Bridgewater Bank & Tavern Restaurant

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8452 Boettner
Bridgewater, MI 48115

Health Report - 04/23/2014 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found the drain line of the ice bin to extend below the flood level rim of the drain it drains into located at the bar. To correct raise the drain line to provide an air gap of two pipe diameters above the drain the ice bin drains into. ,

Health Report - 09/12/2013 (4 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found cruet of vinegar in cabinet with fruit fly in it. Corrected - cruet was emptied and sent to dishwasher for thorough cleaning. Check cruets more frequently to ensure they are free of pests

(Critical) Found hand sink at the bar being used as a dump sink evident by ice cubes in basin. The hand sink in the kitchen had scrubbies in it and a soiled dish cloth. Corrected - hand sinks were cleaned and staff reminded that hand sinks are to be used only for handwashing

(Critical) Found 11 moderately to severely dented cans in general storage in the basement. Corrected - dented cans were taken out of general stock area and set aside for return

(Critical) Found no segregated storage area for damaged food items as required. Corrected - a separate area was designated for the placement of damaged food items

Found clean glasses stacked wet at the bar. Also found clean lexan containers stacked wet on clean storage back by the back door in the kitchen. Corrected - clean wet glasses and containers separated and allowed to dry on shelves

Found dumpster to be open at the time of inspection. To correct - always keep the dumpster lid closed when not disposing of garbage. Open dumpsters attract pests, vermin and odors

Found clean pots and pans stored on the shelving at the back door upright, not inverted to protect from dust, debris and splash. To correct - when storing clean pots and pans, they must be inverted for protection from contamination

Health Report - 03/28/2013 (0 critical incident(s))

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Health Report - 09/28/2012 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found chemical sanitizer (chlorine) concentration in dish machine below 50 ppm. To correct - pic called for service at the time of this inspection. Dish machine must sanitize dishes at the proper concentration before using this machine. Please call me @ 734-320-0103 to let me know when the repair/adjustment is made. A follow-up inspection will be made next week to verify. In the meantime, the 3 compartment sink must be set up to wash rinse and sanitize dishes properly. , ,

(Critical) Found taco meat, soup, and beef gravy in the steam table holding at 120-130* f shortly after opening. Corrected - these food items were removed from the steam table and reheated on the stove or in the microwave until they reached a temperature of 165*f. Proper reheating processes were discussed with staff. ,

Found ceiling over pop tower area in the basement to have ductwork broken and resting on pop tower. To correct - repair ductwork to remove it from the pop tower

Found employee belongings (phone, cigarettes, lighter) stored on lower shelf in front of spice containers. To correct - store all employee belongings in designated area away from food items and prep areas

Found several non-food contact surfaces with an accumulation of debris on them: on the shelf under the prep area where dry products are stored the shelf itself is covered with drake's mix, the working container of taco seasoning is in need of cleaning, the blender on the shelf to the left of the freezer has an accumulation of debris on the housing or body of the blender, and the walk in freezer door and handles needs cleaning. To correct - clean all of these areas now and keep on a more frequent cleaning schedule. The dry coatings should all be kept in a smooth, durable and cleanable containers that have a tight-fitting lid to prevent spillage and avoid attracting insects and other pests

Found mop drying with mop head dripping onto mop handle and dripping down the corner of the wall at the mop sink. To correct - provide hanger that allows the mop to drain into mop sink with handle up to avoid contamination of the mop handle. Also, work on cleaning the corner of the wall at the mop sink where the mop hangs

Health Report - 03/26/2012 (1 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found can opener blade to be soiled with an accumulation of food debris stuck on it. Corrected - can opener was thoroughly cleaned at the time of this inspection

Found a cieling light to be burnt out above the reach-in freezer. To correct - replace the light bulbs in this area.

Found opened wine bottles in use being stored directly on the floor behind the bar. To correct - relocate wine bottles to a shelf that is at least 6" above the floor.

Found the faucet at the handsink in the dishwasher area to be constantly running. To correct - repair the faucet so that the water does not constantly run

Found the sewer lines over the pop tower to be unprotected. The gutter that is usually protecting the pop tower from drips and/or condensation has moved to expose the pop tower to potential contamination. To correct - constrct/install an extention of the existing gutter section to protect the entire section of sewer line that runs above the pop tower.

Health Report - 09/28/2011 (2 critical incident(s))

(Critical) Found can of whipped cream in reach-in cooler under bar area past the discard date. Pic correced by discarding food item

(Critical) Found slicer to have an accumulation of food debris under the blade cover. To correct - clean slicer now and keep clean on a more frequent basis

Found several light bulbs in basement not equipped with light sheilds. To correct - install light shields or replace bulbs with approved coated light bulbs

Found the pop tower in the basement to be located on the cement floor which is not easily cleanable. To correct - recommend that a cleanable pan, possibly a shower pan, be placed under the pop tower to catch spills and to be easily cleaned. Also, the wall behind the tower should also be painted or sealed to be easily cleanable as well