen equipment (squeeze bottles, tongs), cups, cardboard, paper towel, water accumulation, etc. ) such as under the ice machine bin, under the bun steamer unit, under the chemical storage shelf, under the bk coffee machine and under the ice bin at the drive through window, the floor in the base cabinet for the customer self-service station, and all of the floor drains and floor sinks in the kitchen with food/slime accumulation. When areas such as those mentioned above are not maintained clean on a daily basis they become breeding areas for flies. Please thoroughly clean these areas now and more frequently in the future to prevent this condition

The right hand dumpster lid is flipped back. Please keep the dumpster covers closed to keep pests (birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums, etc. ) out of the garbage

Please have a plumber repair the water leak from the mop sink faucet. Also, if there is a leak verified at the bun steamer unit have it repaired also (water was observed on the floor in the area during the inspection). Also, there was excessive moisture observed at the floor sinks for the three comp. Sink, the food prep sink and the one located to the left of the ice machine ice bin. If the drain lines to your equipment are out of position have them adjusted so the wastewater is directed into the floor sink

Again many areas of the floor tile are not properly grouted to eliminate depressions that collect water and food debris. Please schedule the necessary floor repairs to the tile flooring in the kitchen and mop sink area. Please seal the joint between the dish washing area hand sink basin and the installed splash guard after it is thoroughly cleaned and dried to prevent moisture from seeping down into this uncleanable area.

1) observed excessive deep fryer oil build-up on many surfaces located behind the front covers. Please clean these areas now and more frequently in the future. If this accumulation is due to leaky plumbing rather than spills ensure the leak locations are identified and repaired as needed. 2) observed a small amount of mold growth on the walk in cooler wall (to the left when entering the cooler) and on some of the walk in cooler shelves. Please clean these surfaces at this time. 3) observed some old debris build-up on the interior portions of the handled dust pans. Please clean these dust pans now and more frequently in the future