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2541 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Health Report - 06/09/2015 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) On the main make line at the hot holding table observed two approx three gallon cylindrical insert pans containing soup, one had an internal temperature of 117 degrees f and the other 124 degrees f. The line cook indicates these soups were made yesterday and properly cooled in the walk in cooler. The soups were being reheated in the steam table after being removed from the wic about 90 minutes ago. Item corrected during inspection by rapidly reheating the soups to 165 degree f on the range top. Foods need to be reheated as outlined above. Item corrected

At the main cook line observed the side of the convection oven and the side of the deep fryers with a thick coating of grease and grime. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of grease and grime

At the rear clean dish storage, observed several lexan hotel pans wet stacked.

At the main make line observed a few filters with an accumulation of dust. Also, over the cook line, observed grease accumulating in several areas and forming droplets. Correct by cleaning now and on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of grease

Health Report - 12/08/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed the following food contact surfaces used to process potentially hazardous food not cleaned at least every 4 hours after use : 1. Knives on a magnetic storage block with food debris 2. Blender cup used for ice cream drinks 3. Juicer used for melon corrected during the inspection by sending these items for cleaning. These items shall be cleaned at a frequency as outlined above

Observed the in use can opener blade with a large gouge. Correct by replacing the blade

Observed wiping cloths not stored completely submerged in sanitizing solution. Correct by storing the wiping cloth completely submerged in sanitizer.

At the walk in cooler observed a desk light on a shelf with an unprotected light bulb. Correct by replacing the desk light with a permanent fixture.

Health Report - 05/14/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) The following food contact surfaces were observed to be rough and/or un-cleanable: 1) one of the two salad hopper inserts (the one currently in use) for the salad dispenser was observed to have a hole melted in the back wall. Replace this hopper with a new one (do not repair). 2) lids for the two kitchen blenders on the back storage shelf were observed to be un-cleanable. Replace these blenders. 3) the interior, upper front corners of the large ice bin have a sealant patch that is coming detached. Remove, clean and repair with a food grade sealant to provide a smooth and easily cleanable surface. 4) the interior chute surfaces for the ruby brand juicer are pitted from acidic foods over time. Purchase a new head for this machine so the surface is smooth and easily cleanable. ,

(Critical) 1) your chemical contractor used an unapproved hose to supply water from the potable water supply to a chemical dispenser. Provide a potable water hose (nsf std-51 or std-61). 2) your chemical contractor installed an unapproved black hose on the mop sink faucet to the chemical dispenser in the mop closet. Install a bleed-off/wasting tee between the mop faucet and the black rubber hose as a correction. ,

(Critical) The wall mounted salad cooler/dispenser was only maintaining the salad mix at 52f. Corrected by discarding this salad. The back-up salad mix was placed in the bottom portion of the salad prep cooler

(Critical) The following food contact surfaces were observed to be unclean: the back-up lettuce hopper, interior surfaces of the ice machine and ice bin, two kitchen blenders, two stainless steel shakers at the bar. All items except the ice machine were cleaned and sanitized during the inspection. ,

(Critical) The ice cream dipping well unit is being used inside a small sink basin at the bar. This sink drain line does not terminate with an air gap. The owner indicated he will install the dipper well on the adjacent wall with a drain line air gap provided above the flood rim of the sink basin. A new water supply to the dipper well will be installed and secured to provide an air gap above the flood rim of the dipping well. ,

The mop rack just pulled out of the wall. Repair/replace the mop hanger so wet mops are hung over the mop sink basin

The floor under/behind the beverage station is over-due for cleaning

Someone has fashioned a splash guard (made from a plastic jug) at the discharge of multiple drain pipes at the dish washing area. This splash guard has effectively eliminated the required air gap for the food prep sink drain line. Remove this splash guard from at least the food prep sink drain line

Bread is being placed in large closable bags that are being re-used. These bags are for one use only. Begin using new bags each time or provide a multi-use container that is cleanable

1) the drain for the older deep fryer is leaking oil. Repair the shut-off valve or other component that is allowing oil to leak out of this unit. 2) the door gaskets on the salad prep cooler are torn, and old and brittle. Replace these gaskets. 3) salad prep cooler: the bottom interior of the cooler has condensation accumulated in it. Have this unit worked on as needed so the condensation is routed to the evaporator pan/drain line or unclog the drain line as needed. 4) the wall mounted salad cooler/dispenser is not maintaining the product at 41f or below. Repair/adjust the unit as needed to maintain lettuce at 41f or below. The kitchen manager indicated a contractor is already scheduled to perform preventative maintenance on equipment tomorrow