Peet's Coffee & Tea

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1423 E. Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Health Report - 08/22/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Observed a milk steaming pitcher with a build-up of old milk residue (brown in color). Corrected by staff soaking and cleaning this stainless steel pitcher

Observed the three wiping cloth solutions at the front kitchen area to be too weak. Corrected by replacing the solutions with fresh quat sanitizer

The mop sink basin is over-due for cleaning. Clean this basin and maintain it clean in the future

Health Report - 02/20/2014 (5 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Mop sink area: remove and replace the black flexible water hose that is providing water to the chemical feeder with one that meets potable water standards.

(Critical) Observed two exposed plates with small samples of baked goods were located on the front counter for customers to select. Corrected by discarding these food items. In the future, either provide a glass dome to cover these items, individually wrap them or another effective means to prevent accidental contamination

(Critical) No air gap is provided on the waste discharge hose (black 3/8" flexible drain line) coming off of the water filtration/treatment system. Provide a minimum of a 1" air gap above the flood rim of the receiving drain. Secure this hose in position so all of the wastewater discharge is directly routed into the drain

(Critical) Observed the whipped cream dispenser to be stored on the counter at the espresso station. This whipped cream was at a temperature of 54 to 55f. Corrected by discarding. Ensure staff maintain phfs at 41f or below

(Critical) Quat sanitizer dispenser: contact your chemical company and have them adjust your dispenser to reduce the amount of sanitizer blended with the water through the dispensing system. Currently the dispenser is providing over 400 ppm quat. Additionally, the quat chemical is back-siphoning into the bulk container from the dispenser in a short amount of time. Eliminate the air leak in the system allowing this to occur

The following locations are due for cleaning: the floor sink under the back counter cabinet; the floor under/behind the back counter ice bin; and the gray electrical conduit under the espresso station counter

Mop sink faucet: observed water leaking out of the atmospheric vacuum breaker. Additionally, the vacuum breaker cap is missing. Provide a new vacuum breaker with a cap on this mop sink faucet.

Observed in several locations in the facility (front and back of the house) milk crates being used to store bottled beverages, and equipment. Either remove these crates and provide dunnage racks with legs at least 6" tall or provide platforms with caster wheels to allow staff access to clean the floor in these areas

Observed employee foods stored on top of and among food for customers. Ensure all employee food and beverages are stored below customer food to prevent possible contamination

Observed several open topped employee drinking cups upon my arrival. Corrected by providing lids and straws for these cups

Observed the wet mop head stored in the bottom of the mop sink. Hang up wet mop heads to facilitate faster drying

1) observed the bulk beverage containers (canteens) stored in a narrow base cabinet at the back counter. This cabinet has a wastewater drain line from the coffee dispensing station spill tray. Remove these food containers from this location to ensure they don't become contaminated should a leak in this drain line occur. 2) the ice transfer pail is being stored upright on top of the ice machine. Provide a container/tray to store this ice pail inverted on to prevent debris accumulation and to allow moisture to drain out of the pail while in storage